Host Technic Server

The Technic Platform is a system which manages and indexes a list of modpacks. These modpacks are fully compatible with the new Technic Launcher. The goal of this Platform is to make playing modded Minecraft as easy as possible for everyone who is involved in it, from the server operators to the players.

Technic Pack

Technic Platform, you can share them with anyone with whom you like. It is a quick and easy process to use the next-generation Technic Launcher. You can maintain force updates, version numbers, send out custom texture packs and many more and all these are easily possible too.

From a small group of friends on a private server to a massive custom server operators, mod makers, and map producers, Platform offers you to get busy by playing modded Minecraft. It has the minimal hassle, and you can enjoy the rich content of modding community that has made it available to its players.


Easy Modpack Installs

It is as simple as clicking play. The Technic Launcher handles all of the heavy liftings for you. By this, you will become able to play your favorite modpack in minutes.


You can explore the Technic Platform from right within the launcher. You can find the most popular modpacks of a week and can install them right then and there only. It is just like that you play all new modpack!


To install Technic sever an individual need to go to the Technic Site and look for the mod pack that an individual plan on using After that click on the mod pack an individual wants to use. Next, once an individual click on the mod pack he wants to use, he need to look for the server download option and then he need to click it.

Then he should then have a ZIP archive. & need to place that archive into an empty folder on computer. Then he needs to right click the archive and then need to select the extract here option. Then next an individual will have few files and folders. These usually include 2 jar files, a libraries folder, a mods folder and a configuration folder. It is recommended to use the wipe option at this point.

This will delete absolutely everything from server & will make installing a mod pack easier. An individual do it by stopping the server, selecting the Update or Other tab and need to select the Wipe option. Then he need to connect to server through FTP server and upload the files that were earlier extracted. Once uploaded, an individual need to right click the Jar file, within FTP client, that is named after the mod pack and select rename. Then an individual is able to start his Technic server.

The New Platform

Let’s get Social

Its new Platform will help you to keep connected like you never get before. It keeps you up to date for feeds of things that you care about. If you want to do your favorite modpack update then you need not look further than your personalized feed.


The old Platforms sorting was defective. If you did not get it in early, then you would never make front page. That is over and done with. As popular packs climb to the top and dead packs, drop to the bottom.

Better Solder Integration

Less 504s, more connections. Its Solder integration has been cleaned up. It offers you the facility to set up your own Solder install to serve your custom modpack on a per-version basis. As to save yourself to tons of bandwidth in the process.

Using Existing Technic Mod Packs

The another grand feature of technic is the capability to play any mod which is hosted on the technic website. All you need to do is to go to Once you are there on its front page, click “Browse Mods” it will take you to a page which is full of all of the hottest mods on technic. Then you have to find a pack which can able to fulfill your need. Then click on it and after that copy and paste its “Mod URL” into the add new mod window on the technic launcher.

Create your own Modpack

It is for anyone who has already installed mods in the past. They can create a pack for the Technic Platform, and it takes only a few minutes. If you are new to the modding scene then also there is nothing to worry about as it has guide which will explain the process to users and modders of all skill levels.


There are many webhosting server providers who offers free Technic server but after providing they forget. So it is very essential to interrogate & search with proper investigation to experience game in an awesome way with a group of friends of user.

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