Table less web design

Well according to the demand of current time period, Google continuously update their algorithms for searching and resulting. This will enhance the user experience and their trust over Google as well.

With the current updates, the standard of a web layout is not compatible with the use of tables. This will affect the responsibility of a web layout with different-different devices. So for neglecting this irresponsible behavior of web layouts, the webmasters started using divisions in place of tables. The divisions or sections, complimenting the web layout with each and every device and increases the value of that website as well.

Well in this series of updation, some search engines prefer web designs without any table or table less web designs.

What is table less web design?

For making websites compatible with every device, webmasters enhance the use of divisions and sections and this will affect the use of tables. Those web layouts are described as table less web designs.

In simple words or layman language, we can say that “A table less web layout focusing over the more responsive web design with or without the use of tables. For that the webmasters removed the tables from their designing patterns and increase the use of divisions. These kind of web layouts are known as table less web layouts or table less web designs.”


Webmasters uses table less web designs for making the accessibility of their websites to every user, because they know that users prefer to use or access their websites through their smart phones or tablets.

Smart phones and tablets use different widths and heights as compared to the desktops and laptops. So the layout for them also differs

Thus the webmasters are using table less web layouts for making their websites more accessible for smart phones and tablet users.

Bandwidth saving

The tables less web designs are more bandwidth saving due to their few codes of HTML tags. In table less web layouts, webmasters use external style sheets for designing their websites without using tables. This will reduce the web page downloading time and bandwidth and increases the user experience.

Webmasters prefer to use table less web layouts through which all web pages call that style sheet through a single code line rather implementing tables each and every time. The same thing will happen with the downloading; the browser downloads the style sheet only a single time and then the web pages are implemented according to the code.

This process saves the bandwidth and reduces the loading time as well which is in favor of SEO experts.


The maintainability of a website depends upon the continuous changes, because in respect to search engine optimization, the popularity and the ranking of a website depend upon the web layout changes and the updated content which was so typical in the table included web layout.

The change of a table web layout is much lengthier and much complex for a webmaster, because for that kind of layouts, webmaster needed to change the complete look of every web page and for that they need to look up the entire designing portion of a website.

Whereas in table less web layouts, the changes of web designs are friendlier and less lengthy for webmasters in comparing to table associate web layouts, because they just need to change the CSS file rather changing every page web layout.

Thus the change of a CSS is easier and more compatible for webmasters and search engines as well.

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