Joomla Templates

The template is the face of a blog, and users enjoy reading from a properly designed template. Graphical representation of website determined by layout, colours, typefaces, graphics and other aspects that make site unique. With a bit of knowledge of CSS and HTML, and by adjusting parameter settings through the control panel environment, you can make your template unique. You can change colours, template width and the number of columns.

Features of Good Template

  • Responsive: Web site adapts to different iPad, iPhone or Android Phone screen sizes.
  • Proper Documentation: Developer provides the detailed documentation for replicating the demo site look.
  • SEO-Friendly: A light and efficient template gets indexed well by search engines
  • Output clean HTML and CSS: Efficient code and layout structure impact the efficiency of the website.
  • Flexible Module System
  • CCK Styling: With built-in K2, you get styling for the component that matches the template style from the start.
  • Standard Compliance: Compatible with most of the browsers.

To View templates

Extensions -> Template Manager

There are 2 types of templates:

  1. Site Template (Front-end Presentation): To change the public look-n-feel of a website.
  2. Administrator Template (Back-end Presentation): To change administrator interface looks.

Template Resources

Already available Joomla Templates to enhance the website design.

  • Free Templates: Provided by Joomla Community
  • Commercial Templates: For premium templates, visit the table below for Joomla providers.

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