Latest News and Hosting Review Datapipe

Hosting Review Datapipe – Company Overview

Datapipe Is a leading web hosting company particularly on the virtualization platform, founded in 2006.It offers single provider solution for securing and managing mission including infrastructure as a service, cloud computing, platform as a service, data and collocation centers. The company focuses on enhancing data capabilities by providing infrastructure support, and network services optimized for outstanding service performance. Company’s each solution is different and built on predictable cost model to keep a business running efficiently.
Datapipe is widely known for offering customers an option to fully utilize their server resources as well as provide a customized backbone for solutions, according to a predetermined description. These feature proven solutions based hardware from HP, Isilon and 3PAR and provide other infrastructure alternatives upon request, along with cloud-based solutions that deliver access to unmatched flexibility and power. Datapipe can react instantly, solve issues quickly and satisfy needs of the customers. Datapipe has the capability to deliver scale, scope, and agility from the world’s most influential financial and technical markets.

Datapipe Features

Datapipe is having two same time offerings for their clients, one is virtual computing services, and another one is web hosting services along with UNIX, LINUX and Windows hosting services also. Additionally, users get dedicated services including managed and cloud hosting, virtual data centers and collocation with scalable infrastructure that powers various applications around the globe. Datapipe employs the use of biometric access control in the most decisive part of data center tier 4. Their data center offers clients an availability of up to 99.99%.

Datapipe Services

The company provides application management, hosting and security services for large and medium sized industry along with predictable cost model which includes diagnostic, monitoring and issue resolution. Datapipe starts with forecasting needs and results in strategic, long term partnership with expert support without any limitations on the service request. Their goal is to design customized solution with right resources, create personalized, quick response, enterprise ready solution to perform powerfully. They offer solutions combine smart, long term strategic thinking with a range of services and products that develop advantage to a company.

Datapipe Reliability

The company offers Tier 4 data centers which are top class regarding quality and experienced technicians in the business who are available for up to 99.99% to users. Through high-quality hardware, their support team can deliver users with outstanding reliability and is excellent for critical sector and applications.

Datapipe Customer Support

Datapipe helps businesses to move fast with good infrastructure solutions which assist in reducing capital expenses, save operating costs and helps users to dedicate more of their time and resources to businesses, to stay competitive.

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