skills required for Web hosting business

The websites hosted on shared are maximum than on Cloud, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Every hosting type needs the best security to fight hackers, malware, and spammers from invading the website. And, for an e-commerce business, comparatively more protection is required via an SSL certificate, spam or malware security, PCI compliance, and website backup. Mostly technically skilled enters into this web hosting business to make an additional lucrative income on a medium to long term basis.

A web hosting business with technical skills needs management and marketing skills. It takes a lot of consistent effort to research, create marketing strategies, target prospective customers, find niche markets, and deal with queries & issues. A hosting business team needs to keep its knowledge updated and familiar with the latest software, Programming or Coding, and features, Payment Gateways, Billing systems, and Nameservers. Furthermore, it needs soft skills to provide White Label Support.

The developers, designers, SEO professionals, and other IT professionals buy Reseller hosting from a third party or rent their server and host all of their client’s websites. They look for total control as they work on demanding apps, works on different programming languages, or do server-side coding. From the thought or idea, they build a complete website from scratch.
The Businesses require E-commerce platforms, LAMP or WAMP server (Linux or Windows, Apache or Nginx, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, MSSQL, and PHP or ASP); thus, a hosting provider team have software proficiency skills with the above. The customers install various applications to project management to build a business to the next level.

According to ‘ Market Watch, ‘the global web hosting market is forecasted to grow to $154 billion by 2022. Running a hosting business requires a lot of hard work, but it’s gratifying, as it’s almost subscription-based. Hard-works comes after-sales, providing the best support, resolving problems on time. For the same, the support team needs soft and good interpersonal skills to communicate well with the customers. Support personnel must have empathy, work ethics, flexibility, adaptability, time management, and issue resolution skills. They must listen to a customer coming with the issue or problems. Proper training and mentoring are much needed with counseling periodically to develop such skills in the technical staff members. Teamwork is required to run the web hosting business smoothly.

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