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Learn about Joomla

Joomla is content management system for creating website and powerful online applications. Many feature like ease-of-use and extensibility makes Joomla most popular website CMS. It brings content and modules together for creation of dynamic webpage by using templates. Three functions are required to create Joomla website; Content, Module and Template.

Joomla Templates for websites

Joomla template changes the way your site looks. Two types of templates used by Joomla. Front -end template manages how your website is presented to the user viewing the website’s content. The back-end template takes the administrative tasks which controls by Joomla administrator. Here we discuss some most useful Joomla templates :

JV Furniture Store:

JV furniture stores An Attractive Joomla Template comes with a beautiful color and design which could increase product values and sales. It displays your furniture product in living room, bed room, and office. customers might feel like they are having wonderful,and comfortable life style. Product becomes center of attraction by this template. JV furniture supports Virtuemart, helps to look more professional, simple to manage products and provides the shopping cart on the top right corner. JV furniture supports K2 which is a powerful content option for Joomla. The template has designed to support all retina display devices like iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro Retina and all smart devices with high-resolution.

It is incredible option for launching your furniture or interior design store online. All interactive, clean and crisp themes are available in this template.

As it run on JV framework 3.0 with Bootstrap so enables anyone to feel like they are working on tablets and mobile device. This platform has right to left language layout mode, and Firefox, IE8, Chrome, Safari, Opera web browsers compatibility.

JM -Studio:

JM studioA multi- purpose Joomla template comes with professional Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 photography enthusiasts. An extension and feature supports you to design a stunning and slick new website. By JM Delux layer Slideshow ,users can easily create animated slideshows. The template also expands parallax modules, full screen video, animated scrolling and multiple homepage layouts. You can easily manage the styling and color while having full control over the modules and module positions.

JM-Studio deploys any kind of businesses like industry, school websites, medical websites, corporate companies, blue chip companies, travel and holiday companies. JM-studio includes own custom layouts and own color schemes with no coding experience and uses the easiest layout builder. It includes Mega Menu in the backend interface. Users can define a number of modules around the menu items. Advanced portfolios has also included to make your website a perfect showcase of great content of project.

LTheme : The new Joomla template is built with strong template framework bootstrap with drag-drop layout, 6 color styles and unlimited positions. Being a 100 percent responsive template layout, it works on all smart device and mobile devices as well. The template framework has strong short codes and module positions that make your website more powerful with its easy drag-drop layout content feature. It is built with six different color styles and changeable via template settings much easily with color picker tool. Additionally it comes with many features like: Bootstrap twitter CSS, Font, Helix and Awesome framework.

Now let you try its demo to get more experience and enjoy its wonderful theme.


Deepali Bansal

Achieving optimal web site design

To succeed at your online business you need a Web design must be just for that – a simple, focused site. One that is easy to build, maintenance-free, low cost, credible, and a powerful traffic-builder and customer-converter.

Having the right tool and the right product alone doesn’t insure the success of your website. There are many factors to be considered in effective website design

1. Build It for Speed
It’s a fact of modern life – people are in a hurry. This means that you have between 10 and 30 seconds to capture your potential customer’s attention. To minimize your load time, keep graphics small. Compress them where possible. Use flashy technology (java script, Flash, Streaming Audio/Video, animation) sparingly and only if it is important to your presentation.

2. Target your Market
Know who your market is and make certain that your site caters to their needs. It is critical that your site reflect the values of your potential customers. Then your site could be more informal and relaxed. The key here is to know your market and build the site to their preferences.

3. Focus the Site
Make certain your web site is focused on the goal, selling your product or service. A site offering many unrelated products is not necessarily unfocused, but this is often the case. If your business does offer many products, dedicate a unique page for each instead of trying to sell them all from one page.

4. Credibility Is Crucial
The most professionally designed site won’t sell if your customers don’t believe in you. A clear privacy statement is one way to build your credibility. Provide a prominent link to your privacy statement from every page on the site as well as from any location that you are asking your visitors for personal information. Provide legitimate contact information on line.

5. Navigation should be simple
Make site navigation easy and intuitive. Simple and smooth navigation adds to the convenience of the visitors. Add powerful search and catalog features. Many times a lot of visitors do not have the patience to navigate through the whole website to find what they are looking for.

6. Consistency is the key
Make sure the site is consistent in look, feel and design. Nothing is more jarring and disturbing to a customer than feeling as if they have just gone to another site. Keep colors and themes constant throughout the site.

7. Make your site interactive
Make your website interactive. Add feedback forms as well as email forms that allow your prospective customers to ask you any questions they might have pertaining to a product.

Personalization of your website is another key element that can lead to customer delight and can increase your sales. Personalization technology provides you the analytic tools to facilitate cross-selling and up-selling when the customer is buying online. It would give you an idea of what products to cross-sell and up-sell.

8. Content is King
Good content sells a product. Ask yourself the following questions. Does your copy convey the message you wish to get across to your visitors? Is it compelling? Does it lead your visitor through the sales process? Have others review, critique and edit your copy to insure it is delivering the intended message. Always double check your spelling and grammar.

These eight, simple rules will go a long way toward an effective website design, and most importantly, turning visitors into customers.

About Web site Design

A Web site is a collection of information about a particular topic or subject. Designing a web site is defined as the arrangement and creation of Web pages that in turn make up a web site.

A Web page consists of information for which the Web site is developed. A web site might be compared to a book, where each page of the book is a web page.

Once a Web site is completed, it must be published or uploaded in order to be viewable to the public over the internet with the help of CPWebHosting – a reseller hosting company. This may be done using an FTP client. Once published, the Web master may use a variety of techniques to increase the traffic, or hits, that the web site receives. This may include submitting the Web site to a search engine such as Google or Yahoo, exchanging links with other Web sites, creating affiliations with similar Web sites, etc.

A Web site typically consists of text and images. The first page of a web site is known as the Home page or Index. Some web sites use what is commonly called a Splash Page. Splash pages might include a welcome message, language/region selection, or disclaimer. Each web page within a Web site is an HTML file which has its own URL.

After each Web page is created, they are typically linked together using a navigation menu composed of hyperlinks. Faster browsing speeds have led to shorter attention spans and more demanding online visitors and this has resulted in less use of Splash Pages, particularly where commercial web sites are concerned.

Anyone who has used web design software that uses templates to speed things along will know that they can restrict creativity. Although the look and feel of the page can usually be customized, templates have preset layouts that can be difficult to work with if things don’t appear in the order you’d like.

At once you have established a working relationship with you will be offered the opportunity to attain a functional, optimized, affordable, professional and original web site! You can have your own ecommerce store, including advanced ecommerce web site design. You can find my portfolio at web site pages. CPWebHosting – a reseller hosting company, have a forum. After many years of professional experience we have successfully produced web designs for all types of businesses; we continue to utilize the latest technologies, software and equipment available. Pride and professionalism is a constant throughout all of my work as we strive to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction with respect and integrity! As a professional reseller hosting company we have a team of web designer who are proficient in all aspects of information technology systems, repair and maintenance. As soon as you retain our hosting services as your personal web designer we will continue to monitor and maintain your web site so that it is up to the minute with the latest technology that is readily available.

Instead of ready-made templates, the program offers several page designs and then allows the user to control the type and arrangement of pages. Icons representing elements such as text and images appear in a palette. These are dragged onto a grid that is superimposed over the blank page and can then be edited. Cleverly, this grid helps to maintain a uniform layout throughout the site but it isn’t restrictive because columns and rows can be added. Images are automatically reduced to a web-friendly size, text-wrapping occurs appropriately and even complex layouts tie together.
We will continue to procure and produce the most current information available in order to keep your web site competitive in a market where competition and industry standard is imperative to success and profit! You will not only receive a professionally industry standard web site that is of the highest quality! But one that reflects you personally as it will be Taylor made to your specifications so as to accentuate all aspects of your business with highest regard to your personal desires. So for your web design and web hosting solutions trust on

Web Design

Web Design for Business Website

Web design is much more than creating a design that is fresh and appealing. Any web site that is to become successful as a sales and marketing tool needs to be intuitive and easy to use for first-time and repeat visitors. Open Source Web Design is a site to download free web design templates and share yours with others. We as a reseller hosting company help to make the internet a prettier place.

Web design is a process of conceptualization, planning, modeling, and execution of electronic media content delivery via Internet in the form of Markup language suitable for interpretation by Web browser and display as Graphical user interface (GUI).

Web Design from Scratch is for everyone involved or web hosting companies interested in creating web sites – whether novice or expert. It will help you understand what makes web sites succeed or fail, and what can be done to increase the chance of success

Web design is usually the first stage of a project. At this point, the project is not a web site at all, but layers of pixels within a graphics package. The first goal to achieve at this stage is to create a design with visual appeal. So if your site doesn’t look good, the changes are it is not reaching its sales potential.

For most web designers, once they have produced an appealing design their job is done. The intent of web design is to create a web site — a collection of electronic files that reside on a web server/servers and present content and interactive features/interfaces to the end user in form of Web pages once requested. Such elements as text, bit-mapped images and forms can be placed on the page.

You need not to be a web designer to benefit from this site. You may have a current web site design project, you may be updating an existing site, or just interested in learning new skills. Web design and development is a huge area that grows and changes every day. While it’s impossible to document everything there is to know, this site aims to help you understand the principles of creating great sites and to teach you some of the most important skills needed to do it successfully and repeatedly.

CPWebHosting also provide complete web hosting solutions package that include domain registration (domain name of your choice), hosting, DNS set up, database configuration, content management software (CMS) and a unique, original site design. We will install and test your site for multi-browser compatibility and troubleshoot bugs before handing the site over to the webmaster. For an additional fee, we can provide training/instructions that custom-fit your website needs.

However, the increased competition has forced freelancers and smaller web hosting companies to either change their focus or go out of business. In response to this influx of designers abandoning the market, Designer is taking the unusual and risky tactic of offering to buy their client lists, provided they agree not to compete in the same field for up to four years.

Web Hosting for designers is in focus not limited to amateur web designers/college students. Many smaller firms are getting out of the business without fully considering their options. Selling a business is usually a one-time event, so most business owners don’t have the benefit of experience to guide them. Finding buyers, determining fair value, and preparing your current clients for the sale can be an arduous process. In an effort to ease the minds of both the business owner and their customers, cpwebhosting is making every effort to facilitate the sale through close collaboration with the seller to ensure a seamless transition.

Working within the Publications group, an in-house creative design, writing & production facility providing a company-wide services, this role consists of designing, developing and maintenance of the company’s websites.

Primary responsibilities will include: to design and build web pages (including programming as required). To design, produce and action mass e-mail mailouts. Develop creative and technical briefs, based on client’s requirements. Draw-up plans and schedules. Update content. Implement the latest tools and technologies provided by the CPWebHosting – best in reseller hosting. Perform web marketing, i.e., SEO to improve hit rates. Perform competitive analysis. Perform day-to-day site administration. Monitor content for relevance and consistency.


Web site builders are tools that allow the construction of websites without manual code editing. They fall into two categories: on-line proprietary tools provided by web hosting companies, typically intended for users to build their private site; and software which runs on a computer, creating pages off-line and which can then publish these pages on any host. The latter are often considered to be “website design software” rather than “website builders”. The majority of people who use website builders do so to make business websites.

Initially websites were created using HTML but later these software were written to design web pages. By 1998 Dreamweaver had been established as the industry leader however some have criticized the quality of the code produced by such software as being overblown and reliant on tables. As the industry moved towards W3C standards, Dreamweaver and others were criticized for not being compliant. Compliance has improved over time, but many professionals still prefer to write optimized markup by hand.

On-line website builders typically require customers to sign up with the web hosting company. Some companies provide examples of what a fully functional website made with their website builder looks like. The range of services varies anywhere between creating basic personal web pages or social network content (Widgets) to making complete business/e-commerce websites, either template based or – on the more flexible platforms – totally design free.

The main advantage of an online website builder is that it is quick and easy to use, and does not require any experience. Often a website can be built and be up and running live on the Internet quickly. Technical support is usually provided, as are how to video and help files. This makes online website builders ideal for the beginner.

Off-line web builders cater to professional web designers who need to create pages for more than one client or web host. Modern off-line web builders are usually both WYSIWYG and allow direct editing of source code and cascading style sheets (CSS) styling. They generally require a least a basic understanding of HTML and CSS code. They are more flexible than on-line builders, but may be expensive to buy. There are some open source web builders which may be downloaded free of charge.

Some of the on line web site builders are Yola, uCoz, Jimdo, Moonfruit, Squarespace, Weebly etc.

These website builders are based on HTML platform, provide with a disk space, maximum upload file size vary in different site builders. Customer domain is available for free in some site builders. Other features include backups, bandwidth, password protection etc.

Microsoft’s Front Page or Macromedia’s Dream Weaver is software that can help beginner web page designers to quickly see the fruits of their labor.

Many web hosting companies and domain sellers offer website builder programs and templates in their packages. If you use the website builder provided by your web host, be sure to try out the many different templates offered so you can more effectively relay your web page’s image to your viewers.

There are basically 2 types of website builders available, one is known as the in-built that tags along with the web hosting service package and it runs off the remote web hosting server.

The other is the standalone type that runs directly off your desktop. It is the best type of website builder but if you are a beginner you should try in built website builders.

These Web site builders  are mainly for people who want to host a business or personal website but don’t know how to create one. These types of software reduce the tough work of creating a website and make it easy for people who don’t know the coding involved behind creating a website.

Designers Club is Open for All is open is for all, CPWebHosting invites all the developers, designers, programmers, SEO’s to be a part of the club. All the cpwebhosting designers are already members of this club.
Why to Join the
Why programmers, designers, developers, SEO’s who presumably doing well and who already have their pat in the market, how they can be benefitted by this club?
It is well said phrase, there is no such thing as a free lunch, but uptil most of the members who have joined the club is for the human reasons.
One might list, in no particular order:

  • They want to do something more interesting than their day job, which might be writing stock control packages.
  • They want to be involved on the edge of what is happening.  Being a member of the club and working is a pretty good way to keep up-to-date. After that comes consultancy on the next hot project.
    It’s fun to meet and work with other clever people.
    There is no membership fee for joining the club; rather it gives you a free publicity on the web. The club members are free to share their knowledge on it.

Why to hire PHP Developers for web development projects?

As we all know that web development services and products are in huge demand today and so is the need for a reliable and cost effective technology for the same. Clients, all around the world, prefer to hire a PHP development company for their web development requirements as it provides several benefits that are not offered by any other web development technology.

There are some reasons that why should we need to hire a php developers for web development projects:

  • It is easy to Operate: PHP is a highly flexible and easy to use language for developing websites and web applications. It provides a framework over which developers can easily work and create solutions according to their requirements. PHP provides one of the most developer friendly web development platforms
  • It is an open Source Technology: PHP is an open source technology that makes it a big favorite among Web developers and programmers all over the world. Programmers and developers are always working on stringent budgets and PHP provides them an opportunity to provide highly reliable solutions at reasonable prices. Being a highly popular open source technology PHP has a very strong online community that is committed to it. Developers and programmers having problems or complex situations in web development can always seek help from this community and get their problems resolved.
  • Some User friendly Solutions: The solutions prepared on PHP are user friendly and have quick and easy navigation. The solutions are good at serving their purpose and provide a useful tool to the client for their requirements.
  • It has some cost effective solutions: Hiring a PHP development company is very beneficial for clients as the solutions are very cheap and cost effective. This is due to the open source nature of PHP and the tough competition in theweb development industry. The competition is so tough that service providers have to offer solutions at very low and competitive rates to stay in the competition.
  • Quality Solutions: The main motto of the companies is to get the best quality standards for their users. So, the tough competition has forced PHP development companies to maintain highest standards of quality for their solutions. If the solutions are not up to the mark or are of low quality standards then clients will never come back for any further services and this will be a big business loss to the PHP development company. PHP is an easy to use platform that allows developers to create high quality solutions if proper skills and knowledge are applied.
  • Quick Delivery: The delivery of the projects is done very efficiently and quickly. Service providers have to complete projects quickly in order to make enough profit from the business therefore quick delivery of solutions is highly essential. Thus, clients can be assured of getting quick solutions from their service providers. Quick delivery of solutions ensures that clients are able to market their products quickly and start earning from them. Quick solutions does not mean that solutions lack in their quality standards as maintaining quality is prioritized above anything else in such organizations.
  • Increased popularity:PHP has gained immense popularity due its various advantages to both clients and the service providers. However, Clients must take precautions while choosing the PHP development company for their projects as a wrong choice at this stage can be very harmful for their projects. Conduct proper investigation and research into the company’s past and present before making any business offers to them.


PHP is probably most famous and advanced scripting language accustomed to build internet purposes. PHP was initially developed for Online Development World to provide high quality dynamic website pages. Becoming dynamic, the webpage now can interact with person and finally you interact with user. PHP staying applied at server aspect minimizes load on client device and allows in sleek running of software. The framework PHP supplies are highly valuable when architecting a undertaking. It’s very loaded language and has answer for every type of cases by Software Developer Organization.
Benefits of PHP

  1. It can be easily embedded into HTML.
  2. It is open source software.
  3. It is a Platform independent language.
  4. It is quite easier than other programming language like c and c++.
  5. It supports many browsers like Web Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Netscape and so forth.
  6. It can work with all kind of online servers like Apache, IIS etc.
  7. Highly dependable and protected as a result of safety given by PHP language.
  8. Databases like MSSQL, Oracle and MySQL are used for dynamic website purposes.
  9. It provides a flexible, scalable and speedy advancement than other languages applied in scripting web site.

These are some reasons that make PHP extremely popular between programmers and builders. Web-site produced by Website Developer making use of PHP is often edited immediately after development quickly. Modifying web page as per consumer need can be carried out working with PHP.
What is PHP Smarty Development?
Smarty is template motor for PHP facilitates separation of presentation from application logic; it helps PHP to combine with HTML.

  • PHP Smarty Growth eliminates boundaries of logic insertion.
  • Seek the services of PHP Developer or Website Developer Firm
  • Contemplating steep curve of mastering PHP language, time constrain and resource; employing someone developer or maybe a Online Developer Business is suited for businessmen. Focused remedy provider is quick and does the get the job done in deadline, in order to pay out attention to other business matter. That is why you Employ PHP Developer.

What will be the future of dynamic websites that use PHP older versions?

PHP Stands For PHP Hypertext Pre-Processor. It Is Worlds Widely Used Best Web Development Plat Form Because Of Its Characteristics. PHP Is A Scripting Language Which Can Be Embedded With The Hypertext Markup Language. We Can Create Dynamic Web Pages By Using PHP Scripting Language As Well As Static Web Contents. A Developer Can Perform Number of Tasks By Using This Platform To Create Dynamic Contents On Websites. Basically We Need To Create a Database To Store The PHP Web Sites, For This Process The MYSQL Database Is Used Always.
PHP Language Have Three Tier Architecture Which Contain Front End Back End And Intermediate Between Them To Deliver Queries. Data Can Be Collected By Users For Further Processing and Stored For Future Reference Processes. Mostly PHP Is Used with HTML Language to Development of Dynamic Web pages. Both PHP And MYSQL Works Together, Because Neither PHP Nor MYSQL Works Alone.
If your site is built with an older version of php, it may continue to work the same way as long as you aren’t using any code that’s no longer supported or anything that’s blocked for being unsafe.

Also when servers get upgraded they may or may not support old versions of php. It’s up to the hosting.

Most decent packaged software usually gets upgraded to newer versions of php in time for such a migration, so often you can just upgrade your package and you’ll be OK.
But if your software is written in say php 4 and no upgrade is available, you’ll probably run into problems by the time php 6 becomes the standard. If it worked OK with php 5 you may be safe enough. It all depends on what kind of functions you are using..
The PHP versions currently supported are: PHP 4.4 PHP 5.0, PHP 5.1, PHP 5.2, PHP 5.3 and a special additionally secured version of PHP 5.2 with Suhosin patch.
It is really easy to change PHP versions for your website with a web hosting account with Site Ground. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Log in to cpanel for your account.
  2. Go to 1H Software section -> PHP Version Manager
  3. Navigate to the directory you would like to change the PHP version for (note that the change will apply to sub-directories for it as well)
  4. Click on the directory name.
  5. Select the desired PHP version and click Save.

PHP and its benefits

Php is basically a server side scripting language. It is a powerful tool for making interactive and dynamic web pages. Php scripts are executed on the server. Php is open source software and is free to download and use.

Php is platform independent software and is compatible with all the servers used today.

You can insert contents of one php file into another before the server executes it with the help of include() and require() functions. These two functions works in the same way but with a little bit of difference that while using include() function a warning is generated but the script continues its execution and whereas while using require() function it generates an error and the script stops.

In php we can also create cookie. A cookie is often used to identify a user. It is a small file that the server embeds on the user’s computer. Each time the same user requests a page it will send the cookie too. With the help of php we can create as well as retrieve cookie also.

Php also provides a session. The purpose of session is to make the computer know who you are. It knows when you start using the application and when you close it. It helps you to store the user information on the server for the later use. The information stored is only for temporary use and is deleted as soon as the user logs out of that site. It works by creating a unique id for each user. This unique id is stored in a cookie.

We can also send email from inside the script by simply using the mail() function.

For eg:

Mail (to, subject, message, headers, paramenters)

With the help of this you can also create a feedback form for your website.

Forms can also be created with the php. When the user fills the form and press the submit button the form data will be sent to the prescribed page to where it is linked. $_GET and $_POST are used to collect values from the form. Information sent using get is visible to everyone and is displayed in the browser’s address bar and is having a limit of words while when submitting the form by using post the information is invisible to others and has no limits on the amount of information sent.

So php is a very useful language for creating a interactive and dynamic websites.