Wordperss wp-login.php Brute Force Attack

Brute Force Attackbrute-force-attack

“WORDPRESS” a brand, popular worldwide, the only CMS that no one is ignorant weather site is hosted on Linux or windows pletform . It is a platform that supports a number of individuals and even organizations to build and run their business. But like a saying goes, “Avoid popularity, as it brings along snares“. Hacking is the biggest ‘snare’ on internet today and so as to wordpress. WordPress is facing the problem of brute force attacks. Unlike hacks that aim at causing vulnerabilities in software, a brute force attack aims at gaining access to a site, by continuously trying the username and passwords until they gets into it. They can be very successful when people use passwords like ‘123456’ and usernames like ‘admin.’.

The brute force attacks came into limelight in April 2010 and then since became a great threat for the WordPress. About 90,000 compromised servers are trying to break into wordpress websites by trying to guess the username and passwords to get into the wordpress ‘admin’ panel, continuously. Because of these attacks, the server runs out of memory due to the large number of continuous HTTP requests, causing problem of storage and slow speed for the users.

This type of attack is widespread and common for websites but since wordpress is very popular, it has become the chief target for these attackers.

But, since technology has given rise to these evils, the same technology has the ways to resolve and tackle them. We can protect our website from these attacks if we follow certain protective rules.

Don’t use ‘ADMIN’ as your username. The past reviews say that a large number of wordpress websites were hacked as their owners used ‘admin’ as their username. So, if you have the account with this username, create a new one today and move all the posts and important data to it.

Passwords are a great way to secure our accounts. A good and tough password would make it impossible for brute force attackers to succeed in guessing them. So, select a good password for your account.

Things to avoid when choosing a password:

  • Any combination of your name, username, company name, or name of your website.
  • A word from a dictionary, in any language.
  • A short password.
  • Any numeric-only or alphabetic-only password (a mixture of both is best).
  • Plug-in can be used to limit the number of login attempts made on your site, or block people from accessing wordpress-admin. There are many different plug-in used for various security purpose like Admin Renamed Extended, Enforce strong password, Limit Login Attempts, BruteProtect, Block brute-force attacks, etc.
  • It’s a good practice to keep back up of your wordpress. By this way, you can be ensured that at least your data and posts are secure, even if the attacks continue.
  • You should always keep your wordpress updated in order to protect your wordpress from any exploit.
  • Even if your wordpress website has been hacked you can clean it up and continue with it.

These were some of the simple measures for protecting your wordpress. There are some technical and even more secure measures that can be implemented to secure your wordpress. These are illustrated as under:

  • Keep an eye on your visitors to check who is trying to access your wordpress admin panel. This can be done using C-Panel’s ‘latest visitor’ tool. You might also find that you have number of different IP addresses trying to hit your wp-login.php script at a much higher volume. This means your site could be under a WordPress brute force attack.
  • You could set up a Cronjob to send the details of your daily attempts to WordPress. This can be under cPanel->Advanced->Cronjob->Cron email->Update email and perform required settings. These settings would give you a detailed list of all the IP addresses and how many times they tried to access your wp-login.php script. This would help you at times when you would not be able to review your wordpress account. You would know whether you are being targeted for the brute force attack and appropriate protective measures could be taken, if so.
  • You can even block the unwanted IP addresses that you don’t want to access your wordpress admin by using .htaccess rules. These blocked IP addresses will immediately be given a 403 access denied error as they would attempt to access your wp-admin.
  • You can also protect your server. When you lock down wp-login.php or wp-admin, you get a 404 or 401 error when accessing those pages. To avoid this, you should add the following code to your .htaccess file: ErrorDocument 401 default
  • For Nginx, you can use the error_page directive with an absolute URL.
  • You may also protect your wp-login.php file and wp-admin folder using a password to add more security to the server. You will need to create the .htpasswds file for this purpose. You can keep this file either inside or outside your public folder.
  • Cloud/proxy services like CloudFare can also be used to block the IP’s you want, before they reach your server.
  • You can scan your website with an online malware scanner like sitecheck.sucuri.net/scanner to get an indication whether you are a target of brute force attack.

If these measures are used and implemented in a proper way, the problem of brute force attack could be avoided and resolved by everyone on an individual ground and this threat would no more prevail on Internet.

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For more Sales proper Marketing of WordPress Theme

The building and designing process of WordPress theme is beneficial for coders. Same thing is not applicable in promoting theme. All designers can create special product could be useful for many website owners and still not get sales since customers would be interested to see result of their work.

Dashboard Upsells

WordPress designer create useful upsell page will appear on right side in CMS dashboard. Anyone can add information to set theme and lot more together with links towards upgrade button. Upsell page is not trespassing because this turn-off quickly. One has to make useful upsell pages as possible. It provides useful information about theme helps to set up some parts of theme. Designer need not to promote paid version of theme but can also give advertisements related to available products.

Press Releases

It doesn’t mean that user must use PRWeb or services similar to it. Locate contact relevant blogs and sites which is not difficult at all. After theme creation and launching, good press release should be written and send to big publication. Consider following points during contact:

  1. Don’t use marketing slang. Simple email should be written explains product work. So, this is the reason it is covered by publication.
  2. It has to be sure that email should be personal. A generic template like “To Whom It May Concern”. Real name of receiver will be used. Lot of people makes one error to use website name in email subject. User has to make everything personal as possible.
  3. In event never do anything so that product is not covered.

Paid Reviews are used

There are many blogs offering paid review services. Money about to pay is not so much as coverage will be higher with available free promotional methods. Profits will be gained easily by paid reviews. User must be very careful about coverage getting through paid review. It has to be sure that unbiased paid reviews should be there. List of different blogs are made to contact about coverage obtain for money user about to pay.

Using Newsletters

Before launching a new WordPress theme user has to make sure to build a mailing list. User can announce easily launch of new features, actual features and things related to drafted email. For initial promotion campaign a holding page can be created to act as an address. Whenever any products whether free or paid is launched clients receive an email to join newsletter. To increase signup rates use an incentive.

Use Specific Frameworks

By using specific framework client can build new WordPress theme. Many official sites will have example stores or galleries. New theme can be added easily, example is Genesis. Different frameworks are to be observed can be used to create new themes.


Experienced marketer has to talk right people for promotion. People networks should be increased and let them know about their launching products regarding WordPress themes. Maintain contact with professionals to increase awareness. Marketers can offer easily free copies reviews to affect networking. Through networking exposure about sales or free downloads can easily be observed during launch of product.

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10 WordPress plugins to make website mobile responsive.

10 WordPress plugins to make website mobile responsive.

There are 10 plugins which can make any website mobile responsive.

1. Jetpack by WordPress

33 features are there in this plugin so that it can do more to make any website responsive. User can use mobile themes to create mobile-ready website and can adapt it according to his own needs. If anybody know CSS and PHP then he can further alter his theme.

It is easy to integrate with Google+ page and user can improve speed of site loads using verification tools by Photon.

  • Make mobile friendly website.
  • Increase loading times.
  • Adapt theme which is suitable to website.

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2. Mobile Plugin which is WP touch

User’s website on a desktop computer but look like same as on a mobile device. It is not perfect for many websites as websites have more functions and options on the desktop website. Some websites and brands would be there that make it simple. Some extra functions are not required by websites which are simple to use and can made in a simple format.

  • To keep things simple use mobile theme only.
  • People can still switch between mobile version and regular version.
  • Make website and content be updated easily.

3. Mobile Press

This plugin make website responsive by using responsive themes. It help to install customized themes and mobile friendly settings. Future mobile devices will support this field as it is a very simple plugin. If there was choice between displaying the right theme and detecting a mobile browser then there is no lag in plugin.

  • All Operating systems and web browsers are suitable to themes.
  • There is no need of regular updates by plugins.
  • Make the website mobile friendly.

4. Mobile Detector Plugin of WP

This plugin is used to choose the theme while accessing the website. It is used to detect the device which is accessing the user website and bring a theme that is more suitable to their device. To pick the right theme it is good as it features on the list. It recognizes the device which is used by more than current web browser. Around 5000 different mobile devices are detected which means it is possible to adapt the website and website theme will be suitable to all of them. It is better for catching errors. More functions should be added to attract viewers like widgets, dynamic page loading, collapsible menus, cross-platform compatibility and touch-optimized layouts.

  • Detect around 5000 different mobile devices.
  • Right device can receive right theme
  • More functions are to be added to operate perfectly.

5. Mobile Theme Switcher

On a plugin directory user can set up the plugin and load mobile themes. When anybody will look at website it detect the browser which is being used and send right theme for accommodating. It allows user to display different homepages for various mobile devices to sell Apple or Blackberry users. All the important aspects are:

  • W3 Total Cache helps in working.
  • QR codes has mobile bookmarking.
  • For different mobile browsers show different home pages.

6. Mobile Plugin has elegant themes

Themes of this plugin are held according to requirements. If any user integrate this app with current website and pick mobile friendly theme. To twing the layouts and designs that user would like and that is all user want to need. User can choose a mobile theme that is similar in format and design on the desktop website.

  • Plugin can detect the theme apply on device.
  • Total 87 mobile themes are there.

7. Mobile Pack 2.0+ of WP

This plugin provides tool to take website and adjust it to mobile browsers. A new theme should be added that can be sent to the viewer depending on mobile browsers which is being used. User can alter his website with tools to make responsive and mobile friendly.

  • All mainstream browsers are supported.
  • With your website it allows to do many things.
  • Abundance of control over own website of user.

8. Mobile Edition of WP

Plugin helps to turn users website into a mobile-only website. With the help of this plugin user can access website on a desktop but in a same way as on a mobile device. This kind of thing is suitable to users website. If any mobile theme has cut down version of bigger desktop website then after plugin will not be suitable to the website. It is a good plugin still has a slight info on WP plugin directory page. Some illustrations are:

  • To your website make some changes.
  • Same theme is applicable on desktop and mobile devices both.
  • Users are allowed to forth themes and to switch back.

9. Mobile iThemes

It is a website offering plugins which allows us to use themes created for mobile templates. After visiting the website by the user, website allows to show mobile themes.

  • User can build his own website.
  • Control over navigation and menus.
  • Large number of platforms are supported.

10. Mobile Smart

If a mobile browser is looking at this plugin then it switches website to a mobile theme. User can switch between desktop and mobile versions. Three options are available for switching user which are template tag, widget or footer option. All the elements are rescaled which includes images also.

  • Manual switcher allow viewer more control over what they are looking.
  • A theme switcher is packaged with simple design and template tags help user.

Useful WordPress Hacks

There is a collection of WordPress plug-ins that never gives failure of functionality of WordPress beyond some defaults to let webmasters shape their websites, it is WordPress Hacks. It give the customization capability to webmasters of the tasks that can’t be accomplished by any plug-ins. These are establishing a support and receiving a platform as some non-programming webmaster are searching the support of web developers to introduce new features in websites.

Points which user can implement on WordPress Secured website:

Removing a title of a specific page

There are some tools to provide facility to remove titles from the pages of the site whenever user need to remove from particular pages.

RSS Feed contain post’s featured image

Using images on the posts gives always some extra force among the viewers to read and further expansion among their circles. User can also enhance the featured image of the post to make it visually catchier.

Display some personalized widgets

Website’s header is advertising area where user can display noticeable ads. The site admins is not free to control to display the desired elements on header and thus leads lack of flexibility.

Enable Shortcodes in Widgets

Widgets never stop to give its services that user is searching. They build an essential part of any WordPress website and therefore to enhance its features.

Top Navigation will be visible

On website the top navigation bar menu is ignorable probably for its position and therefore user has to move it.

To move the Navigation menu to Center

It has possibility that user has decided to realign the logo to place at the center of the header so user should move navigation menu to the center.

Delay Post Publishing on RSS Feeds

When post has sent to RSS Feeds then minor mistakes can make it costly and make delay the process. By including some codes user can resist the posts on RSS feed.

Avoid Circular Avatars? Make Squarish

The theme which have chosen by user for WP websites automatically alter the avatar images to present in circular form. Webmaster would display their avatars in a square form.

Disable HTML comments

HTML comments can give spam in bulk which can have serious outcome on the website. Therefore it is essential to disable HTML in comment section to keep website spam free.

Make Complete Post

If any user is searching a particular post, redirect it to the complete post. So, there is no need of navigation for the users and therefore enhance the user experience.

Display Current Copyright date

Copyright is an essential part of the website contains plenty of useful information that other randomizers can’t copy on the web. Thus, it is important to display accurate copyright information with current year.

Redirect users after log in

When any user is logged into website then he can be redirected to another URL according to his choice.

Make Dashboard a Personalized logo

Most webmasters are struggling to have personalized logo for dashboard in WordPress backend.

Set editor as default

User has freedom to choose the editor according to his wish to set as default.

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The Extraordinarily Useful WordPress Hacks You Probably Haven’t Used as Yet

Today almost every website is powered by WordPress, so as WordPress hacks. Here in this article, you will going to see some code snippets or hacks which user is required to implement on website so that he or she can take their website in a right direction or in a direction they wants to.

1. Enabling Short codes in Widget

The edges which we want for our website, Widgets never gave the same. They are considered as an indispensable part of almost every WordPress website and if user wishes to enhance the features or look of the website then for this shortcodes are here. Filter can also be used for this.

add_filter( ‘widget_text’, ‘do_shortcode’ );

2. Move the Navigation menu to the Center

Move the navigation menu to the center, hack allows the user to realign the logo and to place the same at the centre of the header so that it don’t look in such a manner that it is out of the place. And here presents a code to do this:

#navigation {
position: relative;
#main-nav {
clear: left;
float: left;
list-style: none;
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
position: relative;
left: 50%;
text-align: center;
.nav li {
display: block;
float: left;
list-style: none;
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
position: relative;
right: 50%;
.nav li.hover, .nav li.hover {
position: relative;
.nav li ul li {
left: 0;

3. Let Your RSS Feed Contain the Post’s Featured Image

If pictures are used in your posts, it always leaves a good impression among your audience and push them to read and forward or share the same in your circles. And when posts featured image can be used by you in your RSS Feeds, your reach to the post can be enhanced by making it visible clearly and to perform this task, the following code snippets is useful:

add_filter(‘the_content_feed’, ‘rss_post_thumbnail’);
function rss_post_thumbnail($content) {
if( has_post_thumbnail($post->ID) )
$content= ‘<p>’.get_the_post_thumbnail($post->ID, ‘thumbnail’) . ‘</p>’. $content;
return $content;

4. Display the Most Accurate and Current Copyright Date

Copyright is a very important part of the website as it contains large relevant information which is confidential too and thus any webmaster don’t want to be copied the same by any other randomizers on the internet. Thus, to display the copyright information correct with max accuracy and in synchronization with the current year is very essential. Here the code helps you to do some updation in the copyright information on the constant basis and that too automatically.

function comicpress_copyright() {
$copyright_dates= $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT YEAR(min(post_date_gmt)) AS firstdate, YEAR(max(post_date_gmt)) AS lastdate FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE post_status = ‘publish'”);
$output= ”;
if($copyright_dates) {
$copyright= “© “. $copyright_dates[0]->firstdate;
if($copyright_dates[0]->firstdate != $copyright_dates[0]->lastdate) {
$copyright.= ‘-‘. $copyright_dates[0]->lastdate;
$output= $copyright;
return $output;

5. Set the Editor You Want to as Default

Most of the people has habit of using HTML Editor as it very user friendly instead of the Visual Editor so here it allows you to select the option with which you are comfortable and wishes to set as the default one.And to set the preferred editor as default, given hack is to be followed.

# Visual Editor asdefault
add_filter( ‘wp_default_editor’, create_function(”, ‘return “tinymce”;’) );
# HTML Editor asdefault
add_filter( ‘wp_default_editor’, create_function(”, ‘return “html”;’) );

6. Cast Away the Primary orTop Navigation

Canvas, in particular, has two navigation bars. One navigation bar is located above the header andit is thereby called the Top Navigation Bar. Then, you have the Primary Navigation that is located below the header. Now, whether you wish to useboth orjust one is entirely your prerogative, on our end, we can show you how to remove them:

Primary Navigation can be gotten rid of by this code:
add_action( ‘init’, ‘remove_canvas_main_navigation’, 10 );
function remove_canvas_main_navigation () {
// Remove main nav from the woo_header_after hook
remove_action( ‘woo_header_after’,’woo_nav’, 10 );
And to remove the Top Navigation, you will need this:
add_action( ‘init’, ‘remove_canvas_top_navigation’, 10 );
function remove_canvas_top_navigation () {
// Remove top nav from the woo_top hook
remove_action( ‘woo_top’, ‘woo_top_navigation’, 10 );

WordPress Tools

WordPress is popular among bloggers all around the globe and is most preferred Content Management System. Credit goes to the advantages that WordPress offers.

  • Easy platform to work on, require no specific technical knowledge.
  • Free Plugins available.
  • Easy to add fields and functions.
  • Thousands of Free templates as per requirement to create beautiful and effective website.
  • Better support available by strong community of developers associated, who provides prompt response.
  • Editing Tools to keep website in a clean and professional manner.

WordPress offers unique advantage of having two editors:

  • Visual editor
  • Text Editor

Most of the experts of editing advocate offline editing as it is safer.

Migrate your WordPress website to InmotionHosting

WordPress feature with number of plugins. All plugin are helpful in making wordpress site effective and spam free. Below discussed are some useful plugins.

1) WordPress Security Plugins

Security of WordPress installatio increases by this plugin. By using these plugin users can secure their wordpress site from spammers.

  • Limit Login Attempts : if someone tries unauthorize login then limit login attempts will temporarily ban the IP address for trying more login attempts. It suggest to change administrator usename to something other than “Admin”.
  • WP-reCAPTCHA : Plugin which uses an advanced CAPTCHA system to help prevent spam in WordPress. CAPTCHA is an image contains letter and numbers and user is need to fill these words and number to prove they are not spambot.
  • Captch : This plugin prevents unwanted spam bots from login form, register form, lost password form, and comments form. This plugin allows users to solve simple math problems before leaving a comment or registering.
  • Akismet : powerful plugin which features with all WordPress installation and stop spam comments on wordpress website.

2) WordPress Google XML Sitemaps(SEO plugins)

Creating XML sitemaps have lot of work but by using Google XML Sitemaps plugin, it can be created easily and automatically. It will increases visibility of website for search engines.

3)Plugins for Facebook and Twitter

In Today’s e-market social media has become a pivotal aspect for any enterprises. These plugin can be integrated into WordPress website and allow visitors to “like” WordPress posts and automatically tweets your posts.

  • Facebook Like Button : When visitors like your post it will appear on their Facebook page. By this approach your website will get social reach.
  • Social Media Widget : You can place it anywhere on your side menu, visitors can point any social sites like facebook, twitter, myspace, LinkedIn, Skype, and much more.
  • WP to twitter : your post will automatically appear on twitter account by this plugin.

If you wish to migrate WordPress site from previous hosting provider to Inmotionhosting, there some informative topic which will provide easy navigation.

Intro to Migrating your WordPress Site data

Make sure you have access of WordPress files as database associated with it.

  • Migrating Your WordPress Database : for transferring data base you have to do some work as exporting backup of your WordPress database, creating a NEW MySQL database, and importing backup you created.
  • Migrating WordPress Files : after migrating wordpress site to inmotionhosting you need to copy or transfer all WordPress application files. Company uses FTP for this task. If you dont have FTP credentials then ask your previous host to provide this prior information.
  • Configuring WordPress After a Migration : Next step is to update configuration setting so recent migrated files can communicate correctly with database.
  • Correcting Image links After a WordPress Migration : Next important step is update URLs for images within your posts and pages. By changing site URL will not fix images on your recent webpage. PhpMyadmin tool will help you out to fix the things.
  • Testing Your WordPress Website After Migration : Before taking website live it is last step to do. you will need to modify your hosts file on your computer.

Best WordPress Hosting Providers

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User Guide of WordPress

WordPress is a most popular CMSbased on PHP and MySQL, used for developing website and e-commerce sites. In web hosting industry, there are five top WordPress hosting companies which are placed in their ranking by SiteGeek wordpress hosting

  1. Ipage gets the number one rank with 99.54% Uptime and 72% positive user sentiments.
  2. Arvixe is at second place with 81.49% Uptime and with 94% positive user sentiments.
  3. Networksolution gets the third rank with 100% uptime and 69% positive user sentiments.
  4. Webhostingpad with fourth rank. 98.64% uptime measured last week with 75% user sentiments.
  5. Inmotionhosting has got the rank five with 98.89% uptime and 85% postitive user sentiments.

Content Handling in WP

Section Provides the Initial knowledge of writing posts, formatting contents, writing pages and uploading images will be covered.

Content Editing

Text Editor page writing gives simple text typing. At the end of the page by pressing enter key option of paragraph formatting will be generated automatically. On the top of text editor more formatting options are available. For editing text required features are provided by these options. There is an icon of advanced toolbar by clicking on it user can get more functions.

Editing Icons Use

It is simple and easy to edit icons. User has to select the text block and strike desired editing button to get effect. To insert picture option is simple by clicking on desired place, icon of posting image is clicked and pop-up information should be filled.

Content Writing in WP

Many options are available and user need to click on Add new button for writing a new post. A writing box will be opened and user can either use the box for writing or can paste that content. If anyone wish to write a page rather than a post then he should click on the page tab instead of clicking post.

Post Writing in WP

Title is Very Important for any type of post. It should be so fascinating and influencing so that people would have urge to read the post. Title should be made descriptive and see-able on the top and also have linked text to redirect useful pages on the post.

Post Publishing

WP will save post Automatically as a draft while writing. User can also use publish or save options. Preview option is helpful to check that how post will look after publishing. Post cannot be published on the web until user will click on the publish button. After clicking on the publish button user will be directed to write post page. There is an option of calendar button just above the publish button by which user can select date for publishing of the post.

Difference between Post and Page in WordPress

WordPress includes two content types post and pages. Beginner will wonder what is difference between them. Still they have some minor differences.

WP Posts :-Posts are reverse chronologically listed content entries on blog’s home page. Due to this order posts are always in timely manner. Users have to go deeper to find this. Post are connected through RSS feeds. The very timely nature of posts make it extremely social. These posts allow users to use social plugins for sharing posts on social websites. Posts have built-in commenting feature to allow users to comment or review on relevant topics.

WP Page :-On the other hand Pages are static “one-off” content type like contact us, about, privacy policy, legal disclaimers many more. Pages are timeless for example you are free to update your about page 2013 to about page 2014. WordPress pages does not include RSS as they are timeless. There is no social plugin because users no need to comment on your contact page, or your legal disclaimers page. WordPress pages are placed in hierarchically manner. Pages also have archaic feature called Order which lets you customize order of pages by assigning a number value to it.

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Manage WordPress Versatility

Blog designers and content managers can use easily the paramounted tool. It is very beneficial and helpful for bloggers and owners to add relevant and fresh content along with appropriate format. WordPress is a content management system(CMS) which is open source and based on MySQL and preprocessor Hypertext scripting language. It has versatile nature which has large functionality in CMS and easy maintenance makes it famous in blogs and websites also.

Five reasons are there which makes WordPress Outstanding :

  1. Compatible on many Platforms : Websites can easily run on many platforms like mobile phones are running on Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows. General functions such as posting new blogs, commenting and answering to blogs can also be done very easily.
  2. Support Community and Vibrant Developer : Being open source software it has good support from developers. Many forums are dedicated to deployment, maintenance and customization of WordPress.
  3. Site Restructuring : Themes of WP makes easy customization of blogs and websites which affect content of site. These themes are used to develop appearance and also can be modified with some specific features.
  4. Stability : New CMS like WordPress, Joomla are leading enhancement since they were launched in 2001. Many technical subjects are there to make it for testing and developing.
  5. Scalability : User can design his website by using numerous available resources to enhance its functionality. He needs not to move to another platform.

Best WordPress Hosting Providers

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WP Engine announces two important features

A preeminent SaaS content management interface for applications and websites which built on WordPress has announced its Alpha project of ‘WP Engine Search’ which is powered by Elasticsearch. By this new feature websites hosted on WP Engine Platform to enter fastly and more accurate search capabilities. It has also announced ‘Related Posts’ enable to locate reliable, related parts of content into a viewer’s page to enhance page views and reader attention. Above two features are built on WP Engine WordPress platform.

There are some key features of Elasticsearch:-

Minimize Load on Database Server: WP Engine Search provides functionality of real-time search without having a full text database scan for each search operation.

Fuzzymatching and autosuggest results: WP Engine Search produces more knowledgeable search and autosuggestion for close queries, relevant content and matching for misspelled terms.

Develop Experience of users: The website of WordPress is maintaining the performance of consumer by matching visitors website to the hidden content. The ability of Elasticsearch is to absorb users by increasing page views, traffic and revenue streams via direct response engagement.

The features of related posts to an individual website visitor creating SEO ranking, maximizing visitor engagement and improved content management. Relevant posts are integrated into WP Engine Search so that there is no need to sign up with third-party service for an API key.

Availability: Users has to sign up in the Alpha program for WP Engine Search powered by Elasticsearch.

Best WordPress Hosting Providers

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Managed WordPress Hosting


In many small businesses, WordPress provides the face and front door of the company to outside world. The most important thing in website is blogging, easy to access, use and affordable. These benefits also hit security of WordPress as hackers are taking advantage of third-party plug-ins.

FBI has issued a public service announcement which has detail of WordPress vulnerabilities being destroyed by ISIS hackers in aspect of websites. FBI stated that they are more expensive in reference of business revenue and technical services which are used to repair infected computer systems. Recently kiwi company WP NET has added new customers and many of whom has faced hacking of their WordPress website elsewhere. It is due to the improper configuration of plug-ins which are outdated in security point of view.

WPNET business is handling updated related to WordPress for clients while deploying many security marking for plugins and also regular scan all sites with Sucuri SiteCheck. There is also a facility of automated backups. User also comfort for basic queries that can be easily handled by host.

Kiwi Company WPNET is hosting only WordPress which has more scope of security with the help of managed firewalls and configuration of malware scanning. Company is providing service to scan infected websites and more on to WP NET. Managed WordPress Hosting is providing many hosting services like PHP, Apache and MySQL which helps to maintain content management system.

Best WordPress Hosting Providers

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WordPress Plugins for WordPress Users

ASEOHosting has cautioned for XSS Vulnerability

In Dozens Of WordPress Plugins for WordPress Users

ASEOHosting has given warning to WordPress users to update outdated plugins. Vulnerability which is discovered recently is capable to allow Cross Site Scripting attacks found in at least dozens of WordPress plugins including Jetpack, Yoast’s WordPress SEO plug-in, Easy Digital Downloads and Gravity Forms.

Joost de Valk which is the creator of WordPress SEO plugin, has firstly reported vulnerability. Misuse of two WordPress functions results in vulnerability. These functions has certification which attract developers to consider that created URL’s would be free ,which allow hacker to store malicious code into installation of WordPress. After URL lining with malicious code and embedded into the web page, users who are logged in could be entered by clicking on the link. As a result, code will run on a WordPress site.

The difficulty of this vulnerability is to upgrade all outdated plug-ins. Most of the cases have problems regarding WordPress automatic upgrades, but several developers including Joost de Valk have decided that updates cannot be applied automatically and users of WordPress will have possibility of deactivated automatic updates. Best possible way is immediately apply all outstanding WordPress plug-in.

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