Linux Hosting

About Linux

Linux is a free UNIX operating system developed under the GNU General Public License, the source code and Linus Torvalds created it with the help of few developers. Linux provides functionality, adaptability, and robustness. Thus it is being adopted worldwide as a server platform. It is used by the people at their office as well as home also.

linux hosting

About Dedicated server

A dedicated server is designed to serve the needs of the whole network which contain thousands of computer connected to each other and communicate with each other. In a network, it is a single computer which is set aside to serve the need of the system. Regarding Web hosting, dedicated server is a computer which has an internet connection and includes related software and a web server and rented from the internet hosting company, but in renting, a client is required to use the computer system. “Dedicated server” indicate the server allocated to you only for hosting your website i.e. dedicated to the customer site only to serve its need.

Now Dedicated server Linux

Basic installation and configuration for a Linux dedicated server are the same for all distributions, but few things, such as package names, directories, etc. may be different from distribution to distribution. So, you are required to check your distribution’s repositories for the required packages.

Features of Linux Dedicated Server

  • CentOS Linux with Full Root Access (64-bit with 32-bit are available on request only)
  • Has cPanel with WHM Control Panel
  • It supports PHP, Perl, Python Apache Web Server, MySQL, Ruby (on Rails), and FFmpeg Support
  • It provides Secured Server with IPTables Firewall

Dedicated server Linux hosting

Here are few companies which offer dedicated server Linux hosting

Server Pronto offers the world’s cheapest Linux dedicated servers. Linux is available on their all dedicated hosting packages. Options include SuSE, Gentoo, Red Hat, Fedora Core, Debian, and CentOS.

Hivelocity Hosting– Hivelocity Hosting offers the Linux Dedicated Servers-Quad-Core 2.4Ghz e5620 Xeon Westmere 12MB Cache, Quad-Core 3.2Ghz E3-1230 Sandy Bridge Xeon 8MB cache, RAID1, 10TB,8GB Ram, 2 x 500GB SAS, Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66Ghz, Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33Ghz

Linux is the best choice for cheap dedicated servers

Linux is the best option for cheap dedicated servers because there is no cost associated with most versions of Linux, as it is an open source. For e.g. Centos does not charge anything i.e. it is free of cost and updates their system on a regular basis. Recent available Centos versions are Centos 4.x 32 bits & 64 bit and Centos 5.x 32 bits & 64 bit. One more Red hat but it is not free. For the dedicated servers CentOS and Red Hat are the most common versions of Linux.

Dedicated Linux server web hosting web server services

Dedicated Linux server web hosting web server offer services such as the Apache web server, the BIND name server, Send mail and Exim mail servers.

Linux Web hosting features

  • Linux Web hosting contains various elements to host the website, like unlimited bandwidth,geo-redundancy,1&1 site lock, web space recovery, e-mail accounts, web space, mySQL5 database etc.but other than these it contain other features also like
  • In Web space functions, it provides web space, monthly traffic volume, host multiple websites, FTP Accounts, WebDAV Access,1&1control panel, SSH Access, version control management, protected directories, etc.
  • In Web address features, domain types, free included Domains, Subdomains, DNS Management, Host external domains, new domain registration, private domain registration, etc.
  • In E-mail features, catch all e-mail addresses, E-mail account, E-mail storage, Antivirus, E-Mail forwarding, 1&1 webmail 2.0, e-mail forwarding, e-mail auto responder, etc.
  • In programming and databases features Perl, python, ruby, PHP and PHP dev, performance, Zend framework, SSI, Perl syntax checker, on jobs/scheduled tasks, etc.
  • In Site building tools,1&1 click and build applications,1&1website builder, teashop, Graphic archive, dynamic site creator, stock photo image library, NetObjects Fusion 1&1 edition, etc.
  • In marketing and communication features,1&1site analytics,1&1seo spotlight, Facebook credits, Bing and Yahoo search credits,1&1 e-mail marketing tool, mailing list, Google sitemaps, spreadsheet merchandising, etc.
  • Security features,1&1 site lock, webspace recovery, daily server backups, dual hosting, password protected directories; a trust dedicated SSL Certificate, etc.
  • In 1 and one web desk-your online workplace, features are communication center, online office package, 1&1 online storage, 1&1 office drive manager, 1&1 online mobile storage, etc.
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