Which one is good: Static website or Dynamic Website?

Which one is good: Static website or Dynamic Website?

The World Wide Web is actually consists of a number of browsers or clients connected to a number of servers which provide the knowledge or data intended by the client. This goes on using the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol or http. Here requests go from the browser to the server and the server sends a response. It is this response that we see as a website page which appears on our screen. Depending upon how are these websites built, we have two types of websites namely Static Websites and Dynamic Websites.

Static Website is that website which is saved on a server in just the way in which it is supposed to be displayed. The webpage is saved on the server disk and is displayed as such when an http request is made for it. This request is in form of that website’s URL. The server simply retrieves the file, opens it up and displays it. For a Static website the code for it and the text of the website are written separately. A Static website is a collection of webpages, cascading style sheet files, image files and so on, saved on a server disk. This a simpler website as compared to Dynamic websites.

Static websites have their own advantages such as:

  • The cost less as compared to dynamic websites.
  • Static websites are simpler and easy to build.
  • If the content that is to be displayed on the website is not changing the static website is a better choice.
  • Static websites are more flexible, as in; every page on the same website can be different in look and theme.

But these days, static websites are less common because they need expertise in building them. The person building them must be well acquainted with HTML and the design methodology which is to be used to build up the website. Also the major problem with static website is that each time you need to make any change in it, it has to be done manually. Each page has to be dealt with by an expert and this can be very tedious.

On the other hand we have Dynamic websites which are more prevalent these days. A Dynamic Website is one which has dynamically changing pages hat are generated in real time. A page of a dynamic website is actually never present or saved anywhere as such, as is the case of a static website. In case of a Dynamic Website whenever a client or a browser sends a request in form of an URL to the server then the server does not load that page directly from its local disk(as is the case of static website), but forwards that request to an application server. The application server builds the web page, there and then. To do so the application server may take up some information from a database or any other server side resources. The generated HTML webpage is then sent back to the browser. Each time a Dynamic Website is loaded, it might display different information depending upon a lot of factors like what time of the day it is or in which time zone is the browser. There are two ways in which a Dynamic Website can be developed. We can use client side scripting or server side scripting. There are a number of application servers available like Adobe ColdFusion, PHP, Classic ASP etc. Dynamic websites come with their own advantages over static websites such as

  • These websites are more interactive with the user and hence more appealing.
  • It is very easy to manage or edit a Dynamic Website because any change that needs to be done in the Dynamic Website can be made easily by just changing the database content. This needs no expertise.
  • Their flexibility is more and can be moderated for different clients.
  • In the long run, the Dynamic Website is cost effective.
  • If your website requirement is such that you need to update it or change the data quite frequently then it is advised to go for a Dynamic Website.
  • They help in Search Engine Optimization.
  • People tend to come back to such updated and interactive websites more often.

But the Dynamic Website is a little bit complicated and costly in the initial setup phase.

Thus one should decide between Dynamic Website and Static Website depending upon your requirement and the budget in hand.

Key considerations to attract more traffic:-

Whether you have static or dynamic website, if your website is not properly managed than it will be an ignorable entity in web world. There are some key components that should be considered for getting more traffic over website.

  • Welcome page : According to time magazine article, a user spend an average 15 seconds    over site. This astonishing fact unravels an important outcome from itself. The first welcome page of your website should be informative enough so that user could be able to know easily what your site is going to tell him.
  • Navigation : If people will find that it is time consuming to find any useful information on the website then they will move on to other. This is biggest failure of any website whether they may have more content as user can’t find them more easily. Therefore, home page must be available easily so that desired information would be finding easily. Old links should be discarded if they are of no use.
  • Content : Website should have valuable content but this can be achieved by some extra efforts. Inappropriate content is of no use and will urge people to move on and they will never show interest back on website. On the other hand good content would have visitors coming back again and again and others will also be referred by them. So, there should be regular updated content and remove content which can be non-informative at longer. For marketing purpose Search Engine Optimization can be used which consider included content. To make website successful content should be of high quality.
  • Hosting : There should be reliable web hosting service to make website public. By using co.uk one can decide an appropriate hosting and server for his website. If anyone can have good website and server is constantly slow down then it will affect the performance of website. There are four important things such as fonts, page layout, use of videos, security which would make a perfect website if those are properly designed. These are the starting points to get presence of anyone website on World Wide Web.


Deepali Bansal


What makes LAMP a dream development platform?

LAMP development relies on a viable web server which can conduct operations in a seamless manner. Open source technology is the major reason for the survival and, in fact, progress of software development industry. It stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. The P could be Perl or Python, but neither of them ever comes close to being as widely adopted as PHP is today. With many software frameworks being made available and with many of them striking a chord with the users, it becomes extremely important to check out the complete features of each of these frameworks. These bundled applications are the ideal platform for rapid development of small to large scale websites and web based applications.

There are many offshore software development companies who offer software development services for various industry verticals. Open source provides great flexibility, important in combining different IT solutions, and contribute to permanence and availability of information. The simplicity with which it works and the pace at which it can be implemented makes it a favorite among developers and definitely good for beginners. Most companies in India today provide LAMP hosting services as it provides them with user friendly tools to design and host websites as desired by their clients.

There are some companies which offer varied open source web based solutions depending on LAMP for a variety of clients and their centers. Linux operating system or rather LAMP not only thrives in their respective fields but also challenge their closed source competitors, forcing them to innovate and improve their programs. Migration from one server to another server can be easily done and without any hassles. Even the installation on the server can be easily done! It is also technically much more appropriate than .net or Java alternatives for the majority of applications.

The four parts of LAMP have distinct characteristics. Linux is an operating system which can operate on old hardware well and is considered well secure by many. On the other hand, Apache is a well known web server which can be run on different OS types. MS-SQL is reliable and freely available. PHP is one of the most critical development frameworks utilized since it has a number of built-in features which can be used with MySQL. Perl, Python and other programming languages also form a part of LAMP technologies.

Advantages of hiring a LAMP developer:

  • Experts in developing user-friendly software applications
  • The flexibility of LAMP programmers leverage adaptability to ensure better results
  • Rapid development of web applications
  • Incremental development
  • Ensures convenient modification, updating, and customizing of web applications according to client requirement.

In India, most companies utilize the LAMP technology to offer web hosting solutions to their customers as it has very few obstacles in terms of paying the licensing fees or investing in other applications. The concept is thus gaining immense popularity worldwide. LAMP is a perfect group of an operating system, web server, script languages and database server. In short, selecting LAMP as your development platform is a win-win situation for both business owners and developers.

Table less web design

Well according to the demand of current time period, Google continuously update their algorithms for searching and resulting. This will enhance the user experience and their trust over Google as well.

With the current updates, the standard of a web layout is not compatible with the use of tables. This will affect the responsibility of a web layout with different-different devices. So for neglecting this irresponsible behavior of web layouts, the webmasters started using divisions in place of tables. The divisions or sections, complimenting the web layout with each and every device and increases the value of that website as well.

Well in this series of updation, some search engines prefer web designs without any table or table less web designs.

What is table less web design?

For making websites compatible with every device, webmasters enhance the use of divisions and sections and this will affect the use of tables. Those web layouts are described as table less web designs.

In simple words or layman language, we can say that “A table less web layout focusing over the more responsive web design with or without the use of tables. For that the webmasters removed the tables from their designing patterns and increase the use of divisions. These kind of web layouts are known as table less web layouts or table less web designs.”


Webmasters uses table less web designs for making the accessibility of their websites to every user, because they know that users prefer to use or access their websites through their smart phones or tablets.

Smart phones and tablets use different widths and heights as compared to the desktops and laptops. So the layout for them also differs

Thus the webmasters are using table less web layouts for making their websites more accessible for smart phones and tablet users.

Bandwidth saving

The tables less web designs are more bandwidth saving due to their few codes of HTML tags. In table less web layouts, webmasters use external style sheets for designing their websites without using tables. This will reduce the web page downloading time and bandwidth and increases the user experience.

Webmasters prefer to use table less web layouts through which all web pages call that style sheet through a single code line rather implementing tables each and every time. The same thing will happen with the downloading; the browser downloads the style sheet only a single time and then the web pages are implemented according to the code.

This process saves the bandwidth and reduces the loading time as well which is in favor of SEO experts.


The maintainability of a website depends upon the continuous changes, because in respect to search engine optimization, the popularity and the ranking of a website depend upon the web layout changes and the updated content which was so typical in the table included web layout.

The change of a table web layout is much lengthier and much complex for a webmaster, because for that kind of layouts, webmaster needed to change the complete look of every web page and for that they need to look up the entire designing portion of a website.

Whereas in table less web layouts, the changes of web designs are friendlier and less lengthy for webmasters in comparing to table associate web layouts, because they just need to change the CSS file rather changing every page web layout.

Thus the change of a CSS is easier and more compatible for webmasters and search engines as well.

The flawless services of Zoph

Now there are many kinds of web hosting. Web hosting is one of the most used services. Web hosting services allows your website to gain a lot of visibility. There are various service providers that provide software packages to facilitate the process of web hosting smoothly. The service providers usually have more than one data centres that have multiple servers. Through web hosting people can make sure that their websites are available over the internet.

File hosting is another kind of web hosting however there is only one difference you can only store files not a full website. This is usually used when high volumes of data and these data can be accessed from any corner of the world. Big companies use file hosting to share confidential files.

Image hosting is another very method of hosting; as the name suggests this is only used to host pictures of any kind. With this you will find it much easier to share some personal photographs with people that you wish to share them with. After the images have uploaded you can sync them to your scrapbooks, social networks, message boards and blogs.

A lot of people go for image hosting as it is a very effective way of sharing and storing photo without using up a lot of space on the computer. This facility is also availed by people who wish to sell of certain belongings on auction websites. However you should exercise a certain amount of caution while choosing a service provider, you should try to go for a service provider that gives you compatible space and good amount bandwidth. It would be an advantage if you go for a service provider that gives you unlimited bandwidth.

The image hosting services are available for a wide price range some service providers provide these services for free which is quite good. However you should note that service providers that give these services for free are depriving you of certain features. To get maximum benefit you should go for a service provider that charges money and uses Zoph.

As a new user you will have to do a lot research on the type of image hosting service provider that you wish to select. The level of service provided varies from service

provider to service provider. A service provider that uses Zoph will give you features that you can customize as per your requirements.

Some more information on Zoph

Zoph is nothing but a system that aids in photo management, this system is written in MySQL and PHP. The photos can be posted in more than one album under many categories. The system will also allow you to tag the people in the pictures. Internationalization, access privileges, email, light boxes and slide shows are some of the features that are available to the users.

Follow the tips mentioned in the article and you can use Zoph very easily to your advantage. Sharing photographs with Zoph has never been easier.

Saba offers the best forum hosting

For people who are new to forum hosting a no cost phpBB hosting may be a solution. You must also take into consideration the kind of result that you expect from it. Hidden charges are something that you should keep in mind when you are out looking for a service provider. You should take the time in doing some research in locating some good names. After you have located certain names you should do a comparative study which will help you compare the services provided for the respective prices. Try to go for companies that use Saba.

As mentioned earlier you will come across companies that provide free services however most of the essential features will be missing and hence you have trouble increasing your visibility online. So you should consider a cheap service provider rather than a free service provider. Certain companies offer free services initially as they are aware that certain customers will convert to a paid customer sooner or later.

Now let us look at certain features that will help you locate a forum hosting provider that uses Saba

The control panels are available for free with the Linux server. If you can gain access in to the Cpanel you can simply install a PhpBB script. This Cpanel will also include Fantastico. This particular feature will allow the user to install the forum in a very short time. This comes with a complete installation guide that is not too tough to follow at all. The web hosting industry has become very competitive; in the current market scenario you will come across various service providers. You should go for one that gives you a decent bandwidth.

In today’s world everyone is aware of the importance of Forum hostings. These forums help people from various walks of life to get together on the internet and have a discussion on any given topic through which they exchange ideas and information. So you see you can get huge benefits from the various hosting solutions. You have to make sure that you have proper management when it comes to the data base and that proper steps are taken during the coding process. You also have to make sure that speed of the forum is decent as you do not want the visitors to wait for all eternity. So this is the reason why you should make sure that you have a decent bandwidth. As there are a number of websites people will not think twice about

shifting to another website in care your one is too slow and that can cause substantial damage for you. So you see that is is very important to choose the right forum hosting solution; in fact try use a forum hosting solution that utilizes Saba.

A little information on Saba

Saba is nothing but a highly flexible system that allows the users to customize their forums as and when required. So if you are on the lookout for a forum that gives you endless options then Saba is what you should go for.

Hosting providing Various web application design Patterns

Web application design Patterns
Types of patterns

Design PatternsToday’s Web is platform independent and is now available on mobile, notebook, and on various different devices. There is huge increase in the use of web hosted applications, which has started the era of using software as service. It involves more than mere technical skills; it seeks a vivid knowledge about the types of web services available in the market, professional web design tools and other practical awareness about the pricing, rate, legal issues, advertising and marketing strategy etc.

Web design technical skills include- knowledge of programming languages (e.g. HTML) and script language for front-end and server-end interface, CSS for latest layout designing tools, knowledge of color, font, tables, shapes and patterns, and graphics is a must.

New Design issues and solutions are being offered with Hosting services by using rich Internet applications like Fantastico and Site Builder. Fantastico is a script library that’s often integrated with web hosting offers. You can utilize it to install Internet programs to your site. Fantastico is very popular; their scripts have been set up in over 10,000 servers worldwide. By using a site builder, you will get web site builder tools, tutorials, site building managers and applications that can make sure that your website is just as professional-looking, efficient and convenient as if you paid thousands for it.

The patterns for web site design services come with features:

  1. First comprehensive collection of Web Application Design Patterns, including patterns for Web 2.0 applications! Web 2.0 is basically a 2nd generation of technology and is a transition of web to web applications. It consists of interactive content and provides a new way to find, collect and share the information with others on internet. Web 2.0 development enables better use of the core enterprise application.
  2. Enables readers to design interfaces faster and have more rationale for the solutions they choose. The user interface is the part of a computer and its software that people can see, hear, touch, talk to, or otherwise understand or direct. The user interface has essentially two components: input and output.

Includes over 10K patterns, extensive notes on reuse and extension of patterns, as well as “anti-patterns” in the following areas:

  • Web App access: Web apps are basically software’s or programs that are coded in HTML and web browser‘s script, mostly, JavaScript. Web application can be of many types and serve different purposes and functions. Some of them are simple like a message board or a guest sign-in book on a website that help the website visitors in interacting and communicating with the website owner and some are complicated, such as a word processor or a spreadsheet.
  • Navigating apps: One of the most important tasks when developing your website is creating a navigation system that is effective and easy to use. The home page of a web site is where visitors from their impressions about the entire design, and its importance far outweighs that of the other pages that make up the site.
  • Interacting with Lists: A list of services and products are given on the website and interacting with those services are the most important part.
  • Display and Manipulation of Data: The most important point considered when creating any website is about its content so it should be manipulated and modified according to the requirement of user’s and its way of presentation should be enough attractive and unique .
  • Interaction Components: The website must contain some components or switches, helps in interconnecting the different pages of a site. So that users can easily connect to the desired page.
  • Community and Social Networking: The website should be connected to some communities or social networks, where discussions are related to the content of the website. So that users can find solutions on their queries easily without facing many problems by putting their queries on this community site.
  • Collaboration: For the best grouping and collaboration with customers, website designers must hear and appreciate the ideas of ​​the owner of a site before starting an intended project. Thus, designers can make your site more professional and attractive for the visitor’s eyes with the help of innovative and ideal designs, typography, vibrant and beautiful images etc. With the use of HTML tables and CSS files, they can create easy to perform, repair, and redesign sites for almost all web browsers.
  • Internationalization and Localization: Create Web sites for an international audience. You can do this both by localizing your Web sites and translating them into the local languages or just by making them more accessible to other language speakers. These links will show you how to localize your Web site.
  • Help: 24 7 customer support is available and all the problems faced by the customers are answered here. You can easily contact with the help team and all the queries are answered as soon as possible.
  • Accessibility and Visual Design: Features four detailed case studies, full color production, and web site for discussion and collection of additional patterns. Web accessibility testing and design obviously helps people who might otherwise find a task difficult or impossible. But it also helps make a website easier for everyone by forcing designers to be more thoughtful and present information and functionality as clearly as possible.

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Web site Design and Development

Today in the world of internet a website plays a very crucial role in our business. A strong web presence is one of the best communications and marketing tools in today’s cutthroat business environment. This is not just because an online business has a distinctive edge over its competitors, especially offline businesses, but also because being online is pretty much a requirement today.

Website designA successful website is one which is unique and enriched. Basically website describes the online uniqueness of a company. The task connected with the website is to symbolize a company, sell company’s name, attract more visitors to created more business and queries to promote additional sale of the company’s products and services and eventually, help to increase more return on investment.On some web hosting sites you will find everything from finding a host, design and layout, creating content, marketing and also security.

If you think that merely having a website is enough for your business then you might just be thinking in the wrong direction. Having a dominant presence is what you need to run a successful business, and by having a dominant presence it means to be ranking high on the search engines so that you can penetrate through your audience and reach them to the deepest. There are certain steps that you can follow while doing your Business web site design and development work to achieve this kind of presence on the web with the help of cheapest hosting. Some sites contains professional advice for creating and maintaining a successful website.


Website is designed in two ways: either static or dynamic website design. You can choose out of static or dynamic web site design According to your needs. Where former is based on simple HTML code and final is industrial with advanced and complicated technologies based on the information provided in the database. Dynamic website is in fact advertising these days, because apart from its beauty and varied applicability, it gives the ease of fast and self information update talent to site administrator without being capable strictly.

You spend time and money on website design and development, so it is important that you know the grand scheme of your website.

If you want to stand out high in your online trade, then the strategies of web site design and Web site development must be dealt with great care. There are many such companies which can give guarantied Web site Design Development Solution in a very reasonably priced, at the same time, false assure to making dudes are also in plenty.

Website Design is not a typical and tough science but it is basically a form of art.So many things we have to consider while designing the website.These things are:

  • The look and feel
  • The theme
  • Kind of content it will feature
  • Support e-commerce or not if it do so then the way by which it can be optimized.

Website Design Services sharply focuses on the goal of website creation. Website Design services provide website designs that wholly reflect our identity and our way of doing business.Business Website Design is the heart of e-commerce application.Laris Media provide one of the great Business Website Design.Website Design Development will help us to face any sort of difficulty in building the website.Host,design layout,content and marketing etc. all these concepts are covered in Website Design Development.

Website Design Principles:

Following are the key principles for getting good Website Design:

1. The era of 90’s has gone : Since the dawn of internet websites in the 90’s, were confined to the filters offered by programs like Photoshop. Lens flares, bevels, drop shadows, glows were used to their fullest extent. So, the abusing and misusing of these filters should be avoided.

2. Usability: Usability signifies that visitor should have a good experience from the given site. Things should be easy to read, easy to access and most importantly, easy to understand. When a visitor visits the site, it should provide its complete information to the user within the first fractions of seconds. The presentation of its content should be catchy and effective. Spacing and margins should be used for expositions. It makes it easier for people to read.

3. Text Representation : In the early part of the decade, small fonts were much more preferable. But now it is realized that font size of 14 px is more suitable for paragraph’s text. Line-height is very important. Line-height is the spacing between each line of text in your paragraphs. It makes it easier for people to read.

4. Colors and Contrast : The color theme of a site is obviously important. Some prefer use of too many colors. But some prefer not more than 2 primary colors and a third secondary color as simple color theme is easier on the eyes, easier to comprehend and overall give better look.

Contrast is tremendously imperative. It’s very important that the content and navigation are correctly contrasted. The foreground text needs to either be very dark, or very light in comparison with the background color.

Design with respect to the purpose of the site : To making an impressive and effective site, we need to fully understand what the purpose of the site is, and what the goals are.

Website Development

Website Development include the combined encompassment of building a website, domains, hosting, SEO for creating feasible and useful information that is definite and significant with the subject matter of a website.Website Development is a product of numerous contributions by individuals, corporations, and technologies.

Process of Website Design And Development

There are numerous steps in the Website Design And Development. Following are the steps describing the process of Website Design and Development:

  • Information Gathering
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Content Writing
  • Coding
  • Testing And Delivery
  • Maintenance

They are explained under following grounds:

1. Information Gathering : The first step in designing a website is to gather information. Many things need to be considered when the look and feel of the site is to be created.

Certain things to consider are:

  • Purpose: What is the purpose of site?
  • Goals: The aim behind building the site.
  • Target Audience: A group of people for whom the website is meant for.
  • Content: The type of information the target audience expect from the site.

2. Planning : During the planning phase, we have a plan regarding the type of technologies to be implemented. At the time of planning the elements like interactive forms, ecommerce, flash, etc. are discussed.

3. Design : The web designer will create one or more prototype designs for the web site. This is typically a .jpg image of what the final design will look like.The basic reason for such design phase is that it gives the opportunity to find out thelikes and dislikes with respect to the site.

4. Development : During this phase the website is created itself .At this time,the web designer will take all of the individual graphic elements from the prototype aand use them to create the actual,fuctional site as well as elements such as interactive contact forms,flash animations or ecommerce shopping carts are implementated and made fuctional.

5. Content Writing : This phase is necessary mainly for the web sites. There are professional content developers who can write industry specific and relevant content for the site. Content writers to add their text can utilize the design templates. The grammatical and spelling check should be over in this phase.

6. Coding : Now its programmers turn to add his code without disturbing the design. Unlike traditional design the developer must know the interface and the code should not disturb the look and feel of the site or application. Coding team should generate necessary testing plans as well as technical documentation.

7. Testing And Delivery : At this moment the web designer will attend to he final details and test the website.The testing includes the complete fuctionality of forms or other scripts as well as its compatibility with respect to recent browser versions. After the final approval, it is time to deliver the site. An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program is used to upload the web site files to the server.

8. Maintenance : Once the web site is operational, ongoing promotion, technical maintenance, content management & updating, site visit activity reports, staff training and mentoring is needed on a regular basis depend on the complexity of the web site and the needs within the organization.

Thus the pre-specified steps of process of Web Design And Development can help to format the team effectively, and the standards and procedures can be adopted to achieve maximum quality. These steps Of Website Design And Development are meant for keeping the website maintained and Updated.

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The Quick-and-Easy way to build a Web Presence for Your Business

Today the Internet is over brimmed with web hosting providers who are offering web hosting services at a very economic price. Now it becomes a chalthe webge for us how we trace out the best economic and reliable web host? The fact is that these high quality providers are all over and the secret is being able to recognize them. This needs understanding in what makes an excellent web hosting provider and the way to verify that they really have the required qualities.

In order to establish this, you need to do more than studying their marketing materials. You will need to do some research and analysis in order to land the best possible provider. Web presence means the over-all exposure on the internet. There are ways to find out about how an individual has grounded in the World Wide Web.

In today’s business world lmost everyone who wants to be successful has a website or online portfolio of some kind. Handling someone a business card or a resume that doesn’t include a website is like handing them a blank piece of paper. In a world of instant gratification why should they call you and set up a time for an interview when they can just look at your website and tell whether they like your work or not; or if you’re trying to start a business selling homemade products than you have to be able to direct people to your website with the best web hosting company.

The first thing you have to do is create the website and this can be done through a number of different means. For purely personal websites you can make it yourself provided you know the proper coding and software needed or you can have someone else design it for you. There are a large number of free services out there that will allow you make your own website under their large domain or you can pay a hosting fee and have your own URL.

Both options have their ups and downs but in the end either will work to create a web presence.When designing your own website be sure to have smart design. Don’t try to have too much stuff crammed on the front page but make sure you get your message across. One good header that tells the viewer what your site is about is enough to hook them in and keep them around for awhile longer.

There are some points, describes a quick and easy way of building web site and gives you straight forward instruction on how to build a Web page that really delivers. A great work on these points can take your small business to the next level.

Simple steps are:

  • Purchase your domain name.
  • Write powerful Web content.
  • Design your page’s layout.
  • Find a Web host.
  • Publish your site.

Once your new site goes active, you’ll attract new customers in no time.