Empty’ trouble tickets

Hi, I have TT system, but, I am getting ’empty’ trouble tickets. I want to know the reason behind this?

Please, check when your end user receives a response to their support request and responds to it not from within H-Sphere trouble ticket center, but through his e-mail client using the Reply option, make sure they place their message before, i.e. not below the ======== CUT HERE ========= quote, otherwise it won’t show up in the body of the trouble ticket message in your trouble ticket center.

Charged for space upon changing plan

I changed my plan, but, upon changing account’s plan I have been charged “Monthly fee for extra N Gb above free Y Gb of traffic”.

The target plan provides less free traffic GBs than account’s traffic limit. When changing plans you refused to automatically decrease your traffic limit to plans free as suggested in the warning message and now you can either has to pre-pay for the allocation difference each traffic month or manually decrease his traffic limit to plan’s free amount.

Not exceeded monthly traffic limit

Although I have not exceeded my monthly traffic limit, when changing plan, we were accrued Usage fee for extra X GB above pre-paid Y GB of traffic.

From the start of the traffic month to the time when month traffic limit is changed you ran up more (X GB) than traffic limit prorated to this period (Y GB).

Cpwebhosting.net control panel

Cpwebhosting.net provides, Hsphere Control Panel which has following Features

* Monitor and change disk usage
* Review site statistics
* Manage e-mail accounts, autoresponders, forwards, mailing lists, etc.
* Install, uninstall and manage FrontPage Server Extensions.
* Manage SSL secure communications.
* Add pre-installed scripts.
* Change account passwords.
* Set Custom Error Pages.
* Monitor bandwidth
* Access billing information
* Set the home page for your sites.
* Create/edit/delete ODBC DSNs for Microsoft Access, SQL Server 2000, MySQL and Excel.
* Create Microsoft SQL Server databases and MySQL databases..
* Enable/Disable PHP, Perl, ASP and .NET scripting.
* Create/edit/delete new FTP users.
* Maintain access to FTP directories.
* Create/Rename/Delete new folders and upload files to those folders using http.
* Edit/Rename/Delete files on the server.
* Create/Rename/Delete MIME Type
* Enable/Disable permissions for users to change their own passwords under your domain.
* Allow/Disallow directory browsing for your web sites.
* Enable/Disable ‘Read’, ‘Write’, ‘Execute’ or ‘Script’ permissions for your websites.
* Enable/Disable anonymous web access to your websites.

How to create Black List


I have read in the Management Announcements, that Resellers can create blacklist, but how?

Use blacklist controls in your CP to add/delete/edit a domain. For this, go to Settings->Blacklists->Domains in Blacklist, enter either the full domain name or a domain name with a wildcard (e.g. * .smth. com) into the text box, and click on the corresponding button.

Access Reseller Account


Can anyone please, explain how can I access my reseller account?

Yes sure, follow the following steps:
1. Open your ‘new account notification’ e-mail.
2. Click the given CP URL to get directly to your H-Sphere Control Panel login page.
3. At the login page enter your login and password provided in the e-mail.
4. Enter the control panel by clicking the Login button.

What’s the trend of reseller?

I think in the past 2 years the reseller hosting was quite popular and People started their own businesses. But now, not quite sure. It seemed like more people know how to run the servers and they tend to rent a dedicated server to start off the business.

What do you think? What’s the trend of reseller?

In general, the average web hosting customer is more web savvy than they were 5 years ago. I have been in this biz for over 5 years now (ya, a lifetime in internet years), and the average customer thesedays is much more savvy on DNS, domain names, transfers, etc.

As far as running their on servers, most are still not knowledgeable enough to do so.

There has been a huge increase of resellers – mostly down to the ease and low cost of looking like “your own host”.

The market for resellers looking to progress (for us) is now swinging to fully managed VPS – the step below a dedicated. This gives resellers the ability to have “root” and learn DNS, creating reseller accounts, handling ip’s, installing software etc – but knowing that if they break anything we are on hand to fix it or give advice.

Reselling is still a popular way to house multiple accounts for developers.

It is much cost saving to resell hosting than start your own. Currently, there are many competitions out there being service providers and I believe that 80% of them are resellers.

The cost of these unmanaged dedicated servers has gone down significantly which has opened up possibilities for many web developers and entreprenuers to run their own web servers.

There is no doubt that the VPS market is making some headway but I don’t see it as coming close to replacing the traditional reseller shared hosting market just yet. Perhaps with time that like anything in our business will change but currently traditional shared accounts are still strong.