ServerPronto is reducing its Carbon Footprint

ServerPronto continues its internal mandate to actively identify and replace hardware considered inefficient by today’s standards. It includes servers, networking equipment, and cooling infrastructure. Over the next few months, the company expects to decommission hundreds of devices.

“We all have an obligation to the planet and the environment,” says Chris Kurzweg, CEO of ServerPronto. “That’s why we’re taking steps to reduce excess energy consumption, and we’re absorbing the cost of the necessary hardware upgrades.”

The global data center carbon footprint is palpable: Seventeen percent of the total carbon footprint caused by technology is due to data centers. The electricity needed to run these data centers is nearly 30 billion watts.

The energy savings are substantial. Newer hardware often takes 1⁄5 of the power consumed by older devices, and that’s not even taking into account the benefits of less heat generation.
As a bonus, newer hardware is generally more powerful and reliable, which makes this move better for customers as well as the environment.

As Kurzweg states, “We’ve taken great care to ensure that hardware changes result in improved performance for customers as well as reduced energy consumption.” This move shows how ServerPronto continues to innovate in the dedicated and cloud hosting industry while offering fast, reliable, and affordable service.

About ServerPronto

ServerPronto has been a leader in dedicated server hosting for over 15 years and supports thousands of dedicated server customers in 99+ countries. With on-site technicians 24/7, ServerPronto offers a personalized customer service experience and a variety of dedicated servers to choose from. Other standard benefits include 2 hr average provisioning time, 100% Uptime SLA, Free Setup Assistance, 24/7/365 Customer Support, 24/7 Hardware Replacement, Full Root Access on all dedicated servers, Month-to-Month billing, 7-day Money Back Guarantee, Premium Multi-Homed Bandwidth and more.


María L. Méndez Flores
Writer and Contact Marketer
Phone: (877) 247-7668

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