Business Web Hosting

Have a business and want to have a web presence?

A website is good for any business, but of course, each business will require different services and what is business webhosting?

Does our business just require a web site only to refer business to our brick and mortar operation?

An example would be a doctor’s office or legal practice as these are only for presence sake and not to conduct transactions through. The other reason is if we are selling a service and we want to be able to obtain clientele via the internet and possibly make sales on and offline.

A catalog-based e-commerce website requires third-party software or custom-made application. It doesn’t matter which method our business website has, but it needs to be able to organize and track transactions that are made as well as integrate with our own systems. If it doesn’t then we have quite a mess of financials.

We have a better understanding of Business web hosting, we will need to choose a web host that will be able to do what we need it to do. As mentioned before, if it is a website that will only refer visitors to our main place of operation, we can choose just bout any web host out there, but of course not until we do a little research.

When our website requires something more such as a catalog-based system, we will need to research the different catalog systems, one being a shopping cart. There are free ones available but do require at least some technical knowledge.

Commercial grade software is expensive and while they are definitely worth every bug, we will find that the majority of web hosts will not install them for us as it is not part of their system and could disrupt service from their users unless we spend more for customer business web hosting which can only be accomplished with hosting services like Virtual Private Servers or Dedicated Servers.

When we start, we should not go this route unless we have a larger budget for e-commerce hosting. It is suggested that we find a developer, the catalog system, and the web host separately as the learning curve is too big to start on our own and will be more painful and heartache in the end. It is better to spend a few extra dollars to outsource development to make business right the first time because it IS our business.

We have to make it profitable. 

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