SEO Impacts Search Engine Rankings

Website Search Engine Rankings

Choosing a search engine optimization hosting company is not an easy decision. Making an informed choice requires serious consideration of business factors, cost, services and features, support, and the degree of freedom we will have to manage our site. People choose search engine optimization hosting because traffic and ranking by major search engines are major concerns for their website. While personal websites aren’t usually concerned with traffic, Internet business sites need all they can get because more visitors mean more revenue. 

Hosting Service

First and foremost, be aware that there is a glut of web hosting companies out there competing for our business. Some of these are the web hosting firms themselves and others are resellers. Another way, hosting companies make many promises and deciding on one isn’t an easy matter.

Check into the following when we are comparing search engine optimization web hosts and the plans that they offer. Out how long each company has been in business. Many new firms don’t last more than a year or so and might leave us holding an empty bag.

Also, look into how they accept payments. It’s a far better idea to avoid the newcomers and select a search engine optimization hosting company that’s been around for two or three years or more. Check WhoIs to find out when the domain was registered and scan the web for any good or bad reviews.

We must develop some understanding of the technologies the web host supports to be certain they will match our files. If our files end with .htm or .html, they will match virtually all web hosts. If the files end with .php they should run in Linux. If they end in .asp or .aspx, then search for a Windows host. If we don’t have a site filled with images, we most likely don’t need any more than 100 MB of space, but if we do need more, be certain what the search engine web hosting company offers with each program. Other questions include the number of domain names and sub-domains they can host, the availability of e-mail, whether we can get access to set up a MySQL database or a number of databases, and most importantly, what level of SEO services are available.

Services Affecting Website Search Engine Rankings

  • SSL Certificate
  • Dedicated IP
  • Fast website load time for a better experience

We’ll be better off if the search engine optimization hosting company allows us to pay each month lieu of asking for payment up-front each quarter or annually. This will provide us with financial protection should they cease operating or in the event that we want to transfer away due to a conflict. Our search engine optimization hosting company should offer support when and as we need it. This should include technical support to help us solve problems as well as email support if we want that too. The amount of support hosting companies provides can vary from excellent to nearly non-existent. Look at our Web Hosting Reviews to find out what companies have good support.

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