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Company Profile

HostColor[dot]com is making its mark since 2000. A focal data center is based in Indiana and due to this, there are very bleak chances of lagging of excellent internet network to North America and Europe. Host color provides disaster recovery option, collocation, and dedicated hosting.

Hostcolor  Products

Managed web hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, cloud collocation, disaster recovery, video & streaming are some of the services provided by Host Color. OS installation and application of modules are according to customer’s preference and all VPS are semi-managed. In social web hosting, 20,000MB space and 150GB transfer is supplied.
For collocation hosting, the company provides an array of plans like COLO 1U, COLO 2U, COLO 10U, 1/4 RACK and a network is Juniper-managed with 100% uptime, SLA guarantee is assured.

Hostcolor Price

Fully Managed (FM) VPS Virtual Private Server costs for $49.95 per month. Backup plans cost as low as $5 per month for 10GB disk space. Custom Hosting starts from $2.00 per month while CMS hosting nearly $ 4. Fully managed collocation plan starts at $69.95 per month while monitored collocation costs $ 39 per month. For managed disaster recovery service, the cost per instance starts from $39.95.

Features offered by Hostcolor

It functions a redundant network, 100% uptime assured and SLA guarantee network that is associated to Level 3, Cogent, Hurricane Electric,, US Signal, rounding up to more than 70 networks and ISPs. Powerful resource-rich, server systems, 24/7 Support – responsive, friendly and knowledgeable, scalable and is fairly priced.

  1. High availability hosting: Available as an opt-in service while signing up a process, it is useful in case the main website is unreachable for more than 5 minutes, the visitor is sent to the second website by DNS.
  2. FMSA service: Fully managed service account makes possible for owners of cPanel shared hosting account to assign website management and hosting to Host Color at a price for $69.
  3. Registration or transfer .com, .org, .biz, .us, .eu, .net etc domain names for $11.95 per year.
  4. 100% network uptime: due to Host Color’s redundant network.
  5. Secure SSL hosting & anti-spam and antivirus protection with other plans
  6. 1-click installation: Fast and easy installation of over 200 open source applications: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MODx, Zikula, Typo3, Magento, ZenPhoto, MediaWiki, Dolphin, Elg, phpBB, Pligg, OpenX, Piwik Analytics and phpCollab.

Recent Updates

HostColo[dot]om recently launched Fully Managed Shared Account (FMSA). Targeted for new small business web hosting to facilitate that makes small business owners allot technical administration of websites, apps, and web hosting accounts to support team.

The Service Features

Web hosting technical audit, analysis, setup, and optimization; Uptime monitoring; Computing resource utilization and optimization; Installation and management of website analytics; WordPress websites installing and troubleshooting, design themes and troubleshooting, code and debugging, file & email setup, domain and DNS management. FMSA features 4 hours service and saves time and resources for users with limited knowledge of website design, coding, HTML and hosting management.
Managed Hosting is when the provider is accountable for setting up and configuring hardware, installing OS and software programs along with securing, maintaining, updating and monitoring the hardware. This managed service model is brought by Host Color into the shared segment of the web hosting market. Its customers are allowed to analyze bandwidth use, monitor business critical applications and network utilization. Monitoring data transfer usage by application, user, protocol and location are presented.

Support/Customer service

Hostcolor hosting values their customers and this is why the customer care desk and the technical team are accessible to clients 24/7. They are also very fast in responding to their client’s needs thus efficient customer care support and happy customers.


The company operates from a high-class data center that is very well equipped with the latest and most powerful servers in the industry that clients get only the best quality and best performing hosting services from the company. They use only Intel processor based server only in their data center, the best in the industry. The technical support team is reached 24/7/365 and is highly skilled to deal with clients varying technical difficulties and on top of that, they are very responsive. The company more so offers very fast, stable and reliable hosting services to their client’s thus great performance.


The Hostcolor hosting company has a customer care team that can be reached all round the clock, 24/7 to cater to all the needs of their clients. On top of that, the technical team at HostColor can be reached throughout the day and night too and more so, they are highly skilled and respond very fast to clients problems.

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