All you need to know about WordPress Plugin for Events

Now before we get into WordPress Plugin for events it would be wise to learn something about WordPress plugin. When the first version of wordpressplugin was first released into the market; users all over the world rejoiced as the plug in made it very easy for them to post the blogs. The development team soon decided that the world was ready for a more updated version of wordpress plugin.

Now let us look at the features of the new WordPress Plugin

The new version is completely revamped based on the feedback provided by the customers.

This new version supports PHP4.3+ and 5x

This version can be used on all the browsers

The best part is that you do not have to register to get an API key, the developers will do it for you directly from wordpress.

As a user you will be able to utilize the feedback and support

The interface is quite simple and so it is easy to use.

The new version has fixes for any bug

How to install WordPress Plugin

  1. You need to log into the interface of wordpress
  2. After that you need to click on a drop down menu for all the plugin and you need to click on “Add new”
  3. You then have to click on the Search plug in button
  4. 4.    After that you have to click on install.
  5. 5.    After that a dialogue box will open and you have to click on Install now.
  6. 6.    After you finish with the above step you will be taken to another screen where where you have to click on activate plugin and a new menu will appear
  7. 7.    Then on the same menu you will have to click on account
  8. 8.    After that you will have to type in your password and username and then you must click on save settings.

How to submit your article using a wordpress plugin

  1. 1.    You can write a post or you may make changes to an existing post in wordpress
  2. 2.    You have to fill up all items on the menu
  3. 3.    You must then select a suitable category from the drop down menu that is provided
  4. 4.    You must then select the name of the author from the drop down menu
  5. 5.    You ten have to select the right resource box from the menu
  6. 6.    You can choose between first sentences of post or excerpts.
  7. 7.    Then you have to click on Edit text link from the keywords menu or you may also utilize custom keywords.
  8. You also need to click on the validate button to confirm that your article , blog or post is up to the standard of the website you are writing for. After the process is done a message saying “ validation complete “ will be displayed.
  9. After you have solved any problems that is listed you then have to re click on the validate button.

10. After the validation is completed you can click on the publish button and publish your post; you must also click on submit to submit your article to the website it is meant for.

So follow these tips and you can use WordPress Plugin for Events.

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