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Now if you are looking for a review on Resellers Panel; you will come across many websites that have expressed mixed opinions in their reviews. However most of those reviews will leave you confused. This review is written with the purpose of educating you on Resellers Panel and the web hosting services provided by it.

The various services provided by Resellers Panel

The hosting service provider gives you a wide range of services that are related to web hosting. Most of the services provided are very reliable and are easy to use. The company offers dedicated and semi dedicated web hosting packages that will meet the requirements of each and every customer. The service provider provides you with Cpanel hosting program that will help you choose suitable services for yourself. The company is constantly improving its services by updating the technology. The services are available for various prices depending on the program selected by the user. The company also offers customized programs and these may cost a little extra than the usual programs.


The company started out in the year 2003, the company has already satisfied more than 58000 resellers. Initially the company started out pretty small and would provide very limited services but today the company has become a household name and has proved its mettle in such a competitive industry.

Customer Service provided to the customer

Like any other company; this too was not an instant favorite with the experts. In fact its limited services attracted a lot of criticism. However the company worked really hard in turning all of this around. Today the company has all the technology needed to provide flawless services. The technology has undergone a lot of development over last few decades. The company employs a team of well qualified technicians that provide prompt services. To verify this you can do a little research of your own.

Company’s performance

To judge the performance of the company you should carry out a comparative study on the services provided by other service providers. The company has definitely improved its services with time. The company also gives a full refund to the customers who are not satisfied with the services for some reason.

Reputation of the company

The company has a very strong reputation in the market. Unlike other companies that use marketing gimmicks to make a reputation this company simply provided the right services at the right time and it struck a chord with the people. This company deserves every bit of the success that it is enjoying today as it has built itself right from scratch.

From being a small company with limited services today it has become a house hold name that provides a wide range of services related to web hosting. The company took all the criticism from the past in stride determined to get by all the rough patches and become one of the biggest service provider ever. Follow the tips mentioned in the review and you could hire the services of Resellers Panel.