phpwiki Content Management System

Create and add pages fast and simple…use phpwiki

Doing a business alone is really tough. The world is turning competitive day by day, competition is turning stiff. It is really tough for you to manage everything all by yourself. Business by collaboration and partnership is really preferred by us as this leads to amalgamation of excellent ideas and sharing of costs as well. A business established by a group is far easier than establishing and managing single-handedly. Partnership in online business is also getting popular day by day. But partnership in business also means that you need to share your views and creations as well. While developing a website, everyone’s presence is hence required. But it may not be able for everyone to be at the place discussing and designing a website. This facility is given by phpwiki.

phpwiki facilitates you with the opportunity to design your website along with your friends. You can at any corner of the world, just need to have an internet connection and a browser open in front of you; the pages can be edited by many users at a single point of time. You can take the help of your friends to build the website as well without having them leave their homes. Yes, this is very true. This software takes coordination to the next level. If all the partners have an internet connection and a browser to work on, they can together build a website sitting in different places. The main feature of phpwiki is that anyone can edit web pages through an HTML form. Pages are linked to your website automatically. You can create web pages with this application even on the simplest web browser.

Besides the creation of new pages, unlimited page revisions are also possible. You can see recent changes made to a list. Images and other media files can be uploaded and embedded easily. There is an automatic index to check all the content of the website easily. Themes are one of the most vital parts of developing a website. phpwiki has personalized themes for blogs. The application adds an extra feature of scripts by plugins. A series of button helps to easily access the website. Online work and business are often threatened by hacking and other security problems. This wonderful application helps in making your website secure as well. It provides you with authentication facilities.

The application was first developed by Ward Cunningham in the middle of 1990s, written in Perl, and is derived from Hawaiian word, which means quick. phpwiki stores its data on MySQL database or Oracle and uses PHP language to function. The best part of this application is that it requires almost zero configurations and hence installation is fast and simple. This application works on any operating system, be it Windows or Unix. Apache or PHP software is required to run this application. Anyone with the URL can open the website created by this application in any web browser. The administrator has the empowerment to lock the web pages which he does not want to be edited. Thus, switch to this software if you need a collaborative application to run your website.

PhpWebsite Content Management System

Do not adjust on the quality of content- switch to PhpWebsite

Are you aspiring to start a new business but have a limited budget. None other than online business gives you the opportunity to start your business on a low budget. But many of us still have the misconception that through online business is low cost and popular, but it is tough to set up an online business. This misconception is mainly due to the reason that most of us are internet lovers but not internet experts. We feel that to run an online business, we should have sound technical knowledge and complete knowledge of web designing. If you are one of these people who carry the above-mentioned misconceptions with them, then its time for you to know about PhpWebsite. This application is can be used by corporations, universities and individuals as well due to its dynamic, flexible and robust design.

Some of the main features of PhpWebsite are documented manager, announcements, menu manager, and photo album and block maker consists of FAQ and is also a web page maker, pools, and calendar. This software provides with web-based administration and has been made very simple so that users inexperienced in website administration can use it with ease. It provides with index facilities that index content available at different modules. It has lots of themes and layout to choose from which lets you change the layout of your website as frequently as you wish to. You can make your website interactive with this application. Visitors can post comments which ultimately help you to feel the pulse of your customers and their needs. You may notify your customers with special events and offers and discounts given on those special days with the help of event calendar featured with multiple schedules.

The installation of PhpWebsite installs only the core modules. If you want to add more modules to your website, you need to manually add them with the help of boost. Every module is unique in itself with different with its own files, folders, templates, version information, and graphics. It has a single user account to which you can add administrative privileges. You can save templates with each theme. You can edit the templates with your own text and images and can even add HTML links. This application puts more stress on CSS layouts and is really an indispensable tool for users who aspire to create a beautiful website but does not possess enough knowledge of PHP.

PhpWebsite is a smart content management system founded by Web Technology Group of Appalachian State University. It has been developed by a group of PHP website developers from all around the world. It has been written in PHP programming language, making the application fast, simple and cross-platform. The best part of this application is that it is completely free and open sourced application and has been licensed under GNU GPL and GNU LGPL. The latest version of this application is 1.8.0. Thus, gone are the times to rush to consultants on what will be best for your website. Keep the control of your website with you and design your website in your own way, try PhpWebsite.

Online Job Application TYPO3

TYPO3- The secret of a wonderful website

Be it an official presentation, online job application or online shopping, life without web is incomplete. We always love to refer to various websites get a hint of what we want. The internet consists of numerous websites, which are dynamic and vivid. It is very true that we never want to visit a boring website. A colorless, dull website, disorganized and lacking in information is not visited more than once by a particular user and gradually loses its identity in the crowd of so many websites. As we regularly witness the stiff competition between shops in our local marketplace, the competition is no less among websites in the marketplace of e-commerce. Thus, to keep pace with this dynamic marketplace, websites must be attractive and information. Just for this reason, the use of TYPO3 has become immensely crucial.

Introduced by Kasper Skarhoj, TYPO3 is now developed by two teams, namely, Oliver Hader and Robert Lemke. The prime use of TYPO3 is due to the fact that it helps you to deal with your web content separately from the design and layout of the website. One of the best gifts of this software is the easy template availability. The market is ever changing and change is the only constant factor in today’s world. It lets you change the template, design, and layout of your website without harming the existing HTML and other files and contents. You can design each page of your website differently from the other with the help of this software miracle. Designing each page differently makes the design relevant to the content present on that specific page. You can synchronize your website and may add folders and pages with this software.

You need to be smarter to keep pace and outshine your competitors in the dynamic and competitive market. Website in itself is a global concept, people from all around the world get to visit your website and get to know your work. Therefore, the popularity of your website increases if it is multilingual. TYPO3 gives you the opportunity to set up a multilingual website and even with a single installation of this application you can manage multiple websites. Not only you get readymade templates with this software, but you may upload images, crop them and edit them as per need as well. The

automatic caching tool makes the search of content faster. Its simple framework lets you update the site faster, indexes the content and manages the menu.

TYPO3 developers ensure that you can get enough support and assistance if there is any problem while using this software. It has a huge online library of tutorials, videos, and books in several languages which you may refer anytime. Safety of your website is guaranteed by the control system that you may use to check the entry of users and access to your web content. Thus from customization of content, maintenance of website design to its security, it turns out to be the optimum solution of your content management Thus, it is of no doubt that use of TYPO3 makes your work smarter.

E-Commerce Software OsCommerce

All about OSCommerce

The internet is now completely filled with stores offering a variety of products. The level of competition has also risen over the years and the shopkeepers are trying very hard to capture a bigger share of the market. To give themselves a distinct identity the shopkeepers are using various software with different features to give their business a huge boost. Businesses are constantly on the lookout for software that will help them build their websites allowing them a lot of flexibility in the process.

It seems that someone must have been watching out for these businesses as OS commerce hit the markets very soon. This software has already become very popular is considered to be the best open source software ever. A recent survey has revealed that more than two hundred thousand online stores have greatly benefitted from using OSCommerce. The software has all the tools that will make your work easier. Now there are several reasons why OSCommerce is topping everyone’s list these days and they can be listed below.

  • The software uses very secure SSL encryption
  • The software can be customized very easily
  • The software supports transactions in multiple currencies
  • The interface of the software is very user-friendly
  • Since it is open source it is quite affordable and highly cost-effective
  • This software is used worldwide and the developers provide strong technical support

Now to get the best out of OSCommerce you could hire out an expert who will help you develop a website using OSCommerce. However, the market is filled with many developers and not all of them are good so you should try to hire the services of reputed developers. Now the services offered by genuine developers can be listed as follows.

  • Full development of the website
  • Hosting facilities
  • Complete installation of the software
  • The developer will help you develop your entire store
  • The developer will enable the shipping and payment functions on your store
  • The search engine will be optimized

However, if you want to go about the process on your own then you have to make sure that the software is installed properly. You can consult any tutorial on the internet to install OSCommerce. Most of the contents of the tutorials are broken down into steps that are very easy to follow. Once you have installed the software on your computer you should then take the time to explore the software and take a look at the tools present in the interface. You should spend the considerable amount of time going through the tools as there is a lot that you can learn.

You may find the software a little hard to use. But the best way to overcome these problems is by being calm and going through the tools. You may also consult other tutorials that will teach you the usage of the tools.

Once you feel that you have learned enough about the software you can then start out by configuring the settings of the tools.

Moodle Learning Management Solution

Moodle LMS Connector helps to make online courses much easier

It is no secret that Moodle Learning Management Solution is an open sourced software that is very popular and widely used by educational and academic organizations. This particular software can be installed without paying anything at all so it is used by institutes that teach students and professionals. The Moodle Learning Management Solution combines management of a class with registration and payment management.

Let us now look at how Moodle Learning Management Solution helps you to organize your class.

Moodle is a very useful tool that is used by most of the management solution providers, this can assist in managing your classes online. The features of this software will help you in getting through the different activities in real time.

Now let us go through the various advantages of using Moodle Learning Management Solution.

The process of registration becomes very easy

This software will allow you to create fully customized forms for your students. You can do all of this from the various kinds of templates and you can then put them online so that people from anywhere in the world can access them. Therefore students can fill out forms from their homes. So you see that the registration process has become so easy that you can now attract more and more students to your online classes.

The software is installed with the sole purpose of working with a two-way data flow between the class management system and Moodle. So this means that you can avoid dealing with the process of re-entering data manually for the managerial database.

The software provided flawless payment methods online, where the user controls the entire transaction process. You can collect payments using credit cards and PayPal. You can keep a track of the activities that are related to payments using your merchant account.

You can cut down on the workload using this software as it allows you to deal with online classes very effectively. So this means that you do not have to hire any additional people for the process of enrolment or collection of payment.

So by now, you have understood that Moodle is an extremely useful software; so to get the best out of it you will need to install the software properly. Installing this software is no big deal provided you follow the correct procedure. You can find many online tutorials that will guide you through the installation process. The content of the tutorials is broken down into various steps that are really easy to follow.

Once you have managed to install the software you should then look at the interface and check out the various features and tools. You should not have trouble understanding the usage of the tools as the interface is quite user-friendly. However, you should not rush the process of learning as you will end up missing out on a number of important aspects of the software.

Once you feel confident about the software you can then start to configure the settings of the software to suit your needs.

Mambo Open Source CMS

Mambo Open Source is simply the best

The website development industry has grown manifolds over the last few years and so the demand for web development applications has gone up considerably. A dynamic website is much easier to maneuver and also assists websites to present the exact piece of information. In order to have a dynamic website, the size of the website will also increase.

Introduction to mambo open source

Mambo open source was earlier known as open source. Today it is one of the very best content management systems ever. This software is structured using PHP and licensed under GNU. Since the software is open sourced it gives the users the liberty to configure it as per their requirements which is simply great.

As a user, you will have access to more a hundred templates that will allow you to give the exact look you want to your website. You can also expect to find a content editor, multimedia and image support and many more features that will allow you to achieve a lot. Shopping cart features and e-commerce features are some of the additional features that you will find.

Now if you want to hire professionals to do the job for you then there are certain things that you should keep in mind before you go ahead with the process.

What are the factors that you need to consider before you hire a Mambo open source specialist?

  • To get the very best out of Mambo open source you should hire professionals that have a good amount of knowledge in the software, especially in PHP and MYSQL.
  • The professionals should be very familiar with Mambo 4.6.5 and a code called Jupiter so that you can take advantage of the updated patches that provide high-level security.
  • The professionals that you hire must be aware of the latest trends that prevailing in the web development industry.

However, if you want to go about the process of web development all by yourself then you must make sure that you have installed Mambo open source properly on your computer. You can find many tutorials online that will guide you through the entire installation process. The content in the tutorials is broken down into very easy to follow steps.

Now once you have installed the software; you must take the time to go through all the tools provided in the interface. However, you should not rush through the learning phase as you may miss out on certain important aspects of the software.

As a first timer you may have certain difficulties in using the software but as you spend more and more time with it you will get used to it. The interface of this software is pretty user-friendly so you will not have much trouble in dealing with it.

After you feel that you can handle the software quite well you can then start to configure the features of the software as per your requirements. So follow the tips to get the very best out of Mambo open source.

Designers Choice Drupal

All about Drupal

Now if you are unhappy with the way your website has been developed well it is a sign that you should now think of hiring a Drupal developer. A Drupal developer will do a fantastic job in designing and managing your website properly.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a very useful software which is of open sourced nature and this is a huge advantage to the designers. This basically means that you can modify features as and when required. The functions of content distribution and sharing become very easy with Drupal. This software can be used by both big and small businesses. This particular software does have its share of flaws but even then it allows you to stay ahead of all the other businesses.

Now let us look at the advantages of using Drupal

By using Drupal you can enjoy a great deal of flexibility. With this software, you can create modules and extensions that have never been conceived. With this particular software, you can actually give shape to your innovative ideas and creativity. Drupal is absolutely free so you do not have to pay anything for withdrawing or contributing to it. The advantage of using Drupal is simply outstanding especially the website designed using it can last for more than six years.

The interface of Drupal is very user-friendly and is loaded with sophisticated features and tools that make your operations so much easier. As a user, you will have the chance to embed or collaborate more than one programming language to give your website that extra punch it needs to stay ahead.

Websites that are designed using Drupal are very compatible with search engines. The meta tags are also easy to locate and so are the crawler bots. You should not be taken be surprised if your website has a rank higher than all other websites that use CMS.

When a website is designed using Drupal it automatically becomes eligible for mobile browsing. So the developers need not put in extra effort in order to achieve so. This actually saves a lot of time and money.

Drupal is a software that allows developers to design websites in the shortest time possible. This is an easy to implement a platform that gives solid results quickly.

To get the best results out of Drupal you must make sure that it is installed properly, to do that you can consult tutorials online. The content in the tutorials is broken down into very easy to follow steps. Once you have managed to install the software you must go through the interface and learn how to use the tools. This software has very sophisticated tools that let you do a lot of things. So it is best that you should take your time and not rush while you are learning the software.

You may face a bit of difficulty in the beginning but you will eventually get used to it. Now when you feel confident in using the software you can start configuring the settings of the software as per your requirements.

CMS Application XOOPS

Tranquility of XOOPS in CMS Application

XOOPS, widely acknowledged as the Extensible Object Oriented Portal System, is basically an esteemed and most efficient PHP web application module and platform that is extensively used for the development and creation of small, medium or large community portals or websites, Intra business and communal gateway, weblogs and various other application and media tools. It mostly lay emphasize on the modularity unique application and function, superior access run, customization, personalization and also intercontinental verbal communication support.

Even though it was earlier developed and being put into application as a major gateway system, it has been anon constructed into the most proficient web appliance structure. Its main endeavor was to provide essential and respective support in the arena of framing website for diverse use and application in the multidimensional aspects and functionality, through the mechanism of an assortment of components. For instance, a small application of XOOPS system can be made use in the functionality of as a dedicated weblog or knowledge source. However this can be prolonged ahead and modified as according to the specific need and requirements, as like client can attach the suitable components based on freeware as well as profit-making aspects to stock up content in intelligence, discussion hub, downloads application and many other grounds.

Indispensable Features of XOOPS

Based On Data Function – XOOPS make use of a relational catalog consisting of essential database and accounts, which can be termed as MySQL module, this enables to pile up large quantity of data obligatory for administration of fully web-based content supervision method.

Entirely Modularized – This is another most essential feature of this system, where component can be mounted or dismounted or activated or deactivated with the help of just simple click in application of the XOOPS element management structure.

Customization – With proper application and use, here chronicled users can amend their summary and profiles, decide on the site themes and textures, upload and include various conventional avatars, and do much more as according to their taste and preference.

Ease of Supervision – It also provides the application and ability to rummage around for clients and users in a most conventional way to intensify in the aspects of various criteria, like sending email and confidential messages to the users with the help of a template-based system.

Universal Support – XOOPS was shaped and sustained by a squad of numerous hard-working professionals toiling in this respective field from all around the world. Thus this unique community just has more than efficient officials to support and deliver functionality and applicability round the globe irrespective of multiple barrier and language constraint.

Extensive Language Support – Abundantly supported by multi-byte language structure that provides enough application in respective fields, which includes Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and various other multi language platforms.

Multi Access System – This has been built on the platform of easy and convenient use and application, which provides commanding and user-friendly function and permissions system that allows overseer to set permissions by various group and other preferences.

Theme-based Line and Interface – XOOPS is motivated by a powerful theme arrangement. Both the administrator and the client can modify the appearance according to the personal preference and choice.

Project Management dotProject

All you need to know about dotProject

dotProject is basically a very useful application that is used for project management. This particular application permits multiple users and more than one language. The good thing about this software is that it is free and is of open sourced nature.This software was put together by Will Ezell to serve as a replacement for Microsoft Project and it has a similar interface too.

So what does dotProject do?

This software will permit you to keep a firm track of the online projects. This software also has appropriate tools that will make your operations very smooth and less time-consuming. The best thing about this software is that it is free and it is licensed by GNU, however, since it is free you will not get any warranty for it.

As a user when you log into the interface of the software you will get to see a personalized setup and the screen will show tasks and events. The screen will also display the projects that are assigned to specific people. Since the interface is pretty easy to use you can navigate to the different areas.

To operate this software properly you will need an internet connection and a browser. Some of the functions that you can perform with this software are listed below.

  • You can keep a track of the task progress with the event and calendar tools
  • You can view the projects as Gantt charts
  • You can set up the various projects and the related tasks
  • You can use the software to communicate effectively with all the team members.

The software comes with a set of sophisticated tools that are great for communication.

Let us now take a look at some of the best features of dotProject

  • Discussion forums
  • Calendar
  • Contact lists
  • File Repository
  • Task list
  • Project listings
  • Clients Management
  • Ticketsmith System
  • User Management

So by now, you may have understood that this particular software is very useful and can allow you to perform a whole lot of things. To get the best out of the software you must install it properly on your computer. Do not live under the misconception that dotProject is very difficult to install because it is not. In fact, there are plenty of tutorials on the internet that with teaching you to install the software very easily. Most of the tutorials are very easy to follow as the content is broken down into various steps.

After you have installed the software you should take the time to go through the interface and learn how to use the tools. You should not rush through the learning process as you may miss out on certain important aspects.

Once you feel confident you can then begin configuring the settings of the software as per your requirements. This is a software with a lot of potential so you must use it well. Make sure you install the software properly on your computer.