LiquidWeb Hosting Company Introduction

The Liquidweb hosting company offers both Linux based and Windows based hosting to their clients from various parts of the world. The company has its headquarters in the State of Arizona in the United States of America and also has three world class data centers, all located in the US. The company was founded back in the year 1997 and has been a pace setter in the industry since then. Today they are leaders in offering managed hosting services to people from all over the world, and they are good at it.


LiquidWeb Hosting company is held in high esteem in the hosting industry as it is deemed to be a leader and also a trusted web host. The most outstanding thing about the LiquidWeb hosting company is how reliable their hosting services are.

Customer Review


The company offers a range of services, from dedicated server hosting to web hosting services and cloud hosting along with VPS hosting services which ensure that clients get a variety. They also offer e-mail hosting, e-commerce hosting and much more.

Hosting Features

On top of that, each of the hosting plans come with a variety of features such as unlimited e-mail accounts, full CGI access, unlimited mailing lists, support of programming languages such as Perl, PHP5, C++, Python, MySQL databases are also unlimited and their hosting also comes with a Free SSL Secure Server, SSH secure shell access, detailed website statistics, Add-on Domains, redundant nightly backups and to top it all up Virtual FTP Accounts.


Hosting Plans

The cheapest hosting plan offered by the company cost only $ 50 each month and comes with features like 1 CPU, 0.9GB of RAM and disk space of 75 GB among many others while the most expensive hosting plan costs 270 dollars per month and allows clients to use up to 4 CPUs, along with 8GB of bandwidth, disk space of 600GB and 6.9 GB worth of RAM. The company furthermore has storm servers to enhance their cloud hosting. In the storm servers platform, there is Cloud VPS Hosting, and Cloud dedicated hosting and SDD Cloud servers which are up to 100X faster than normal servers.

Use of SSD cloud servers which are 100x faster than the average cloud servers.


In their three data centers, they employ the use of the latest technology in the industry, the most powerful and of the best quality. For instance, in their storm server’s platform, the company employs the use of SSD cloud servers which are up to 100x faster than the average cloud servers.

Performance Overview


Clients at Liquidweb get a guaranteed network up time of up to 99.9% uninterrupted throughout the day and night thus their servers are ever online. The customer support is also very reliable with telephone support taking as little as 20 seconds to respond and a technical team that responds within ten minutes maximum thus the company’s clients are a very satisfied lot.

Customer Service

It only takes ten minutes for the technical team to respond to any technical problems that clients may have and phone calls at the customer care desk are answered in no more than twenty seconds, now this is what referred to as outstanding customer care support.

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