Advantages and the disadvantages between Colocation & Dedicated hosting

What are the advantages and the disadvantages between Colocation & Dedicated hosting in your opinion.which you like better and which to choose?

The difference in that a dedi is served by the host unlike the colo. And host pays the the employees of the datacenter for its serving (in case of breaking something). If something has broken in the colo you have to go to the datacenter and repair it yourself.

You choose colocation if you would like to have more flexibility in managing your server not only in terms of software but even in hardware. This is applicable if you would like to upgrade or attach peripherals to your server.

With colocation, you do own your hardware, but remember… that also means you will be responsible for any failures. If you rent a dedicated server, your provider will take care of any costs for you.

Colocation means you provide your own server and can configure it any way you want, but ultimately makes you responsible for your hardware and any failures. Also unless you pay for management you need to know how to run your own server and do things like backups and configurations of OS and things like that.

Unlike colocation, Dedicated servers are the responsibility of the hosting provider. They will usually manage the box for you and help with installations and reboots. They are also responsible for hardware failures.

Usually you are better off with a Dedicated Server or VPS unless you have vast experience and can manage your own server and it’s hardware.

Dedicated is renting a server, where the host provides all the hardware, connections to the net, and so on. Colo means you go out and buy a server and pay the colo provider to lease space in a rack in their data center, and hook your box up to the net.

Dedicated server backup

I was just wondering what those with dedicated servers use for backup solutions. Is RAID1 really enough? Do you use some kind of NAS?

RAID is not a backup solution. You should have another drive for backup whether that be on the server or elsewhere.

For ourselves as well as our clients use a complete bare metal recovery solution that allows us to recover our servers as well as those of our clients in less then 30 minutes from a completed server crash.

I think RAID1 is enough and never use any other form of backup. Even RAID5 would be better than RAID1, but both are prone to hackers defacing data. An actual backup somewhere else would allow you to restore data after a server compromise.

Adding extra IPs

I have a server with only one IP address but now I want more IP. how can I add extra IPs.

You receive a server with only one IP address. If it is allowed by the plan you signed up with, you can always send requests for additional IPs from your cp. To send a request for an extra range of IPs:

1. Go to the Dedicated Servers/Manage Servers menu
2. Choose the server you want to add IPs to
3. On the next page, click Add Extra IP(s)
4. Fill in the number of IPs you want to add.

Remote reboot

I have purchase a Dedicated server.I want to reboot it from a remote area. How can i do it?

For that u have to do Requesting for remote reboot.

How can we Request for remote reboot.

To request remote reboot:

1. Go to the Dedicated Servers/Manage Servers menu
2. Choose the server you want to request remote reboot for
3. On the next page, click on the reboot in the Remote Reboot section
4. Choose a preferrable option and press Submit to send the request to the admin. This will issue a trouble ticket to the admin with your reboot request.

Creating dedicated servers from templates

How can I Create dedicated servers from templates?

To add a dedicated server from a template:

1. Go to Dedicated Servers/Add New Server menu in your Control Panel
2. On the list of available server templates, click the one you need to see its details
3. If you are satisfied with the server settings, click Add.
4. The server will appear on the Manage servers page.

Requesting server upgrade

I have a Dedicated server but now I want to upgrade it. How can I send a Request for server upgradation ?

For Requesting server upgrade :-

1. Go to the Dedicated Servers/Manage Servers menu
2. Choose the server you want to upgrade
3. On the page that appears, click the Request Server Upgrade link. You will see the templates with available dedicated servers.
4. You may select the Get a quote for custom upgrade option and manually fill out custom server configuration.
Or, you may choose from the list of available templates (to view server details, click a template name)
5.After you click Submit, your request will be sent to the H-Sphere admin. You will be notified about a charge for this upgrade.

Creating Reverse DNS Records for IPs

How can I Create Reverse DNS Records for IPs .

Once an additional IP range is assigned to your server, you need to create reverse DNS records (aka PTR records) for each IP from this range. This is necessary for IPs not to be blocked by some e-mail internet servers which reject mail from IPs without such records.

To create revers DNS record for an IP:

1. Go to the Dedicated Servers/Manage Servers menu
2. Choose the server the IP belongs to
3. Click Edit near the necessary IP range in the Extra IP addresses field
4. Click the green arrow opposite to the IP
5. Type in domain name for this IP and click Submit
6. The newly added record will appear on the Edit IP range page.

One more Important thing Setting up reverse DNS records is implemented only for class C network IPs.

Regular backup for dedicated server

I want regular backup for my dedicated server.How can I request regular backup for my dedicated server ?

You can request regular backup for your dedicated server:

1. Go to the Dedicated Servers/Manage Servers menu
2. Choose the server you want to setup backup service for
3. On the page that appears, click on the icon in the Backup Services section
4. Choose a preferrable option and press Submit. Then agree to be billed for the service. Your request will be sent to and managed by the admin.
5. After that, you will see the scheduled task on the Backup service settings page (to enter this page, press Edit for Backup services on the Dedicated server page)
6.Now that you’ve configured scheduled backups, you can request a custom task. For that, use the Add button and set time for additional backup
7.When the admin has processed (completed or cancelled) backups of your server, you can see that on the Backup service settings page:

FTP server on my home intranet server

I have been setting up a server on my home intranet. I finally got Samba and SSH working, but I have noticed that file transferring via Samba is insanely slow. Does anyone here know how I can get an FTP server going on it easily? I tried proFTPD, but I couldn’t get it to work.

If you’ve already got SSH working, you can just use SFTP.

Remember this SFTP doesn’t seem any faster than going through SAMBA. Is regular FTP faster (forget about security since I am on a LAN).