All About Dedicated server vs shared hosting (Adult Hosting)

This article is written with the sole purpose of comparing dedicated servers with shared servers, but for those of you adult datebase server hostingwho are new to all of this it will be wise to learn something about the two servers separately before moving into a comparison of Adult Dedicated server vs shared hosting Adult Hosting.

Introduction to Adult dedicated server

A dedicated server is basically a server that you own and can use exclusively for your webhosting activities. The best part is you do not have to share the resources of the website with other users. This server is just he thing for websites that attract a lot of traffic on a regular basis. These servers may cost a little bit extra than the others but they are perfect for adult web hosting.

A little bit about Shared hosting

This server is quite popular amongst adult host service provider. Now this server is used by service providers that cater to small websites that do not attract too much traffic. This server is very easy to handle so if you own an adult host services providing company you easily provide hosting services without getting involved with the technical aspects of things. This server is quite affordable hence it is everyone’s preference.

Comparison Between Adult Shared Hosting and Dedicated Adult Hosting

Shared hosting allows the users to share resources with each other, and since the resources are shared the performance of the server may be a little slow. The bandwidth and the storage space is quite limited as you have to share it with others. This server is just perfect for those adult host service providers that cater to small or medium websites. Now it does not mean that you will not be given control over the server since it is on a share basis, you too can have control depending on the kind of Cpanel that you have chosen. The two bad things that come along with this server are downtime and low security.

A dedicated server on the other hand is much better in comparison to shared hosting. The client has complete control and can make changes to the settings of the server anytime without any hesitation. As an adult web hosting service provider you will be able to provide a good amount of bandwidth and storage to your clients. If you have clients that have websites that are very busy and experience substantial traffic. The server is quite fast and so your clients can also have websites that load fast, this way your clients can provide better service to their clients. A slow website is never appreciated by the people. This server undoubtedly is expensive as compared to the other servers but at the end of the day both you and your clients will benefit from its flawless performance.

So no matter what server you use to provide adult web hosting services make sure you follow the tips very closely as you will have a better idea on what to choose to help you serve your customer better.

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