Magento E-Commerce Hosting


Open Source, scalable for growing and large businesses to keep adding tools to their online store.
Avialble as:
Magneto Go and  Magento Enterprise edition

Magento score over other E-commerce platforms

Magento is rich- open source, scalable for growing and large firms to keep adding tools to your online store. Magneto crystallizes the best practices of online channels for conducting more traffic for e-commerce store and helps you to convert visitors into merchandisers. Organizations get expansions in electronic commerce/ online revenue.

After integrating studies and analysis of electronic commerce software, we suggest Magneto as a feather in one’s cap. Stand out from the crowd with the business solution tailored to fit your needs.

Here is a head-to-head comparison between Magento and other platforms:

Magento Vs Prestashop Platforms

The first question will arise in your minds that what will be the installation and setup process for both platforms. Magneto has handed on two version Magneto Go and Magento Enterprise edition. The installation is depending on the selection, and Magneto goes simpler than Magneto enterprise version. On contradiction form, PrestaShop does not give hosted solutions but offers support for a store and depend on which host you pick for an e-commerce website. With one click installation, it becomes simpler.

If you look at social site sentiments, then Magento scores over PrestaShop on Twitter with three times more followers. Magneto is searched more on Google than Prestashop. Magento comes with full control customization and more out-of-the-box features.

Magento Vs OpenCart

when you are creating an e-commerce site, clients will ask you which e-commerce platform full fill your enterprise needs.

Magento and OpenCart have some similar advantage, and feature like both are open source e-commerce platform, have developer communities and have developed in PHP. But everyone has some contradict factors so here we are taking another comparison with Magento and OpenCart.

Magneto’ Go edition offers a free hosting service for your shopping cart on another hand Opencart requires you to host your E-commerce store.

One more consideration that how much it will cost to you to migrate your cart. Magento offers a free 30 days trial and there after so many features of pricing which depends on how many products you have. Whereas Opencart requires you to host your e-commerce store. Opencart is perfect for beginners and small online stores but contain less customization to run multiple stores. Magento is also designed to grow with your business offering better features than Opencart.

When comparing features of Magento versus OpenCart, there are lots of points that Magento has to overcome winner. Magento claimed over 29% on the market term in 2013 whereas 3% for open cart. Magento comes with customization feature regarding layout and design whereas OpenCart is relatively limited. Magento allows almost complete control of SEO settings for your store. The SEO options offered by OpenCart are extremely limited.

Magento is leading its way

By this article, we come to this conclusion that with Magento, you can get a professional system for online retailing. The place in where another e-commerce platform falls short is exactly where Magento continues to provide benefits. You can take your enterprise to a higher level with Magento, and you gain many great SEO resources from the system.

Magento offers flexible, scalable e-commerce solutions for electronic commerce website. Inmotionhosting offers Magento 1.6 installation guide with easy installation, so get your store up.
By few basic steps you can set up your Magento in few seconds. Users need to know about how to optimize your Magento web store.

Merging Javascript Files in Magento 1.6

Combining Javascript file difficult to troubleshoot when the shopping cart is in the development phase. By default there no need to merge the file, it is accomplished in Magento 1.6 Admin Backend.

How to Merge CSS Files in Magento 1.6

CSS files merges with Magento shopping cart. This will enhance your web page load speed. Loading one CSS file can reduce the number of HTTP requests to the server and help resource usage.

Compiling Magento 1.6 to improve performance

By default has a compilation tool. The compilation tool allows you to compile all the files in the Magento 1.6 installation to create a single include path.

With SiteGeek Statistical users are allowed to see Inmotionhosting stats.

Inmotionhosting has 223421 total hosted site till today’s date. Day by day hosted sites are increasing in numbers. Total new domain registered are 120. Transfer in a domain is 19.  SiteGeek Rating is 72%, and uptime is 98.9%.

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Business Hosting


Choosing the best website hosting provider can be a challenge. The website-hosting-advisor has come across thousands of companies that offer limitless products and services for website design hosting.  Now it is no secret that a website is considered essential for business these days. It helps your customers find you, know exactly what you can offer and acts as a unique sales channel – driving direct sales or steering business opportunities to your door.

Our business Hosting solutions are powered by the industry standard cpanel control panel system featuring the easy to use Fantastico Automatic Script installer for easy script installation and deployment. PHP 5, MySQL, CGI, Perl, Python, Site Builder, IP manager and Hotlink Protection are just some of the features which are all supported on every premium plan with free setup, no minimum contract or cancellation fees.

Having a best business hosting would be a perfect marketing solution to make your products and services easily recognized among customers. Everyone knows web hosting is the process which opens the door for website to the competing world of World Wide Web. Being one of the leading web hosting companies, we ensure high quality business hosting and excellent customer support.

The important points to remember while choosing the business hosting is :

Uptime : You must choose the host with uptime nearly up to 100%.
Support : It is a very crucial part of the web hosting company (Because if you get sucked in any problem then the customer support of the hosting company will help you out of the problem)

Reliability : For sure your business will grow gradually and may be in near future you need to upgrade your plan or need to transfer, so make sure before buying that you can easily upgrade your hosting plan or you can easily move to new place.(Also keep in mind the price of next plan you may need in future).

Price : One of the most important part, many business hosting companies gives you cheap rate, but then you will surely need to compromise in services then, so don’t go with that, choose the one those who give quality over quantity. You can use many online tools to compare prices and find best plan for you, and make sure you are getting best price and service.

Hosting features : Make sure that a business hosting company is offering all latest tools like cpanel, Softaculous etc.

 Features of Business Hosting

We are living in a world of new technology and development which gives priority to an online presence of the business. That is why a big number of organizations who were following traditional channels are rapidly moving towards the internet for establishing their brands.
Thus organizations of all sizes consider Business Web Hosting as their fundamental requirement. A Business Hosting is a type of web hosting that lays stress on the need of business which has to be fulfilled so as to operate online in a well-defined manner. Business Web Hosting provides a range of features and a level of performance and reliability that is suitable for commercial websites, such as online stores or corporate sites.

Reliability and Performance: Website speed, ease of use, easy navigation all these features enhances the performance of the business website. 24 x 7 availability, good response, and support increase the reliability of customers.

Business Web Hosting Services includes search engine optimization, robust email systems, shopping cart programs and more. Business Hosting can be very affordable and profitable. By mean of Business Hosting, all technical burdens transferred to a capable service provider who assures that you are staying up and running. The platform of Business Hosting Service fully supports the efforts of our branding.

Personal Website also adopts the strategy of Business Hosting

However, sometimes this sort of website is a single web-page. Thus the Business Hosting which is carried out in a single web-page is termed as Business Webpage Hosting, but the concept followed by Business Webpage Hosting is similar to Business Hosting.

For starting a small online business, a large investment not required. The reasonable price does not mean quality and package options compromised. Something of great importance for smaller businesses as every saved expense is highly appreciated. For small size company, a reliable website required in which we do not want to pay too much. Unlike basic hosting plans, Small Business Web Hosting provides us a professional touch. Thus when online business hosting services are carried out on a small scale, then it is said to be Small Business Web Hosting.

Small Business Hosting saves money by sharing server space.

Small Business Hosting performs the daily backups of the databases and website when the professional business plan has taken into account.

Scope Of Business Hosting

The Web Hosting Business is a popular one due to the increase in the trend of internet business. Although it is a good business option, this field required a sort of specialization and a sound knowledge base regarding the web companies and operations. It provides the technical and profitable business option, and one can make use of it to serve the needs of internet based businesses.

The scope of this business is very broad as websites are very common these days. Personal websites that usually have a single web page also require the services of a web hosting company. The charge for a personal website is less as compared to the business websites. The charge or cost of such a Business Web Hosting Services is dependent upon the size and nature of the site as well as the number of services that are required by the client. One can make a good return from this business of opening a Web Hosting Business. It requires a good and reliable reputation in the internet world. This reputation earned by providing credible and continuous web hosting service to the clients.

Features Of Business Web Hosting

The features of Business Web Hosting are as follow:

With the requirement webspace and bandwidth can be increased.

Having its dedicated IP address.
Email accounts.
Domain and add-on domains.
Plenty of disk space and bandwidth.
Secure, stable, reliable, scalable, very versatile server.
Much advanced software, web tools, and applications with modern upgrades.
Excellent internet connectivity and an uptime guarantee of nearing 100 percent, or even 100 percent.
Very reliable, efficient and professional technical and customer support.
Advantages Of Business Web Hosting

The benefits of Business Web Hosting are as follow-

Business hosting plans provide many web services to a significant extent, and that extent runs from free shopping carts to business applications to mailing lists and extensive database.
Business hosting provides more support options.
Business hosting website service provides sub-domains for the websites. back-up
Web Hosting Business can keep track of on the website statistics easily.
Daily Back-up of the website is another advantage of Business Hosting.
Business web hosting services are cheaper.
The best feature about business hosting is that not only we can have control over our website but also all the backup and support that we require.
It provides free e-mailing options.
They also ensure handling high data storage capacity as well as tough workloads for both large and small data center environments.

Disadvantage Of Business Hosting

The main disadvantage of Business Web Hosting service is that it can be very expensive depending on the features that the online business site needs.

Thus, the technology and needs associated with Business Hosting are growing day by day.


E-Commerce Hosting for Online Shops and Stores

ananovaEcommerce web hosting is an important part of any web hosting company in this day and age as more and more people are turning to eCommerce businesses and running online stores as opposed to physical stores. Thus a cheap Ecommerce hosting provider is any web host that offers low cost and affordable eCommerce features such as online shops and eCommerce shopping carts. Acceptance of payments systems such as Pay pal along with many other Ecommerce hosting features. Seeing that E-commerce has shown continued growth over the years with a constant expansion that is in line with technological advancements in the world, web hosting companies have come up with Ecommerce solutions to cater for the Ecommerce Hosting needs of their clients, which are in line with operating their businesses.

Leading E-Commerce Hosting Providers

Today, the leading Cheap Ecommerce Hosting Providers include web hosts such as iPage web hosting company, Dream host, Inmotionhosting company, Bluehost, HostGator, HostMonster web hosting, Yahoo Small Business, ANHosting, Internet Cheap Ecommerce hosting and Therricane Electric. For a company to offer the best Ecommerce hosting services to their clients, the satisfaction of their customers is based on two main factors: customer service and reliability of the web host. With the clients being happy and satisfied, along with reliability in the hosting services offered and affordability of their hosting packages, any hosting company is sure to be good web hosts.

Features of E-Commerce Hosting

Almost similar features provided by above web hosts are similar such as:
unlimited network uptime statistics which stand at 99.95 along with technical and customer care teams available day and night,
24/7/365 to cater for the vast needs of their clients a money back guarantee also keeps the company clients at ease as they are sure to get a refund if the web hosts offer unsatisfactory hosting services at any point.

E-Commerce Hosting Solutions

For customers who run online stores and arLeading E-Commerce Hosting Providerse looking for a web host that offers Ecommerce hosting services, Ecommerce Web Hosting Solutions are a must, thus the need to find the best cheap Ecommerce hosting provider.The Best Ecommerce Hosting Provider should be able to offer Ecommerce tools such as Agora Cart, Magento, Lite Commerce, Shop Site, Cube cart, Zen cart, OS Commerce, Lite Commerce, UberCart, X-Cart.

Payment Modes in E-Commercepaymentmodeecommerce

On top of that, being verified by payment companies like Pay pal and being able to accept credit cards are a few of the other features that the best Ecommerce hosting providers should have. All the web hosts mentioned earlier are all cheap Ecommerce hosting vendors and offer clients reliability and customer service which are crucial in Ecommerce Hosting services.
All these companies either accept credit cards or have been verified by international money transfer companies such as Pay pal.

Support Services Offered

They offer their clients uninterrupted network uptime of up to 99.9% along with excellent customer care and technical support available throughout, 24/7 along with a money back guarantee which helps keep clients at ease. A good eCommerce web hosting provider must moreover be able to offer significant bandwidth, e-mail accounts and even a user-friendly interface to top it all up. These are the features that form a strong base for a good Ecommerce web hosting provider in the industry.

If you are looking for e-commerce applications hosting, then study the market and make a selection. A proliferation of online marketing is getting huge day by day. E-commerce hosting differs from other web hosting services as it requires more feature to maintain an e-portal website. E-commerce hosting includes:-


Shopping cart software
Payment processing services
Database support
Additional e-commerce software
Security initiatives

Clients Perspective on E-Commerce Hosting

A customer always prefers expensive e-commerce hosting, as per their perspective they think expensive e-commerce hosting would comprise best features. Customers have to check for their requirements before subscribing to expensive hosting. SiteGeek shows a list of top five companies which are providing cheap e-commerce hosting.

Arvixe e-commerce hosting plans starts @ $22/mo
iPage’s e-commerce plan starts @ $1.99/mo
Inmotionhosting provide cheap e-commerce hosting @ just 4.19/mo
Bluhost e-commerce hosting plan starts @ 3.49/m0
Webhostingpad e-commerce hosting just @ $99/mo



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Best eCommerce Website Hosting Packages


E-commerce is leading the industry both regarding business model and creating a user experience following the UX principles.

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Websites are much focused, providing help information to customers to understand and shop online and highlighting safety. With the free delivery strategies of customer acquisition and offering personalized content based on the previous activity on the site, the companies are reaching to customer expectations.

Choosing Totalserversolutions Company for Business website


Totalserversolutions offers fully managed servers, custom solutions and data center space to personnel and business.
Click on the Link below to visit Totalserversolutions

This company is also trusted by government agencies and educational institutions to keep data online and available. Their entire hosting platform built is innovative, powerful and responsive. They have highly skilled engineers to resolve customer’s issues. Hosting services include eCommerce solutions, server management, Windows management, developer resources and more. Moreover, their cloud servers are scalable, fast and reliable. Cloud uses SSD storage that provides guaranteed levels of performance which customer demand. Apart from this, cloud server includes RAM, CPU cores and work with guaranteed resources.

Affordable Website Hosting Plans

Our affordable web hosting plans are ideal for many types of websites such as: online business or e-commerce, education, entertainment, personal and media-rich websites.

A web host must be capable of providing affordable and reliable hosting services. We have an expertise in that. We have lots of low costing web hosting plans that are beneficial for both small scale and large scale business. Thus we have the reliable website hosting service designed specially for your needs.

Our affordable website hosting solutions range from simple entry-level web hosting plans to more complicated e-commerce hosting plans. Whatever your needs, we have the right and affordable website hosting plan for you.

By cpwebhosting you will find the most affordable web hosting solutions for your hosting needs. our every affordable hosting plan offers you a combination of reliability, high performance and superior customer service. Just a few quick steps to register and your websites are online! When you sign up for any affordable website hosting plan by cpwebhosting you’re getting reliable and affordable hosting services with 24/7/365 customer support!

cpwebhosting is well known for its top-notch ASP.NET reseller hosting and Windows 2003 reseller hosting plans. Combine the best of Windows hosting with Linux and VPS hosting on the HSphere reseller platform! Enlarge your online presence and achieve all your business goals easily, take advantage of our professional and affordable website hosting plans. Whatever you require, we definitely have the right reseller hosting solutions for you!

Website Hosting for E-commerce Websites

Mainly we provide one of the best e-commerce hosting service so our professional website hosting company cpwebhosting offers completely different and the most professional e-commerce hosting plans, which are specially designed for personal business web pages and corporate huge portals. If you consider your website requires scripting and database capability, our low cost and rather affordable website hosting for e-commerce websites is the right option.

In hosting industry money also matters a lot because it has a great sense it’s worthless to spend huge money on quality website design if you can’t afford the professional ecommerce hosting services. It’s a well-known fact that cheap and even free hosting plans can cost businesses thousands in lost sales and also damage their online reputation.

You should be very much careful to choose any hosting plans so because it should best suits you Before you make any decisions concerning, which professional reseller web hosting or shared web hosting packages to choose, it’s important that you know what you’ll need. Sit down and think about what you’ll be using your web pages for, if you plan to host a web based portal or forum; you need professional cheap and hosting with PHP and SQL database.
It really makes you more in profit.

Web Site Hosting Provider

Every business or individual who wish to go online are looking for an internet hosting service provider with 24/7 technical support, full-featured, yet affordable web hosting plans and decent amount of bandwidth and disk space. Today it has become easier and harder at the same time to find a good and reliable web site hosting provider among globe of various web hosting offers available on the Web. From now onwards you may be rest assured that with you have found one of the most reliable web hosting service providers with reliable web hosting plans, 24/7 online technical support and 99.9% uptime guarantee.

While choosing ecommerce hosting provider you may face with various hosting companies that will promise you heaven and earth, but as soon as you sign up with them, they just leave you to your fate. However, it is rather easy to check out what a web site hosting provider you deal with presents simply by a glance on plans and services offered. With you may be rest assured that you will get the best web hosting plans with plenty of additional features and tools included.

As a reliable and widely-known web site hosting provider, is ready to offer you a comprehensive range of shared and reseller web hosting plans at affordable prices. With all our web hosting plans we offer state of the art control panels, 27/7 online technical support and 99.9% uptime guarantee. Whether you are looking for reseller web hosting or ecommerce hosting provider, at you will find web hosting solutions that will perfectly fit all your needs and budget at the same time. is one of the most affordable web hosting service providers that has become a choice for many individuals and small businesses around the Globe. Order any shared or reseller hosting plan you wish online on our website and become our featured client!

E-Commerce Hosting

E-commerce hosting has become prevalent with online shopping market’s growing tremendously. Web hosts companies that charter server spaces for people or firms who do not have a server offer E-commerce. The web host functions like a landlord to your web address.

E-commerce hosting benefits individuals who are involved in entrepreneur ventures. These services take care of credit card processing, operational monitoring and email services. Among these, operational monitoring ranks as the most critical and most complicated to handle. Since e-commerce hosting is basically business oriented, web hosts need to effectively make certain that your website is stable and is operating 24 hours a day and seven day a week.

A good web host supports a tough and reliable system that is relatively available during off peak hours, 24 hours technical support and varied preferences for growth when your business venture demand it.

There are e-commerce web hosts who cater to financial support, put forward default-shopping carts, and secure dependable servers and process credit card payments. The secured servers ensure that the customer’s personal information and relative credit card data are handled privately.

There is the wide range of e-commerce hosting service available to match the needs and demands of your business. It is a must that you choose to partner with an e-commerce web host who has the goodwill and a name that you can trust. It does not hurt to exert some effort in tracking an e-commerce web host with ethical business practices and outstanding proof of trustworthiness and constancy.


OsCommerce (“open source Commerce”) is an e-commerce and online store-management software program. It can be used on any web server that has PHP and MySQL installed. It is available as free software under the GNU General Public License.

OsCommerce hosting provides numerous professional features in the user-friendly web interface for administrators and customers alike. The back-end allows unlimited products to be offered on your online store organized in unlimited categories and subcategories. You have an option for out-of-stock products to be displayed as well and made available for purchase. There are detailed statistics for products, customers, static and dynamic banners, etc. The elaborate software allows invoice and packing lists to be printed directly off the order page. OsCommerce supports multiple currencies with an option for automatic currency exchange rate update. On the front-end there is a convenient quick search along with an advanced search tools. Customers may register and maintain accounts with order history and an address book for multiple shipping and billing addresses along with the option for checking order status. They can subscribe to products and receive newsletters with related information. The shopping cart provides numerous online and offline payment methods, various shipping options and flexible taxation. The template structure allows easy layout changes and integration into existing websites.

OsCommerce is an online shop e-commerce solution that offers a wide range of out-of-the-box features that allows online stores to be setup fairly quickly with ease, and is available for free as an Open Source based solution released under the GNU General Public License.

OsCommerce is a fully featured e-commerce software solution that is suitable for any business since it can work with shippable items and downloadable products just as well. It has a user-friendly web interface that allows even first-time webmasters to navigate. Web hosting for this shopping cart application is quite easy to find considering the standard requirements it has. All it needs is PHP support and a MySQL database on stable web server.

A professional web hosting company that provides reliable osCommerce web hosting services is recommended because your online business depends on being up and running 24/7. You can also make you choice by comparing free bonuses like free domain name registration, for example, which is a quite common gift when purchasing long-term web hosting services. Another useful perk is the Elefante Applications Installer that can set up the shopping cart application with just a few clicks and you do not require any technical experience.

OsCommerce shopping cart is one of the best ecommerce solutions on the web. With it you can create both small and more advanced business websites. For your ecommerce website you should find a reliable, specialized in osCommerce web host. Nowadays, there are a lot of hosting providers offering osCommerce cart within their packages. However, only a few of them are able to provide enough knowledge and experience in this area.

OsCommerce was started in March 2000 and has since matured to a solution that is currently powering 12,727 registered live shops around the world.

Today, osCommerce has been taken to the next level, moving towards an e-commerce framework solution that not only remains easy to setup and maintain, but also making it easier for store administrators to present their stores to their customers with their own unique requirements.

Top oscommerce hosting providers are SiteGround, BlueHost, etc.