Prevent single points of failure

How you can prevent single points of failure in data center?

To prevent single points of failure, all elements of the electrical systems, including backup system, are typically fully duplicated, and critical servers are connected to both the “A-side” and “B-side” power feeds. This arrangement is often made to achieve N+1 Redundancy in the systems.

Power Cables in Data Center

I got a chance to visit one of the data center, I was searching for the power cables, there was none.

That may be because the power cables are below the raised flooring made up of 60 cm (2 ft) removable square tiles. These provide a plenum for air to circulate below the floor, as part of the air conditioning system, as well as providing space for power cabling. Data cabling is typically routed through overhead cable trays in modern data centers. Smaller/less expensive data centers without raised flooring may use anti-static tiles for a flooring surface.

Fire prevention and fire extinguishing systems

Does data centers have elaborate fire prevention and fire extinguishing systems.

There are proper alarming systems. System is designed to spot the slightest sign of particles being given off by hot components, so a potential fire can be investigated and extinguished locally before it takes hold and there is also a system designed to take full-scale action if the fire takes hold. Fire prevention and detection systems are also typically zoned, and high-quality fire-doors and other physical fire-breaks used, so that even if a fire does break out it can be contained and extinguished within a small part of the facility.

Carrier hotel

What is this carrier hotel in dedicated server terminology?

A colocation centre (collocation center) (“colo“) is also called as carrier hotel which is a type of data center where multiple customers locate network, server and storage gear and interconnect to a variety of telecommunications and other network service provider(s) with a minimum of cost and complexity.

Can you give me address of carrier hotel?

You can visit Carrier Hotel at 56 Marietta in downtown Atlanta GA.
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Significance of Colocation Centre

What is the significance of this colocation centre?

Colocation saves both time and cost. There is Significant benefits of scale (large power and mechanical systems) result in large colocation facilities, typically 4500 to 9500 square metres (roughly 50000 to 100000 square feet).
With IT and communications facilities in safe, secure hands, telecommunications, internet, ASP and content providers, as well as enterprises, enjoy less latency and the freedom to focus on their core business.
Additionally, customers reduce their traffic back-haul costs and free up their internal networks for other uses. Moreover, by outsourcing network traffic to a colocation service provider with greater bandwidth capacity, web site access speeds should improve considerably.

Major colocation customers

Who are the major colocation customers?

Major types of colocation customers are:

* Major enterprises, who use the facility for disaster avoidance, offsite data backup and business continuity.
* Telecommunication companies, who use the facilities to interexchange traffic with other telecommunications companies and access to potential clients
* Web commerce companies, who use the facilities for a safe environment and cost-effective, redundant connections to the Internet

Future of the dedicated servers market

Now mostly peoples purchase VPS’ instead of dedicated servers so What will be the future of the dedicated servers market.

Put your suggestion here.

The resources are limited in a VPS as compared to a Dedicated server so for those who need more resources will definitely opt a dedicated server.

I don’t think that VPs will fully replace dedicated servers

I think Dedicated Servers are here to stay. Although isolated, with a VPS you are basically sharing the resources of a single dedicated server between all of the VPSs hosted on it.

I think VPS is a good option for the person not completely ready for the dedicated server

From studying hosting packages offered by a number of companies, I can figure out that VPS isn’t really popular, as the majority of hosts offer shared-reseller-dedicated plans

I think dedicated servers are here to stay, but as we all know they are getting more and more powerful and the market is FULL of people selling them, so its getting to the point where companies have to be creative to find a niche in the market.

VPS are cheaper then Dedicated server and gives you the features and functionality of a dedicated server.
I don’t think that VPs will fully replace dedicated servers because There will always be people looking for their own physical machine, versus having VPS…
There is a natural progression of resource requirements in hosting. Starting with shared hosting, VPS, then on to dedicated servers and capping at clusters. As a websites popularity grows it will inevitably require more CPU/RAM/Disk. Along with increased popularity comes the increased desire for the ever elusive 100% uptime which is only realistic with clusters.

Ending era of VPS

Before more and more people purchase VPS’ instead of dedicated servers but i think now the ending era of VPS because of 2 factors.
1) The price of a dedicated server is lower and lower.
2) The price of VPS software is too high.

what u think?

I do not agree with this because dedicated server are still costly affair and VPS hosting is cheap and good low cost solution.

There is plenty of VPS software available that is free, specifically freevps. The problem is generally the free software is not nearly production ready.