EU residents – why you should stay away from US-based services

EU residents – why you should stay away from US-based services

Privacy has always been a big deal in Europe. Now that the United States Government has been criticized for citizen surveillance, EU officials are warning citizens not to sign up with any US-based cloud services. These warnings could have a major impact on the revenues generated by cloud companies that are based in the US.

Why the cloud is getting so much attention?

Why the Cloud?

Have you ever considered how big cloud computing has become? Although the Department of Defense relies on the cloud, there are some that still have a hard time letting go and moving their data to a virtual, cloud hosting environment.
Are you one of those people who have a hard time accepting new things? Maybe you should consider giving it a try! Cloud hosting can save you both time and money if you choose the proper hosting provider. Let’s look at the five main reasons cloud computing is becoming so very popular.