Free Web Hosting

There are several types of web hosting companies. One type of web hosting provider is a reseller web hosting provider. These web hosting providers are actually clients of other web hosting providers. They actually take up a service and sell the same to their clients.


They do not own servers, but they purchase some space and resell it to others. The advantage of having a web hosting provider who offers reseller services is that they can focus on other types of services that are available to their customers. A reseller can focus on web promotion, web design and other services.


One type of reseller that may not be the best option is free web hosting providers. Many people feel like there is no point in having a reseller of free web hosting service. A reseller who offers ‘free service’ will charge for web design and many other services but yet their clients have to battle with the problem of having unwanted popup ads that are associated with free web hosting services.


Web hosting providers that offer free services are usually supporting themselves through advertising on the site. Because of this, these web hosting providers will usually have to place some ads on your site. This may not be desirable for your company or purposes and may therefore make paid web hosting providers a better option for your needs.

The information above should be taken into account when choosing a reseller web hosting provider. Although free web hosting providers offer an attractive pricing option, they also cannot and do not offer the same kinds of benefits as their paid counterparts.

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