phpwiki Content Management System

Create and add pages fast and simple…use phpwiki

Doing a business alone is really tough. The world is turning competitive day by day, competition is turning stiff. It is really tough for you to manage everything all by yourself. Business by collaboration and partnership is really preferred by us as this leads to amalgamation of excellent ideas and sharing of costs as well. A business established by a group is far easier than establishing and managing single-handedly. Partnership in online business is also getting popular day by day. But partnership in business also means that you need to share your views and creations as well. While developing a website, everyone’s presence is hence required. But it may not be able for everyone to be at the place discussing and designing a website. This facility is given by phpwiki.

phpwiki facilitates you with the opportunity to design your website along with your friends. You can at any corner of the world, just need to have an internet connection and a browser open in front of you; the pages can be edited by many users at a single point of time. You can take the help of your friends to build the website as well without having them leave their homes. Yes, this is very true. This software takes coordination to the next level. If all the partners have an internet connection and a browser to work on, they can together build a website sitting in different places. The main feature of phpwiki is that anyone can edit web pages through an HTML form. Pages are linked to your website automatically. You can create web pages with this application even on the simplest web browser.

Besides the creation of new pages, unlimited page revisions are also possible. You can see recent changes made to a list. Images and other media files can be uploaded and embedded easily. There is an automatic index to check all the content of the website easily. Themes are one of the most vital parts of developing a website. phpwiki has personalized themes for blogs. The application adds an extra feature of scripts by plugins. A series of button helps to easily access the website. Online work and business are often threatened by hacking and other security problems. This wonderful application helps in making your website secure as well. It provides you with authentication facilities.

The application was first developed by Ward Cunningham in the middle of 1990s, written in Perl, and is derived from Hawaiian word, which means quick. phpwiki stores its data on MySQL database or Oracle and uses PHP language to function. The best part of this application is that it requires almost zero configurations and hence installation is fast and simple. This application works on any operating system, be it Windows or Unix. Apache or PHP software is required to run this application. Anyone with the URL can open the website created by this application in any web browser. The administrator has the empowerment to lock the web pages which he does not want to be edited. Thus, switch to this software if you need a collaborative application to run your website.

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