Host Directory

I am looking for a proper host and I hope the directories of the hosts can be better for me. web hosting directories are a web hosting marketplace where all hosts list their products, plans, prices, and other important information so that according to their requirements, customers can choose a suitable plan.   Basically, web-hosting directories are of two types: paid WHDs and free WHDs. For paid directories, either web hosts pay a set amount for placing their banners on the site, or they pay a commission if they get customers via that medium.   Free WHDs like Ask Web Hosting – Web Hosting Directory and Website Hosting – Personal or Business Web Hosting – Host Byte Marketplace etc. web hosts list their services without paying any fees.

The paid WHDs are very easy to manipulate as the ranking of web hosts can be changed in unfair ways.   The WHDs that are actually free reflect the true ranking of web hosts companies. Whatever the case may be, paid or free, people should believe the web host’s rankings only if they are based completely on votes of customers who have actually given their remarks and have left their website address as well. This is not possible for any web hosting company to have completely positive reviews. It is also observed that at times customers who are satisfied with their web host forget to express their opinion about that host.

A biased customer who is not satisfied with their web host does not forget to mention their opinion of that web host. This applies that a negative review doesn’t always reflect the true story of a web host company. web hosting directories are very useful if the newbie wants to compare prices and features of different companies. But, when it comes to choosing a web host they should make an intelligent choice by referring to other resource sites as well.

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