Web Hosting Types

How many kinds of web hosting presents in the market? there are so many kinds of hosting is present in the market but all these types are based on the demand of the industry. Some kind of the types are the dial-up type etc. first kind is dial-up type web hosting
There are thousands of local dial-up access providers in the country, each of which also provides Web page hosting for businesses. As we know learned that ISPs either specialize in dial-up access or Web page hosting, and it’s a rare ISP that ends up doing both well. Many dial-up access ISPs don’t really understand the needs of small businesses and aren’t quick to improve service. After all, their bread-and-butter is dial-up access, and that’s where their focus goes.

Some large companies have separate divisions for Web site hosting which helps them avoid some of these problems. The second kind of type is the developer’s hosting this kind of service is becoming common. Web site developers commonly host the Web pages for the businesses which are their clients, generally on a computer in a side of their office. and these companies often provide good service, since they are customer-centered.

The minus points are maybe:

(1) price, (2) smaller connection to the Internet backbone, and (3) dependence, etc.

In another kind of web hosting service, we will find that web hosting companies play an important role because they don’t need any kind of dial-up facility as well. Industrial hosting is another type which is especially for that kind of companies which they want to go for any kind of compromise even they required 24*7 staffing and the better services then this kind of services is suitable for them. 

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