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Being Online has become necessary for most businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs. Ananova helps make the most educated decisions and investments possible when choosing a web hosting provider. Different hosting consumers choose various hosting platforms to develop business websites. Nowadays, most choose WordPress platform providers and compare their hosting plans, price, and features with their needs. They sign up immediately with a well-suited business hosting package. The technicals keep the issue of scalability in their mind; as a business grows, its online resource requirements also increase. Thus, before relying on any hosting provider, they cross-check features, uptime, infrastructure, webspace, bandwidth, and different hosting features and a kind of support hosting provider offers. The hosting companies offering plan upgrades, add-on services, and ease of switching to another hosting platform are on top of the choices. 

The business hosting consumers don’t like companies with hidden caveats, fees, and rules buried in their TOS (Terms of Service). The customer agrees to TOS during the sign-up process. And most businesses avoid hosting providers if TOS disproportionately affects a company or its profits. To resolve this issue, hosting providers nowadays offer simple contracts, which a customer can hammer anytime by paying a small host fee. 

As the business thrives, automatic switching to a higher hosting plan is much needed, and sometimes, the hosting provider is switched. A hosting provider cannot survive if it lays a condition on switching, refuses to allow transfer or download of data, or applies extra fees for the same. 

Ananova team goes through the TOS of hosting providers, which they find almost similar, and figures out all the details into summarized reports. The Ananova does this in the interest of hosting consumers to help them distinguish facts from the hype. Ananova provides detailed summarized reviews and rankings of thousands of web hosting companies.

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Ananova enables web hosting customers to make informed buying decisions. The website provides the Consumer Reports of web hosting – the trusted source anyone can go to for thorough, current, and honest reviews so they can make the most educated decisions and investments possible when choosing a web hosting provider.

Hosting Review KnownHost

Hosting Review KnownHost LLC

A privately-held worldwide leading value-packed shared hosting services provider—a professional web hosting company located outside of Washington, D.C.

The company’s web hosting plans include shared hosting for budget-conscious, managed SSD virtual private servers (VPSs), managed SSD VPSs, and managed SSD dedicated servers.

The shared hosting plans price starts with a basic plan for as low as $4.47 per month, a standard option for as low as $6.47 per month, and a professional for as low as $9.97 per month (each based on three-year pricing periods and a half-off special). The existing customers can upgrade the plan at no extra charge.

The hosting infrastructure includes a base of 316 servers operated from four data centers in Amsterdam, Maryland, Texas. The affordable hosting services feature LiteSpeed, cPanel, dedicated resources, separate IPv6 addresses, and Industry-leading Support at No Extra Cost.

The hosting services provide the enhanced performance demand coupled with growing needs to provide a seamless user experience. The company offers the best value in shared web hosting.

The company claims to provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee & around-the-clock industry-leading support.

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Ananova considers the hosting provider reliable, offering optimized hosting packages, maintaining good customer relationships, providing the best service, innovative product development, and continuously providing new offerings.

Hong Kong Best Web Hosting

Ananova lists the web hosting providers catering to the hosting needs of China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and South Asian countries. The selected companies offer optimized, affordable, and reliable services on Linux or Windows platforms or both. The Hong Kong businesses, bloggers, e-commerce owners looking to register and host their domains can review the provided list. They look for shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server, and reseller hosting packages.

The Ananova suggested hosting providers provide high-performance and feature-rich hosting solutions. The website also provides various discount offers, company reviews, hosting details, features, supported platforms, and other details related to hosting a website. The companies are compared on multiple hosting features like cPanel, bandwidth, disk space, MySQL, Perl, Python, phpMyAdmin, .htaccess support, Zend Optimizer, money-back guarantee, and more. The hosting providers offer development environments for designers, developers with specific demands with guaranteed website performance.

The hosting services are offered on high-performance servers. The data center features include SAS Type II Certified, which utilizes UPS power backup, have an advanced firewall, DDoS attack response, Solid State Disk, RAID 5 Disk Array, and 24×7 network monitoring.
The customers can claim refunds if they are not satisfied.

An expert professional team manages the hosting provider’s support. They are skilled in server management, optimization, and maintenance. As they serve in the China region, they can chat or talk in Chinese and English efficiently and accurately.

Hosting review Namehero

Best WordPress web hosting NameHero empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs remains steadfast in its commitment to creating a platform that serves a diverse customer base. The company provides affordable, high-speed, reliable, and scalable web hosting solutions for websites of all sizes. Maximum uptime and performance generate positive results to succeed online. Since 2014, the provider has continuously improved, optimized, and expanded its platform. The company is growing fastly and is now powering more than 100,000+ websites worldwide.

WordPress powers 35.2% of websites on the Internet, according to W3Techs.
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Hosting Review Candid Host

Candid Host is an award-winning front-line web hosting company in India. It offers Featured-packed Linux and Windows(for the websites developed using Microsoft technologies) web hosting packages for corporates at a competitive cost. A customer can choose from Starter, Economy, Business, and Corporate available in INR 1299, INR 1699, INR 2099, and INR 3699, respectively. The company is the perfect choice for New Delhi, the capital of India, customers for domain registrations. They provide an easy process as well as they offer cheap rates. For Indian hosting customers, it’s the right choice for both small website owners with few pages or portals requiring ample space and bandwidth. The hosting features include access to the control panel, MYSQL database, CGI stats, graphical stats, well-maintained servers, and readily available scripts and programs. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Python) brings rigid security and stability. The providers offer free available programming languages like Perl, MySQL, PHP, Python, and Ruby used on Linux servers.

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The company provides a hassle-free experience to its clients with complete control. The company offers several discounts on its web hosting plans that perfectly meet consumer needs and requirements. Ananova considers the hosting provider as reliable. Its servers offer good website speed and functionality and offer hosting plans at affordable prices.
The company claims to offer a 99% uptime & money-back guarantee and underlining its commitment to quality with cost-efficacy. An assured quick response is available in case of a technical problem.

Hosting Review Namecheap

The leading accredited domain registrar & web host founded CEO Richard Kirkendall in 2000 has headquarters in Los Angeles. With over 0.5 million domains under management, the company is among the topmost domain registrar globally. Its servers reside in two US-based data centers in Atlanta, GA, and Phoenix, AZ. Find out more and share your comments or review by visiting us at:
The company treats its customers as family members. It is thus committed to giving the best customer value with the best possible highly affordable & full-featured web hosting solutions to bring 100% satisfaction.

The company offers shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. Its shared hosting plan starts with $0.99 per month, making it the cheapest hosting plan from the top-notch, reliable hosting provider. The hosting features include the highly demanded cPanel and Web Host Manager, full root access (for dedicated servers and VPS plans), choice of operating systems including CentOS, FreeBSD, Ubuntu LTS, or Debian, and dedicated IP addresses.

The company provides award-winning 24×7 fast customer service support and a stellar reputation. The response time on a help desk is less than 60 minutes, and its Live Chat is available 24x7x365. The provider claims to provide a 15-days money-back guarantee, which builds confidence to use the services with complete confidence and risk-free.

Hosting review HostMDS

HostMDS is one of the leading cost-effective one-stop-shop turn-key web hosting solutions providers. It offers high-performance, reliable & secure SSD web hosting starting from $2.99, VPS, dedicated servers, and Colocation services. Hosting features include cPanel, unlimited resources (bandwidth, disk space, email accounts), Free SSL certificate(Let’s Encrypt), Spam filter powered by SpamExperts, feature-rich.

The VPS plan includes full root access and remote reboot capability, and its price starts from $9 per month. The customers can customize and install the supported application.
Linux Dedicated Servers with customizable CPU, RAM, Disk Space, or other add-ons are offered with prices starting from $79.99 per month.

The company provides reliable and secured hosting solutions from its strategically located data center in Greater Toronto, Canada. The data center is equipped with Enterprise-class servers, multiple Tier-1 BGP providers, 150+ unique high-speed networks, 24/7 strict security protocols, on-site security guards, video surveillance, biometric scanners, and more. The company claims to offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

The company is committed to providing the best support to its personal and business customers.

Cirrus Hosting, Canada, acquired HostMDS in 2016.

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Hosting Review Devrims

Devrims is a user-driven US-based managed cloud hosting service. It enables the users to create & deploy scalable, reliable, and highly available cloud servers.

It’s engineered with the industry’s leading technologies, giving its users unrivaled security and performance and taking away their web hosting complexities to remain focused on growing their businesses. The hosting solutions are ideal for scaling eCommerce businesses and digital agencies the varying technological requirements. The company provides freedom & flexibility, and it enables the users to sculpt web hosting environment specifications best suited for their web applications. 

Also, users can automatically install, configure and optimize different TECH Stacks for web application deployment and multiple additional services like MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, etc., in a server as per their unique set of requirements. The auto-suggest feature of the platform is beneficial for non-technical users to create and manage the server and host their websites in a few clicks. It is a positive move by a hosting provider, as other existing web hosting providers offer pre-configured services, leaving little to no room for the end-user to choose what’s best for them.

The hosting provider empowers the users by providing the freedom to use the technology without limitations. The users can host unlimited applications on one server and simultaneously use different PHP versions for other applications on the same server. The users can install additional services, choose preferred server-level caching services, create unlimited databases, add unlimited domain names in one application. Furthermore, the company provides a free SSL certificate for every domain name added to users’ web applications and much more.

The advanced & revolutionizing features are game-changer for the hosting industry. The PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) platform is engineered to keep adaptation, and quick integrations of future technologies—fluid integration with a button click and scalability brings the edge over competitors.

The company enables the paid users with a convenient & straightforward pay-as-you-go pricing model for paid users. The end-user is only charged based on the server usage on an hourly basis at the end of the month without any additional charges.

The company provides:

  • Guaranteed always-available 24/7 technical chat support.
  • Ticket assistance.
  • One free website migration per server.
  • A free trial of 6 days for every new user

top web hosting providers of 2021

Ananova News January 03, 2022 listed the top web hosting providers of 2021 to help businesses and web admins choose an effective hosting provider based on user-generated and expert reviews.

Best Hosting Providers

The hosting providers are selected based on server uptime, customer support, website load speed, price, and hosting resources. 

Ananova is the top online tool for user-generated reviews and content lists the thousands of hosting providers categorized and displayed on various pages. The main categories include Shared Hosting, WordPress hosting, Dedicated Server providers, Virtual Private Server, Cloud Hosting, Colocation Hosting, Managed Hosting, and more.

Ananova announces the top hosting service providers in different categories for 2021. Visitors can view and comment on detailed review pages of the leading hosting provider. The Ananova research team systematically studies numerous hosting providers, their services, news, and the latest developments in the hosting industry. The variables chosen for research include customer values like uptime, customer support, state-of-art infrastructure, hosting plans, website speed, pricing, refund policy, & resources offered. The team studies customer feedback, sentiments, feedback, ratings, and chats that help them create hosting reports.

About is a reliable source of information that users can depend on to help them distinguish facts from hype and subjectivity and accurately compare their options. The website provides user-generated and expert reviews on hosting providers and their plans. A visitor can also find discount coupons, special offers, the latest news, and additional web hosting industry resources. is the only source for this type of data-driven, unbiased educational information supplemented with authentic user reviews and comments. All information is available for free to all visitors, so they are empowered to make confident decisions on their web hosting investments.