Questions Before Selecting A Host

If we are going to select any kind of host any kind of our site then this is very important to ask some questions or question should be set in our mind. these questions can be………… These questions can be:
# May I know the founder’s name and a brief history of his business
# How long company been operating to provide hosting services?
# How many sites have the company hosted?
# ask them about sending some URLs of your customer’s website?
determine the web page loading time. Questions related to the internet connections…
# the data center equipped with redundant network equipment, power grid, or storage device?
# the Internet backbone company followed?
# Very much about the site uptime.
# Speed of the network. about security:
# how can they protect the site?
# How do they secure our web servers physically?
# Do they use any firewall systems?
# Do they monitor site security 24 hours a day? Questions for selecting the servers:
# Which brand of the server they use?
# Do they use a high-speed SCSI disk drive on the webserver for this plan we
intend to host?
# How many sites they host
per web server for this plan?
# Is our database server on an independent server? Questions about packages:
What is the rate for additional disk space?
Can we move to other hosting plans once I sign up for this plan?
Could we please let know all the versions of the software included in
this plan? About domain-related :
# if you don’t wish to order the hosting plan yet, however can you take his domain
name on our web server before ordering?
#if you are ready to activate the hosting
plan. Can you transfer a domain name to the host? about the reseller :
# Do they provide reseller service? If the answer is yes, are you qualify as a
reseller by purchasing this hosting plan?
# Is there any special incentive as a reseller?
# Do they provide tools to keep our company anonymous to my customers? As for as concerned about technically then:
# How long does it take to answer support requests?
# How do they handle technical support?

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