Hosting Review virtono

The company offers robust, reliable, and affordable web hosting solutions in multiple data centers worldwide.

The hosting services offered include Website Hosting, Managed Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Self-Managed Servers. The web hosting plan starts from 2.95/ per month, Cloud hosting 34.95/ per month on Managed cloud servers with cPanel with more power and control & Cloud Servers in multiple locations from Europe and USA. Furthermore offers cloud VPS, a Self-managed KVM-based VPS on our global Cloud Infrastructure with a starting price of 8.95 / per month. The hosting features include cPanel, LiteSpeed, blazing-fast servers, NVMe & SSD storage & professional hardware of DELL Servers & Cisco routers which brings high performance and infrastructure connected to multiple 10Gbps links. The NVMe & SSD storage helps maximize read/write speeds, SSD based RAID arrays improve write speed, IOps, and fault tolerance.

The company is offering a special promo with a 40% discount. The provider provides everything a hosting consumer needs to successfully build and manage its online presence. The account gets activated after payment. The provider has an Intercontinental position that allows them extensive reach worldwide and allows hosting consumers to deploy plans anywhere, anytime in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Miami, Manchester, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, & Bucharest.

The company provides 24×7 Formidable Support and claims a 100% uptime guarantee on its nodes and network. The company constantly monitors its nodes to ensure all services are up.

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