Essential Website Security

Ananova is the trusted source anyone can go to for thorough, current, and honest reviews so they can make the most educated decisions and investments possible when choosing a web hosting provider.

Ananova ranks companies based on competency, specialization & area of expertise. The visitor chooses the most powerful hosting company best fit for business or individual websites with that in mind.

SSL certificate is an essential component of an online business. The SSL gets installed on a web server, secures the website, and prevents vulnerable web traffic. An SSL-installed website URL starts with HTTPS, and nowadays is a must. It protects customers’ data by encrypting and helps websites gain customers as they speed up transactions and improve visitor satisfaction.

DDOS Protection: Distributed denial-of-service protection is a collection of tools and network management techniques for countering the damaging effects. It protects the target network and relay networks from attacks, stops attackers in their tracks, and maintains uninterrupted service. Business websites need to block malicious traffic, disrupting legitimate user activity. The DDoS protection system protects a business from these devastating cyber-attacks.

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