Hosting Self’s Web Site

If I disgusted or disappointed with my current web host? Have I switched web hosting companies too many times? Now I decided to host my site myself, can I go for it?

You can be ready to host your own sites. This way of hosting is better than be reliable for anybody for the self’s site as well as for better business. When being our own web host we should be technically inclined and have basic knowledge of operating systems, understand technical terms, understanding how to set up a server environment have basic knowledge of scripting languages and databases.

We should realize the pros & cons. It is one thing to remember that if we want to host our own web server and it is another thing to actually do it. Mainly this process of hosting site is consist of the following steps:

  • Own sense of responsibility
  • Awareness level raised
  • No monthly hosting fees/accounts
  • Incompetence no longer exists More pros are:
  • Non-shared environment
  • Unlimited websites, databases, content, storage, etc.
  • More bandwidth
  • No more waiting on someone else time
  • Complete control At the same time if we consider the cons then it can be:
  • Exhausting at times
  • Faced with server/hardware problems
  • ISP business account More about these cons are
  • If a server goes down then the website is offline
  • No technical support team

Software, hardware, and network expenses Apart from these pros & cons there is also a lot of pros & cons but these are much better. Managing a web server starts as a full time job,we must constantly monitor its performance and security. This can be a hard task, especially if we currently have other responsibilities. Though, the control we will have over our website and its performance is rewarding enough.

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