Professional Web Site Hosting Services

There comes a time when your website needs more than the average standard package of services. This is the best time to switch to cpwebhosting because we offer you some cheap plans with smart and result oriented services.We stress on upgrading the services that maintain and host your website and allow a professional web site hosting service to consult with you to tailor a package that conforms to the growing needs of your business. Simply, with professional web site hosting services your site is hosted on professional web site hosting servers designed for maximum web site excellent uptime and if you need services like high quality service or other services that can not run from a regular shared account.
Professional Web Hosting with Rapid Support by cpwebhosting :

If you need confidence that your web site is secure and stable online, consider choosing our professional web site hosting solutions, we guarantee you secure data center and rapid support for affordable price. We are the only solution for your reliable and professional web hosting requirements, because we can assure you of protection and stability.

We offer you most required services with an ease like;

  1. Generous Allowance of Unrestricted Disk Space: Disk space is usually measured in megabytes and refers to the amount of space allotted for the storage of the website’s files, graphics, e-mail, multimedia, and flash animations. The larger the allowance the more expansive your website can be. More space allows for more complicated and intricate graphics and interactive features.
  2. Web-Based E-mail Accounts: These accounts which are associated with your website allow you to access your e-mail from any portal around the globe. Additionally, you can send and receive your e-mail from your domain name server and manage your inbox through folders and archives.
  3. Pre-Packaged CGI Scripts: These are tools such as mail forms, clocks, dates, counters and FAQ that are in a pre-designed template so your website can add them to your website without spending precious time adjusting the scripting of the code.