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Filemaker9 is basically a popular and powerful desktop database application toolkit. It is a kind of workgroup productivity toolkit designed for quick and easy construction of data for management. It is often referred to as a database or a cross-platform relational database application. It integrates a database engine with the GUI based interface, allowing users to modify the database by dragging new elements into layouts, screens or forms.

Filemaker has a built-in web server and out-of-the box business templates which makes it the ideal application for the website administrators who want to quickly add web database publishing capabilities to their website. This can be used with a wide variety of middleware applications, CGI scripts and application servers to provide additional web capabilities.

This allows you to write and edit scripts for automation of common tasks and complex calculations. It has the ability to connect to a number if SQL databases without resorting to using SQL. This requires installation of the SQL database ODBC driver to connect to a SQL database.

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With filemaker9 you can display your databases on the web in a wide variety of ways which makes your data:

  • Available to many people using a compatible web browser,
  • Accessible from many locations.

There are three ways of publishing:

1. Instant web publishing: With this you can easily publish your database on the web.

2. Static web publishing: If your data rarely changes or if you don’t want user’s to have a live connection to your database, you can use static publishing. With this you can export filemaker data to create a web page that you can further customize with HTML.

3. Custom web publishing: For more control over the appearance and functionality we use it with the software.

With XML and PHP you can:

a. Integrate your database with another website.

b. Determine how users interact with data.

c. Control how data displays in the browsers.

System Requirements for FileMaker 9:


  • Macintosh computer with a PowerPC G3, G4, G5 processor or Intel-based Mac
  • 256MB of RAM
  • CD or DVD drive and hard disk drive
  • Mac OS X 10.4.8 *

Windows XP Professional, Home Edition (Service Pack 2) *

  • Pentium III 500MHz or higher
  • 256MB of RAM
  • CD-ROM drive and hard disk drive
  • SVGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution video adapter and display

Windows Vista Ultimate, Business, Home *

  • Pentium III 800MHz 32-bit or higher
  • 512MB of RAM
  • CD_ROM and hard disk drive
  • SVGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution video adapter and display.


FileMaker Pro 9 databases use the same file format (.fp7) as FileMaker Pro 8 and FileMaker Pro 7, therefore databases can easily be shared between these three versions.

Additional requirements (all platforms)

  • Networking: TCP/IP (FileMaker Pro 9.0 can act as an host for up to nine concurrent FileMaker users. See FileMaker Server 9 for increased capacity.)
  • Instant Web Publishing: A host computer with continuous access to the Internet or intranet via TCP/IP (FileMaker Pro 9.0 can manage up to five concurrent Instant Web Publishing sessions. See FileMaker Server 9 Advanced for increased capacity).
  • Web browser requirements: To use a database shared with Instant Web Publishing, web users need Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.x or Firefox 1.x on Windows. On the Mac OS, users need Safari 2.0.x (Mac OS X 10.4) or Firefox 1.x only. JavaScript must be enabled in the web browser.

Filemaker with PHP:

The filemaker API for PHP helps you to integrate data from the filemaker database into PHP solutions. Filemaker server hosts the PHP solution when you place the PHP files on the web server where the PHP engine is installed. When the web server opens a PHP solution, the web server routes the request to the PHP engine which process the PHP code. If the PHP code contains calls to the filemaker API for PHP then those calls are interpreted and sent as request to the web publishing engine. The web publishing engine sends the data to the PHP engine on the web server in response to the API call. The PHP solution processes the data and displays it for the web server.

Steps for custom web publishing with PHP:

  1. In the admin console make sure php publishing is enabled.
  2. Now, choose the database pane and make sure that each filemaker database that you are publishing.
  3. Use PHP authorizing tools to create your PHP solution
  4. Copy or move your site directory structure and files to the web server root folder.
  5. Make sure that security mechanism for your site.
  6. Test your site using the same accounts and privileges defined for web users.
  7. Make the site available and known to users.

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PHP site assistant:

This helps you to create a basic PHP based website for accessing, manipulating and displaying data in a filemaker database that is hosted on a filemaker server. It guides you through designing and configuring your site and generates PHP code. It includes pre-configured themes for styling your site. Depending on the options you specify, you can generate pages that enable web based to do the following:

  • Browse one record at a time.
  • View a list of all records in the database.
  • Search the database
  • Sort records
  • Add records
  • Edit records
  • Delete records
  • View summary report.

Using the FileMaker API for PHP:

The FileMaker API for PHP implements a PHP classes—the FileMaker class—that provides an object-oriented interface to FileMaker databases. The FileMaker API for PHP enables both data and logic stored in FileMaker Pro databases to be accessed and published on the web, or exported to other applications.

The FileMaker API for PHP allows PHP code to perform the same kind of functions you already have available in FileMaker Pro databases:

  • Create, delete, edit, and duplicate records
  • Perform find requests
  • Perform field and record validation
  • Use layouts
  • Run FileMaker scripts
  • Display portals and related records
  • Use value lists.

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File maker with PHP- manage your database easily

Filemaker with PHP is the best solution for those who find it difficult to manage huge data on the web. PHP is a very user friendly programming language that is easy to work with. With the help of this language, the filemaker software is created. It is used to manage data and securely migrate your data from one source to another.

If your business consists of a large team, then you must choose to use the filemaker pro software. There are various versions of filemaker pro such as filemaker pro 11 and filemaker pro 12. The filemaker software consists of various interesting tools that will help your team to create better designs and manage the data perfectly.

The works that are done in excel can be easily viewed and changed in the filemaker pro software. This way the database can be managed in a better manner. With the help of this software, one can share data on the web easily as well as publish the data safely and securely. If your team needs to produce any kind of report on a particular subject, then filemaker pro is very good software to create interesting and easily understandable reports.

The newer versions of filemaker such as filemaker pro 11 and filemaker pro 12 have many new features which are very stunning. This software helps you to solve problems and crate new solutions with exclusive tools. The solutions, in turn, will be very helpful in the progress of your team. There are various layouts to work on. You can choose whichever suits your requirements. The rulers and grids present in various layouts help you to design your work in a better manner and with more precision.

Along with desktops and laptops, one can use this software in iPad as well as in iphone with the same comfort that you are able to work on in desktops. There are extra tools available for the iPad and iPhone applications. There are also filemaker server tools available in the market.

While your team is on a network, then you might need to access data and share information with your team. At that point, you need the filemaker server 10 or filemaker server 12. Over a network, you can easily access data, share information as well as create reports with the same ease as in filemaker pro. With this software, one does not need to fear about tampering data because it is highly secure software.

Filemaker pro or filemaker server 10 can be installed easily and administered with equal ease. For a team to work from various locatoions and to work over a network, it is very important to access data remotely. With the help of filemaker server 10, you can be sure to access data and information remotely along with security. Publishing data and other related information on the web is easy with the help of this software. You can always get hold of your data anywhere at any time while using this filemaker server 10 or above. With all these features present in the software, filemaker pro and all its versions are popular among organizations.