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Full Spectrum of Hosting Services


247-host offers 30% off to SiteGeek visitors using coupon code ‘SiteGeek’. Plans offered by 247-host suits businesses of all sizes and the company has the ability to serve a full spectrum of hosting modalities and hosting related services, which makes it an attractive option for businesses.

Click on the Link given below for Cpanel and WHM Demo of 247-Host answers the questions on many minds in hosting industry and platform is available directly for its visitors. Website is trusted review and rating site for dedicated, shared, cloud and colocation companies and has a great reputation, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Now Host Millions of Websites with 247-host

image-2-247host247-host offers 30% off to SiteGeek visitors using coupon code ‘SiteGeek’. Web hosting company 247-host is best suited for small and medium sized businesses and individual websites.

Click on the Link given below for Cpanel and WHM Demo of 247-Host

Being a leader in web hosting review industry, SiteGeek is offered various deals and coupon codes for its visitors from some of the world’s largest web hosting providers. It lists various web hosting, resellers and dedicated hosting providers.

About SiteGeek had been working on to develop a set of technologies to rate and review web hosting companies.They are currently monitoring 100 million websites for and collecting stats for the 40k hosting companies worldwide with various parameters which includes:

number of clients
number of clients lost
uptime’s & downtimes
website speeds
popularity based on traffic
data from social media and overall sentiment analysis. will be able to come up with a lot of other stats with all this big data. They are collecting e.g. most popular CMS, largest hosting companies, etc.

Code For India: A Nonprofit App Project

code for india project

Can an app change lives? Venture capitalist Karl Mehta thinks so. Mehta wants interested developers to code for eight hours a month for free. Why? He is hoping to develop life-saving apps for people in India. The project is called ‘Code for India,’ and its goal is to provide people in India with needed help.

Bustle: Strong Enough For A Woman, Made by a Man

Can a man successfully create a website that’s targeted for women? Maybe; but Bryan Goldberg, founder and CEO of, might be succeeding where the site is concerned, though he has lost major points with his readers thanks to some controversial words.

When Goldberg (co-founder of Bleacher Report) set up the site, the cheap hosting company he signed up with didn’t have any idea the impact that his site would have on women around the globe.


Ghost: A New Open Source Blog Host

A new startup called Ghost is aiming to change the face of blogging. Ghost is an open-source blogging platform that solely focuses on blogging – nothing else. It is a platform that has been developed strictly for journalists and writers, and it has a ton of user-friendly appeal.

The Rules for Backlinking

Backlinking. It’s a touchy subject. One that confuses a lot of would-be bloggers and cheap hosting site owners. Should you do it? How often should you do it? Are there any real guidelines that Google has set on the topic? It all depends on how you look at it. Here’s a guide to blog backlinking that makes things (relatively) simple.


Lavabit Shuts Down For Good – Causes Snowball Effect

What happens if you have been told by the government to hand over encrypted email information? What if that information is included in the same email service that Edward Snowden used? If your name is Ladar Levinson and you are the owner of Levabit LLC, you shut your service down.


Digital Ocean: Moving Up In The Cloud Hosting World

Cloud hosting is an industry that is growing fast, and Digital Ocean is quickly rising to the top. They recently announced a total of $3.2 million raised in seed capital, and with new subscribers joining at a rate of 500 per day, this money is much needed to adjust to their growth.

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