Curb Illegal Child pornography sites

Britain-based charity Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) formed in 1996 focuses on removing child sexual abuse images. It passes information to Interpol, which liaises with host countries to have content removed and comply with the local regulations.

(November 06, 2017) Recently news published in THE STRAITS TIMES regarding the rise in child pornography sites hosted in Singapore. The web pages contain disturbing images of child sexual abuse, photographs and videos depicting sadism, penetrative sexual activity or such activity with an animal.

The experts fear the possibility of developing pedophilia if perpetrators not arrested.

Indonesia vows to block WhatsApp over obscene images

Adult Hosting Providers

Adult hosting provides a platform for those customers or organizations dealing with adult industry or pornography. It is very similar to standard web hosting as you get an option to choose either dedicated server hosting or shared server hosting. You also get webspace to host the domain, bandwidth, email addresses, domains, subdomains, etc.

A customer can host Adult or Porn Data in the form of images, videos, animations and written content. If a customer is making a plan of building an adult website, then the customer should keep in mind the laws which are very strict and before taking the adult hosting from any service provider customer should read all the rules that apply on hosting an adult website. Searching the best adult hosting company can be time-consuming.

Sexy Racy Ads

Advertisement campaigns with sex appeal in the form of scantily-clad women generate massive buzz and headlines. Such ads are more memorable to viewers. The Internet had made such content widely available.
According to Discover magazine, the first known modern advertisement to feature nudity appeared all the way back in 1871.
According to Forbes, an advertisement with sex appeal is not valid anymore in selling products. Such ads could lead to negative behavior among some people, including sexism and self-esteem issues in women.
Meta-analysis of nearly 80 academic studies from researchers at the University of Illinois concluded that those ads don’t work, at least the way those brands want. The study found that the average man liked the advertisements with sex appeal, while the average woman disliked them. Viewers don’t remember the specific brand name or motivated towards buying that product.

Portraying Women in Sexist marketing campaigns dressed scantily is not suitable for business. It creates controversy, as seen in the ad for Superbowl 2013 GoDaddy’s adv, which featured Israeli model Bar Refaeli bespectacled ‘nerd.’ The adv commercial got expunged shortly.

Global Pornography Business – Fastest Growing Sector and has nothing to do with prostitution
Adorned with pictures of women in states of glamorous undress.
Interactive webcamming: Sensual, smart and beautiful Cam-Girls models available live and direct via webcam from the studio or home. The clients logging from North America and Western Europe served with the virtual relationship and cyber sex.
Thes models create the sensation with heavy makeup, bright, revealing lingerie or leather clothes, and sky-high heels.

Banned access to sites hosting pornography
(June 15, 2017) ‘Child abuse web host’ Eric Eoin Marques, 30, dual Irish and US citizen, fights the US extradition since his arrest in 2013 where he could be jailed for life. In Ireland, he would plead guilty and face maximum 14 -year sentence. He got charges as the largest facilitator of child porn on the planet hosting hundreds of child sex abuse websites on Freedom Hosting’s servers. The sites extremely graphic and depict the rape and torture of young children.

Kenyan Government steps to prevent Pornography

Aimed at regulating content from ISPs, as well as that of gaming applications, Video on Demand (VoD) and Over the Top (OTT) services, the Kenyan government is backing up new legislation. KFCF (Kenya Film and Classification Board) drafted proposed Film, Stage Plays, and Publication Act 2016, which expects ISP’s not to host or distribute any material that is not certified and classified by the board.

According to the legislation ISPs must:

  • Take reasonable steps to prevent the use of their services for hosting or distributing pornography, radicalization materials, glamorization of use of drugs and alcohol, hate speech and demining any religion and community and
  • Report all persons maintaining or hosting or distributing all content reasonably suspected to be in violation of this Act.

Not complying these requirements ISP’ would be fined up to Kshs 2 million (US$20,000) or a term of imprisonment not exceeding two years or both.

Adult Service Providers who want to produce, host and distribute content from the country, including adult web hosting companies, could be affected.