Email Spam Management based Web hosting

E-mail spam management capabilities of Web hosting company is one of the most important deciding factor that one should look at before he chooses to partner or decides to host his website with a hosting company.


It is needless to say that e-mail has become an essential need of any business in today’s time. Efficient e-mail systems is something which is not a luxury but a necessity. At cpwebhosting we have a dedicated team for e-mail spam management, which works dedicatedly on identifying spam and ensuring that your mailbox has a good percentage (upto 90%) of valid e-mails.

Spam Filtering and Email Management

With our continued effort and research work, we have put together a state of the art e-mail spam filtering algorithms. We have built up a 3 tier spam filtering system which promises to keep unwanted e-mails out of your inbox.

The retired spam filtering system works at three different layers:

  • Email Virus Filtering with updated virus database
  • Spam Identification through various spam filters
  • advanced filters for identifying unwanted e-mails

Apart from this we also give the users to train their inbox, via a Web-based control panel from where they can create their own white-lists and blacklists to avoid spam.

If you are looking for a hosting company that can deliver an efficient e-mail system promises to give you one of the best spam management.

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