All about the Seo industry on internet

An introduction to SEO

Seo-industry-on-internetSEO is the short form for search engine optimization. To put it in simple words this helps to promote a website and increase the traffic on it. There are many SEO agencies on the internet, but not all of them are good. Many companies provide poor work and charge a ridiculous amount of money. So you have to careful when you are out looking for an SEO agency to promote your website. You can look for reputed companies on the internet. Make a list of all the businesses and do a comparative research and then select. Before you sign any document make sure that you have gone through the terms and condition that the company has mentioned.

Now we know that an SEO company helps to improve the ranking of the website, but there are several factors that come into play, so let us look at those factors to get a concrete idea of the SEO industry on the internet. Page optimization and backlinks are two other factors that play a significant role in the ranking of a website.

The SEO industry on the internet is built on the services provided by the experts or specialists, so now let us look at the various details that are taken care of by SEO specialists.

  • The specialist’s carryout a comprehensive research on the keywords that are to be assigned
  • They prepare a detailed ranking report.
  • They also prepare an Analytical Report
  • They care to see the recommendations and optimization are paid special attention to.

Now here are some factors to help you decide which SEO services are perfect for you.

The best way to achieve a clearer picture is by a comparative approach to things. You can start out by comparing the benefits provided by certain cheap SEO services to those service providers whose cost is equivalent to the GNP of developing or small countries. The comparison will show you the benefits of hiring affordable SEO services in the professional field. You will realize that you are paying a lot less for the same quality of services provided by another company.

You should always try to hire a company that will help your website appear in the top six ranks on any search engine. You can start talking to customers on the various forums to get an idea of which company is currently offering good services.

Now the good part is that certain SEO companies also design websites for their clients, so if you come across such an agency you should hire its help. Some SEO companies even refund money to their customers if the results are not satisfactory at all. You do not have to go for an expensive service provider you can hire a reasonable one to do the job for you. So take the time in locating a good company and follow all the tips mentioned in the article so that you can get things done smoothly.

Reasons Why Sites Need Seo Services

business seoCreate Competitive Advantage with the Internet Marketing

Small Businesses are flourishing and positioning with professional web design and online marketing solutions. A Broad marketing approach including website design, social media marketing, reputation management and search engine optimization is required.
A website is now creating the first impression for any business.
Customers search on Google and local directories to find the local businesses before actually visiting it.

There are a lot to tell as an answer to the widely asked question, why does our site need seo services? There are a lot of factors that actually decide the fate of a website, the search engine optimization process being one of them. It is rather the primary factor to the whole process of online marketing. Through the process of search engine optimization the websites gain their ranks in the browsers.

Therefore it is important for the websites to be properly taken care of by the seo services. In fact, the leading brands all over the world are relying on the good seo services to make sure their brands gain the high ranks in the browsers through the optimization process. It’s not easy to make it possible. For ensuring the steady growth of the websites one should have to choose the Seo service provider with proper efficiency and experience.

The ones who ask that why does our site need seo services should be aware that the search engine optimization process is such in which the websites are modified to certain extent that invites the crowd online. A proper and wide analysis of the existing market and the strategy making can make such a modification that makes the website more customers friendly.

After making a proper research, the market analysts submit a total report to the website controllers. They are the ones who decide if any modification is needed in the website. As the internet is the open forum, much experimentation can be done to decide which kind of modification will suit the website so far getting the attention of the search engines is concerned.

For attracting the search engines, the analysts also find out which are the search interests for the site viewers. Moreover they decide what keywords make the sites more and more available to the customers. The choice of the proper keywords makes the search engines attracted to the websites. This results in the growth of the website. This a part of the answer to the question why does our site need seo services?

The issue of a website launch is not to be handled very easily since it’s the beginning of the growth of company online. There are factors regarding the website designs as well which makes an effect to the search engines. The search engine friendly designs make the websites get more focused attentions. For that the designers take all kinds of advises from the business and marketing experts, the digital graphics specialists and so on. They actually assimilate all the suggestions and execute them in their designs.

So, from initiating the market strategy to making the market and online business strategy to designing, all these processes create the websites. After all these a good number of different links are attached to the websites. These links make the websites very much reachable to the online customers. The Seo services make all these possible. More over them make steadily control the quality check of the websites so that they don’t lose their ranks in the browser. Why does our site need seo services? The answer is now right here.

Effective SEO tips for growing business

SEO-300x257As all the leading brands are looking for making their brand websites come up in the browser charts, some effective SEO tips for growing your business can put you on the healthy competitive field with the larger companies. Presently, most of the companies are aware of the fact that the search engine optimization process is very important for their websites come up on the chart. But most of them are not too well acquainted with the process of SEO.

The effective SEO tips for growing your business can make you well aware of the process of online marketing and upgrading the websites and likewise you can do so. If you gain a complete control over the search engine optimization process then you can make your website reach the peak of success within a very short span of time.

Among the many SEO tips for growing your business, the first one is that to create a content strategy and executing them through the keyword tool. You should know that the search engines locate the keywords that stay in every page of the websites. Whether it is the title, or if it is the special topics, all of them are imbued with the enriched keywords. For that the keyword tool is very useful. Through the tool one can have a proper understanding of the keywords that is important to be used so far attracting the traffic is concerned. Also the tool suggests many connected terms and likewise use the keywords.

The second of the SEO tips for growing your business is that to share contents on the social media. Social media is presently a big platform where the companies or brands get a bigger number of possible customers than they get directly in their own websites. Sharing different matters, promotional issues as well as generating discussions, debates about the brands can make a positive effect over the members of the social media.

The steady updates of the brands as well as any news linked with the brands can create transparency. At the same time the business specialists get a complete view about the customer’s reaction on the products. The more the social media participants follow the

posts, links and pages of your brand website, the more you can get the possible customers. At the same time increase of the customers in the social media section partially help the websites to get attracted by the search engines.

Along with time, the business brands are changing the process of promotion and advertisements as well. In the online marketing strategy as well they are using different kinds of tricks. One of the latest of then is to turn the simple enriching process of the web pages to building up direct relationship with the customers.

The companies are keeping persons exclusively to take care of this part. The customers, through this system, can ask all the queries that they have regarding the brand products and the company through the means of this system; these are some of the SEO tips for growing your business that can make your website run with success.

Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform: Harnessing the control of Simplicity

Cloud platform is internet based computing by sharing resources, software and information are provided to customers on order, related to the implementation of the electricity network. It describes a new expenditure and delivery model for IT services based on the Internet and normally involves the provisioning of energetically scalable and often virtualized resources as a service over the Internet. Customers do not maintain the physical infrastructure and avoid resources expenditure by renting resources from a third party supplier. They consume resources as a service and pay only for resources that they consume.

Cloud Platform lets you assemble applications and websites, store data, and analyze data on infrastructure. The concept behind cloud platform is easy it lets you run computer applications over the Internet, without to buy, establish or manage your own servers. Applications, functional systems, servers and system switches all dwell out of sight and within the representative cloud, the Internet and are managed by your cloud computing vendor.

Advantages of the Cloud Platform

  • Less difficulty and cost
  • End of IT maintenance
  • Access from anywhere at anytime
  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • High reliability and security
  • Businesses can start small with incline budgets
  • Fast consumption
  • Optimized performance
  • Subscription-based pricing
  • Energy savings

It provides the middle infrastructure like industrial power values of high accessibility, tragedy recovery and safety as well as an integrated development environment and APIs to build applications on the platform.

Key Benefits for Customers

  • Powerful equipment to modify and add Cloud platform for specific business needs
  • Eliminates version-lock by ensuring customizations always automatically transfer when advance towards a new release
  • Easy to use point and click, values based application customization.

The two important Cloud Platforms is

1. The Google App Engine

Google released the beta version of the Google App Engine on April 2008 which allows the developers to develop application based on Python. Google charges 10- 12 % GB on per CPU per hour basis. The main purpose of GAE is to virtualize the app across multiple data centres and servers. (Maximum 500MB storage space) Google App Engine gets better every 6 months.

2. Amazon Web Service

It is web based remote computing collection. I t is based on four key services Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Querying Service and SimpleDB.

 Cloud storage prices compared
 Service  Free storage  Cost for 25GB  Cost for 50GB
 Apple iCloud  5GB  $3.33  $8.33
 Box  5GB  $9.99  $19.99
 Dropbox  2GB  $9.99
 Google Drive  5GB  $2.49  $4.99 (100GB)
 Microsoft SkyDrive  7GB  $0.83 (27GB)  $2.08 (52GB)
 Cloud storage services: platform support
 Web  Android  Black berry  iOS  Linux  Mac Windows  Windows Phone
 Apple iCloud  ?  X  X  ?  ?  Limited  X
 Box  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  X
 Dropbox  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  X
 Google Drive  ?  ?  X  ?  ?  ?  X
 Microsoft SkyDrive  ? X  X  ?  ?  ?  ?

Linux becoming the choice of Single Users

Gone are the days when the installation of the Linux was the most difficult with all the distributions, when it was performed using several diskettes, following accurate instructions and Linux console commands. Most of the users still are afraid of installing the Linux on their systems, they fear, it could destroy the previously store data on their computers. Linux do require proper portioning of your Hard drive which includes the must partition as / (root), swap, and boot. Well nobody would like to re-partition as it is justified, that there may be data loss, if proper instructions are not being followed or something un-intended things happen. Home PC users market is mostly occupied by Microsoft, as installing any windows product is automatic and very less complicated as compared to Linux. If you are not trained computer technical, even though you can find installing Windows easier. Dialogue boxes appears where user data is required for settings or information. But, now, all these features are with Linux also. Windows have license cost involved, while Linux is free. Also, Linux is preferred due to its efficiency and security.

There were times, when device manufactures ignores Linux, as it was being mostly used in server computers. But, now manufactures treat Linux as one of the main operating system. Most of the devices, now easily get installed on Linux, without user involvement. When the system starts Operating system probe it, to check the devices and other resources, which it need to mange. Penguin emblem of Linux is recognized in approximately all the devices. Linux has started capturing the market of Microsoft, and would become one of the biggest competitors in the near future.

Not only the experienced Linux users, the operating system is also becoming famous among the newcomers, especially the college students, who want to be in touch with technology.

PHP Practice at CPWebHosting

I’ve purchased the Hosting services from CPWebHosting to practice PHP & MySQL and I’m quite satisfied with their monthly hosting plan. PHP is most reliable programming language and is being most popular among us beginners, who have just started learning programming language. Whatever I’m learning in the school, I’m practicing on the domain which I have got from cpwebhosting.

So, far I have learned the basics of PHP in which I’m able to create variables, logical expressions, loops and functions. I’m able to connect PHP to MySQL database and learning to create the complete application. I’m creating the application, in which I’m creating good navigation system, forms, validation in form entries and a password protected admin area.

Still my curriculum includes CRUD routines for updating the database, debugging techniques and usable user interfaces application with site navigation, form validation, and a password-protected admin area.

It is best way to practice PHP by creating the live examples and reinforce various techniques to improve the existing code.

In our school, for first few days, we we were taught the basics of PHP, its installation and configuration. With PHP we were being asked to configure MySQL. Then we started learning different data types in PHP. How we can control code with logical expressions and loops? We used built in functions of PHP, and then started writing our own custom custom functions. This was the starting and it helps us in creating the dynamic websites. Now we are well versed with creating forms and how data will be controlled in forms and how to embed it in database. We are now able to use cookies and sessions to store data. All wonders started when we were able to connect MySQL with PHP. We starting manipulating the data, creating data, editing it. We learn what records are, what are fields. How we can optimize our databases? We started looking to the codes of various CMS available, like WordPress,

Joomla and Drupal and tried to understand, how their programmers have done the things beautifully. I liked the user authentication system of these CMS. Let me show you how a beginner can start with PHP, let us write one short program In this program I have embedded PHP code in HTML


<html lang=”en”>
learning php

Here is one more program, in which I have used the control structures of PHP:

<html lang=”en”>
Learning Control Structures with PHP
$a = 10;
$b = 15;
if($a > $b)
echo “a is greater than b”
elseif ($a < $b)
echo “a is less than b”
echo “a is equal to b”

Let us take one more example in which I have used control structures loops:

<html lang = “en”>
Learning Control Structures with PHP
echo $count. ‘ ‘;


You see, I have embedded all the php code in HTML, that is because PHP is a scripting language, which runs on server. Thus we can say that it is server-side scripting language. Well, earlier I said, we are learning programming language, but PHP is not programming language it is scripting language. Then, how this difference comes out to be. Let us answer why, it is not programming language:

  1. PHP runs only in response to an event. It does not runs automatically, when the page is requested only then the PHP runs.
  2. Instructions are being performed from top to bottom. PHP page once requested, it loads and then runs from top to bottom.
  3. There is little or no-interaction with user.

While if we look into the properties of Program:

  1. Program runs, even when there are no events.
  2. Program jumps into the various sections. There can be several start and end points, or we can say that there is no clear start or end point in programming language.
  3. Program may include lot of user interaction. Once the applications are launched, it keeps on running, waiting for user input. Program jumps to the various instructions, according to the task you want it to perform.

But, these days, scripts are more efficient to be programs. Technically we can say that PHP is not a programming language, but the differences have become too blurred. Structures are made available in the scripts itself.

PHP is totally a server side scripting language, as its codes runs on server i.e. web server. We understand, that the code will run on server, not on our local PC. We find lot of scripts like javascript or vbscript on our browser i.e. client end.

When we request a page, a javascript or vbscript code is sent at the user end and it then runs there, while PHP code is never sent at the user end, it runs only on server. Results of the PHP program are only sent to the browser. As PHP code cannot run on its own, it always requires Web server to run. Web server runs the PHP exactly as it is written, it does not requires any compilation, like our other programming languages do like Java or C. Code of Java or C need to converted to the binary form, before then runs. PHP is designed to be used with HTML, it can be embedded in HTML or it can generate HTML. PHP results are basically the html codes written to the browsers. Programs of the php programmer are with .php extension and that is of HTML are of .htm or .html. The extension to a program is sufficient for the Web Server to know that it is which type of program, if it is .php, web server knows that there is code in it which need to be executed.

If the html code is what our browser receives, then why not to straight forwardly write the html code instead of php. The reason is that php provides greater flexibility than html. Html pages are static in nature, they remains same all the time, while PHP generates dynamic pages, which are being generated under different conditions according to the user interaction or data stored in databases. Structures of C, java, perl and PHP are very similar with very minute differences. It means learning PHP is easy and I’m lucky to star PHP with cpwebhosting.