Latest News and Hosting Review Hivelocity

Company Introduction

Hivelocity is a privately held company founded in 2002 with an objective to develop an ultimate company with primary focus on simplifying hosting that supported client growth as well as stimulates it. The company has employed 50 best people in the business that deploy bare-metal servers built to user’s accurate specifications, virtual servers and private and public hosted solutions. It offers a broad range of solutions for thousands of small and big businesses. Data center manage compliance for PCI, SSAE-16, and HIPAA certification and User gets 24/7 secure and private access to their locking cabinets.
Company offer services to customers with environment and solution that puts them in an excellent position to succeed. Providing outstanding, reliable solutions which allow clients to concentrate on running a business. Hivelocity outgrew old server closet and offered solutions for its 30000 data centers and colocation, dedicated servers and cloud hosting solutions over 130 countries around the globe. Also, a company has thousands of virtual and physical servers, and it means offering a level of customer service that exceeds user’s expectations.

Hivelocity Collaborates Corero’s Threat Defense System

The company has added Corero’s Threat Defense System to its network defense infrastructure against increasing challenge of DDoS attacks. SmartWall Network Threat Defense Appliance is a brilliant traffic inspection platform which offers advanced layer 3-7 threat protection. This system will block and filter data packets to ensure all traffic is appropriate. Corero Smartwall provides peace of mind to users by protecting them from malicious attacks.

Hivelocity Managed Services

The company provides proactive management services for cPanel dedicated server users. If any issue occurs related to hardware, software or network, it resolved immediately. It allows technicians to fix or avoid issues. A user gets free migration from any cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk or dedicated server as well as the free migration of up to 10 accounts from shared cPanel solution. Hivelocity Managed services also include:-

  • Server consoled within 5 min of alert
  • Setup CSF/APF, RKhunter, CHkrootkit setup alerts
  • Initial WHM/cPanel Setup
  • Monitoring for hardware and services
  • Setup and recover after crash

Backup and Security

Full system backup of 100 % of user’s server data each day, the company will perform incremental backup and develop restore point of a server. Though dedicated server customer will receive 10GB of free storage for life of the server. Most popular open source cloud solution, OpenStack controls pools of compute, network and storage resources.
Automated on/off site backup solution offers protection of valuable data or restore entire servers when required. Firewall stops external and internal attacks; avoid unauthorized access and achieve regulatory compliance with juniper hardware firewalls. Despite this, Hivelocity’s SSL certificates ensure online commerce is secure and encrypted.

Hivelocity Colocation

  • Secure- SSAE-16, PCI certified and HIPAA compliant data center is monitored 24/7 for data safety
  • Network Capacity- Redundant UPS, 300 tons of N+2 CRAC cooling, 200+ GBPS of diverse entry fiber network capacity and four days worth of diesel generator fuel.
  • Connected- Maintained 100% network and power uptime for around thousands of users.

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