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Linux best reseller hosting- the ultimate web hosting experience

Recently, reseller hosting has been very popular in the market. Many popular multinational companies are choosing reseller web hosting as they want private space in the server where they can store their own data and information. Since third parties are involved in this kind of project, the cost that has to be bared by the customer is less. Some of the best reseller hosting companies is usually the web design or web development farms.

There are two types of reseller hosting. In the first case, a web hosting company will provide a certain amount of hard disk space in the server to the reseller hosting company. The reseller can then assign space and bandwidth to customers from the allocated space. In the second case, a reseller hosting company simply sells a particular amount of space to the customers and the customers pay accordingly.

Linux hosting is very popular among customers because it is an open source operating system. The professionals in the web development sector are able to edit the bits and pieces of the code and improve the program as a whole. The best reseller hosting service providers choose Linux hosting. But some of the webs hosting companies also choose windows web hosting as windows is very user friendly.

Linux hosting uses many programming languages to create the platform for reseller web hosting. There are experts present on these languages to support the users. Customer support is an important point when it comes to web hosting. As most of the companies have to deal with servers containing huge data and confidential information, the professionals should be on their toes to face any kind of issue and resolve them as soon as possible.

There are various packages available from the best reseller hosting service providers. Some of the packages provide unlimited hosting options, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. Some of the packages especially developed for the small organizations are low on price with better offers provided by the web hosting company. The small organizations prefer Linux hosting as this is easy for many of the smaller web hosting companies and it is easy to provide services for Linux hosting. Reseller web hosting is beneficial for these small organizations as the cost is much less.

There are many free applications and software that are provided to the customers from the Linux best reseller hosting. Email hosting is also provided to the customers so that file transfer and data transfer can take place safely and securely. It is very important to safeguard each and every data and information while transferring it from one location to another or while sharing it with some other source.

Some of the web hosting companies also supports green hosting which is a very healthy step towards protecting the nature instead of destroying it. Best reseller hosting companies provide trustworthy services to the customers with great uptime guarantee. Also there are certificates available with these Linux best reseller hosting companies that help the customers to identify the right company for the right job.

Reseller Hosting Plan

  • Pricing Structure of Reseller Hosting plans of Cpwebhosting has got no change from last so many years, even though there is increase in Web Space and Bandwidth in all the plans.
  • Customers would have expected much bigger percentage increase on the yearly renewals, but CPWebHosting doesn’t came back with any changes in pricing of reseller hosting.
  • I think prices are looking pretty good, can be said as cheapest in the market, with the quality of the services being provided, 24 x7 support.
  • If we check the prices of the plans, we can find out that there is a discount available when the plan fees is given in advance.
  • Plan Fees can be given on the monthly basis, Quarterly, Half-yearly, Yearly or can be given in advance for the 2 years. Better discounts are there when the plan fees are deposited on the higher tenure.

The Reseller Hosting prices are given below in detail:

Reseller Hosting
Basic Plan Info

Reseller Hosting Starter

Reseller  Hosting Standard

Cpanel Accounts 10 10
Disk Space 20GB 20GB
Bandwidth 30GB 50GB
IP Addresses Included 3 3
Control Panel Cpanel Cpanel
Monthly Price (Full Pricing Below) $24.95/mon. $34.95/m
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Account Information
List Accounts
View Account Bandwidth Usage
Account Management
Change Passwords
Packages Creation
Allow Creation of Packages with Addon Domains
Allow Creation of Packages with Parked Domains

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