Cheap Linux Hosting Provider

Cheap linux hosting

The Cheap Linux Hosting Provider is a composition of the two terms i.e. Linux hosting,Linux Hosting Provider.

Linux Hosting:

Basically, Linux is a Unix-based Operating System. Although, presently it support GUI features but still it is superseded by window application. It was developed by Linus Benedict Torvalds in 1991 when he was the student at the University of Helsinki in Finland. Now, it has become most widespread web hosting platform.

The web hosting which drive its server by using the free and open source Linux Operating System is called Linux Web Hosting. Hosting Linux mostly depends on a LAMP structure where LAMP stands for:

L-Linux Operating System
A-Apache Server Software
M-MySQL database
P-PHP scripting

Linux Hosting Provider:

The web hosting packages which provides the services of Linux Hosting is termed as Linux Hosting providers. Linux hosting provider offer stable and reliable environment to the website. Linux hosting provider guarantee reliability, security, speed and money back at low cost.

Cheap Linux Hosting Provider:

The Linux hosting packages which provides the services at low cost which is in accordance to user’s budget and need is termed as Cheap Linux Hosting Provider. Cheap Linux Hosting Provider offers unlimited disk space, hosted on multi core processors servers with RAID-10 drives. Cheap Linux Hosting Provider is not only popular among large organizations and firms but also among individuals who are running web sites on the internet. Cheap Linux Hosting provider is the most basic entry-level form of web hosting which we can consider if we wish to receive the best value for money from our chosen web hosting package. Cheap Linux Hosting Provider is ideal for those who are on a lower web hosting budget. Cheap Linux Hosting Provider can be highly effective for those who are on a budget but wish to be able to make the most of what web hosting has to offer. Cheap Linux Hosting

Provider offer the ability to reach customers around the world, increase revenue, improve efficiency and enhance communication and customer service with little investment.

Cheap Linux Hosting Provider provides that sort of Linux software and applications which are completely free of cost. Developers can easily modify and utilize Linux applications and software. The best feature of Cheap Linux Hosting Provider is that Linux developers can easily obtain the complete set of Linux server software without the need of paying any high charges for it. MyIdealHost is Cheap Linux Hosting with free domain registration, unlimited hosted domains and mailboxes, cPanel control panel, 24/7 mail/chat/ phone etc.

Following are the different types of Cheap Linux Hosting Providers along with their price:

iPage: $1.99 $2.95
The benefits provide by this linux hosting are:

  • Anytime Moneyback
  • Free Domain
  • $450 Of Free Extras
It’s benefits are:

  • Flexible Pricing
  • $250 Marketing Credits
  • Everything UNLIMITED
BlueHost: $4.95 Hub: $3.95
The merits of this hosting are:

  • Professional Hosting
  • Free Setup
  • Hosting Over 1 Million Domains
It’s benefits are:

  • Unlimited Hosting Space
  • Free Domain And Setup
  • Save $3.00 Each Month!
Inmotion: $3.48 Arvixe: $5.00
The merits offered by it are:

  • Business Specialists
  • 100% U.S. Support – 24/7
  • Many Positive Reviews!
The merits offered by it are:

  • Linux/Windows/Java
  • Host up to 6 Websites
  • Great Reviews!
HostMetro: $4.49 Hostmonster: $6.95
Its benefits are:

  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Use Coupon Code: Search25
The merits offered by it are:

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Free Domain & Setup $7.49 Hostgator: $4.67
If offers the following benefits:

  • Daily Backups!
  • FREE Email Addresses
  • Google Webmaster Tools
If offers the following benefits:

  • $100 GoogleAdwords
  • 45 Day Money Back
  • 20% OFF Coupon: whsearch

Thus, Cheap Linux Hosting provider are meant not only for providing the cheap Linux Hosting but they are intended to provide the hosting services in an efficient manner as per the budget of consumer, as to get the service at a low price which meet out the requirement is the main purpose.

Linux Hosting Providers

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