Web Hosting Services

The Web hosting service has a large server or multiple servers that allow them space on the web, and they rent this space to clients who use it to park their domain names on the World Wide Web so that Internet surfers can access them.


Who Can Use Web Hosting Services?


Anyone can use a web hosting service if they can pay the monthly fee and have a domain name. The domain name provides the URL that people will type into their Internet web browser to be directed to your site. You will have to pay to register your domain name, although some web hosting services may offer free domain name registration as part of a promotion to give you incentive to use their service.

If you cannot afford the monthly fee, there are free web hosting services. There tend to be serious limitations on how you can operate your website with a free service, and many people find it necessary to upgrade to a paid service if they continue their website for an extended length of time. Another option may be shared web hosting, where a number of people agree to operate their websites off the same server and costs are shared.


What Should One Look for in a Web Hosting Service?


Price may be your first consideration, although many web hosting services, especially for personal websites, are quite affordable, only a few dollars a month in some cases. You will be looking out for storage space size and bandwidth size. These measurements, usually calculated in gigabytes, will tell you how much information in files you can store on your website and how much data your visitors can access per month, respectively. You should be able to make a rough estimation of how much storage space you will need and how much bandwidth you will require while you are planning your website

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