Business Web Hosting on Dedicated Servers

Most branded businesses opt for a dedicated server or cloud hosting for their website.

Why dedicated-Server?

  • Host-only the customer’s website who has rented the Server
  • Provides total control of bandwidth, space, and security
  • Dedicated equipment leased from the provider is often reliable
  • Most companies offer excellent customer services


Most companies offer attractive discounts when the payment mode is quarterly, half-yearly, or annually. The businesses choose a monthly way, as they don’t want to be stuck for more extended periods.

Dedicated Server Customers

  • Large businesses or websites having substantial traffic
  • The websites collect credit card information, name, address, or other private or confidential details like shopping carts, and forums.
  • Online gaming or casino websites


Benefits Over

Shared Hosting

  • Mostly hosting business starters or personal websites devoted to a celebrity or resume web pages.
  • Limited or otherwise capped space and bandwidth

Free Server

  • Mostly hosting personal web pages.
  • The provider puts ads on web pages to compensate for the cost.


Costliest: cost run a couple of hundred dollars

Find the best-dedicated server providers on Ananova, where quality companies are listed with the monthly rate, space, and bandwidth they are offering.

Resellerspanel Reseller Hosting

Ananova recommended Resellerspanel offers Reseller Hosting to individuals and web designers, administrators, developers and SMEs to enter the web hosting business. The company claims to provide a significant competitive advantage, as its customers don’t have to make upfront investments in costly infrastructure and resources. Once, you signup for their reseller hosting plan, you become a reseller and can sell the company’s resources infrastructure and hosting packages to their customers. The parent company Resellerspanel name is always concealed and thus resellers independently build their hosting brand.

Resellerspanel reseller hosting account includes everything to seamlessly run a web hosting company such as domain reseller, remote backup, cPanel accounts, disk space, and bandwidth, as well as technical support. The support is available 24×7 via ticket, email and live help. The hosting services are offered on SSD drives, Litespeed, to boost website performance, as they load faster. The Litespeed is considered 10 times faster than Apache and five times faster than Nginx, thus can handle nine times more traffic, and concurrent requests. The company offers a secure hosting environment with iron-clad anti-hack and anti-virus protection.

Resellerspanel cPanel reseller program comes with WebHost Manager (WHM) & the cPanel Control Panel tools and offers unlimited disk space and monthly traffic quotas for your client’s accounts. You can maintain full control over all your web hosting clients and their resource usage.

Resellerpanel reseller plans benefit you to work independently and establish your brand. You sell hosting plans like shared hosting, virtual private hosting and dedicated hosting and generate profits. The Resellerspanel assists you in running your business, thus you don’t need a wealth of knowledge and experience in the hosting terms and technicals. You develop your comprehensive business plan and a marketing strategy to achieve success as a reseller of hosting services. You build a relationship with prospective customers, create efficient sales channels, and put into action a content marketing strategy.

Resellerspanel technical staff is always available to assist you to resolve issues and gain the customer’s highest possible satisfaction. Thus, indirectly, the parent company helps you to build a positive reputation within the hosting industry, which in turn can help you bring in more customers. The parent company offers multiple support channels, such as email, phone, and live chat, which gives a guarantee of 100% problem resolution in a timely and effective manner.

If you want to get into the hosting industry, a Resellerspanel is a way to do it.

Why Digital Marketing?

A professional business website created full of creativity, innovation and perfect look-and-feel needs a targeted audience. Almost every business today looks to streamline its online brand presence and build a fastly online customer base to meet its goals. Designers have multiple options available to build a website and provide an online solution to business customers. WordPress CMS is the best choice. Other options available are site builders offered by different web hosting providers. The hosting consumer can look to the Ananova selected top hosting providers at:

The key players listed in the list include Liquidweb,, A2Hosting, GreenGeeks, Namecheap, Inmotionhosting, Resellerspanel, Hostgator, Interserver, Sitevalley, Webhostingpad, Bluehost, Hostmonster, Fatcow, IPower, Weebly, Shopify, Accuwebhosting, WPEngine, Cloudways, Hostens and many more.

The above-listed web hosting providers offer business web hosting plans that suit online web portal needs regardless of business size. Once, the business has a professional website, look to attract targeted visitors by doing digital marketing & SEO. A website gets most of its visitors through search engines. Thus, most businesses invest in digital marketing strategies and cost-effective SEO solutions. Hence, they need online marketing experts, who can craft strategies and use tools to thrive in business, expand and prepare it success path.

An effective user-friendly web design, a pretty layout with an organized intuitive navigation structure, attractive visuals with standard look-and-feel, and call-to-action tailored to customer needs, are must for improving online visibility. As it makes it easy to find the right information quickly and delivers an enjoyable experience. Furthermore, a website must open with HTTPS and must have SSL to build trust that it is secure. A web hosting company provides all the necessary tools thus, makes website management simple, hassle-free and straightforward.

Ananova recommends & Shopify for creating powerful business venture e-commerce portals or brand-friendly stores. The hosting providers are reliable and provide cutting-edge technologies for all customized web design and development needs.

Digital marketing optimizes local businesses’ online presence for success. Furthermore, gives maximum visibility and attainability to businesses on industry-leading search engines such as Google or Bing.

Choose Reliable E-Commerce Web Hosting

Ananova suggests & Shopify, as reliable e-commerce web hosting providers. Technical business experts observed an increase in online business during COVID-19 and post-period. Although, e-commerce started capturing the local business market long back. The businesses started selling products or services online and delivering the same to customers’ doorsteps.

Payment gateways help online businesses to charge through customers’ credit cards, net banking, UPI and even debit cards with international access. The payment gateway accounts connected with businesses’ banking system allows charging the customers in various currencies. Thus, now, the businesses are not only selling in their local vicinity but are finding customers worldwide. The customers are also happy, as they are able to get products for which they don’t need to travel to the said place by placing the order online. WordPress woocommerce and Shopify allows businesses to display products or services under various categories.

Ananova considers and Shopify as reliable e-commerce web hosting providers and recommends them to e-commerce websites or stores. WordPress being the best blogging platform or CMS is powered with woocommerce is the best tool for e-commerce websites.

Both Shopify and offer web hosting services on cloud servers, where content is delivered to visitors from nearby servers. The websites load faster and give a better visitor experience. Top-notched 24×7 customer support offered by experienced technical. aims to demystify complex technical web hosting concepts.

Choose only Quality Web Hosting Provider

Every professional business website on the Internet is a brand if equipped with the necessary marketing tools. The selection of best hosting provider also plays an important role in online business success. The hosting consumer can look to the Ananova selected top hosting providers at:

The key players listed in the list include Liquidweb,, A2Hosting, GreenGeeks, Namecheap, Inmotionhosting, Resellerspanel, Hostgator, Interserver, Sitevalley, Webhostingpad, Bluehost, Hostmonster, Fatcow, IPower, Weebly, Shopify, Accuwebhosting, WPEngine, Cloudways, Hostens and many more.

Almost every business lure customers with discounts, offers, and the best support. It’s recommended to hosting consumers not to get take away and choose only the reliable provider. You cannot host a website on an unstable server which goes down multiple times, as it can be disastrous and gives a bad online reputation. Thus, Ananova suggests choosing the best reliable provider for the first time by checking its various studies and findings. Not only uptime, but website speed is also an important factor. Visitors move away from slow websites, as they get annoyed. Find the elements which increase the website load time. They can be big-sized images, slow-loaded servers, javascript and others.

Most review websites provide detailed reports related to web hosting providers, where they ask visitors to share their hosting experience. But, the problem is are those reviews unbiased. It is also observed most hosting consumer selects the providers which offer the cheapest hosting packages where they offer big discounts on multi-year purchase, and monthly costing is high. Cheap cost diverts the attention that something the hosting provider is hiding or its hosting quality is not at par, as meeting its profits at such a low cost does not seems feasible. Here, the hosting experiences shared by real consumers build trust and a kind of validation. Reviews make it easier for the hosting consumer to make a buying decision. For some customers, low hosting price is their requirement, and it does not mean that hosting is going to be sub-standard. As there are few hosting providers, who offer quality hosting at very cheap prices. It is also seen that expensive hosting does not give a guarantee of quality hosting. Confusing! Yeah! That is why Ananova checks the hosting provider on several factors, before listing them under top hosting providers.

Business’s online presence

Do you think every online business is earning? Surely not! Experts say that there are several crucial factors in today’s era on which success depends. Is building a professional website hosted on a good web hosting provider server enough to thrive in business?
Is selecting the web hosting provider a significant aspect that drives online success? A decade ago, there was a boom in Reseller hosting business. The resellers conceal the details from web-hosting customers like the servers’ actual owners. These resellers sell particular webspace and bandwidth from the server they lease or VPS account. A customer feels happy when his business runs smoothly and technical help is available when required. These resellers were like dealers. The support is also actually provided by the parent hosting provider under the name of the Reseller company.

Do you think every online business is earning? Surely not! Experts say that there are several crucial factors in today's era on which success depends. Is building a professional website hosted on a good web hosting provider server enough to thrive in business?

From what I experienced in the early days, this model gained a lot of success. But, as prices got thrashed, running a reseller web hosting company with 100% satisfaction became a daunting task, and thus most resellers closed their business. The ease of hosting companies with the availability of control panels for every job also made the web hosting business competitive. Most companies could set up their hosting services without much complexity.

The platforms like WordPress make it easy to build a website to bring business online. The articles about choosing the best web hosting provider start fading or losing the web crawler’s ranking. The web hosting review and rating websites started losing relevance. The hosting customers rely on something other than the web hosting market stories.
A hosting customer is now intelligent enough to understand its hosting needs or requirement. With the abundant availability of web space, bandwidth and other resources, the business website customer is looking for other factors like website security, backup and support. These news factors determine business online success; thus, a hosting customer is inclined only to those hosting companies that focus on these factors. A must-have online business website needs a sincere, dedicated and technologically advanced hosting provider.

There was a time when customers got attracted by the keywords like unlimited and one-stop-shop. Now, a hosting customer looks to host its website only to branded providers with a customer-centric approach. Hosting providers provide sufficient space, bandwidth, resources, and help on forums, articles, and video clips. Still, a customer goes to a provider with the long-lasting experience to host on a platform.

Many hosting providers offer WordPress different hosting packages. Some offer cheap, and some claim to provide excellent services. Now, customers also look to their budget and some like using cheap web hosting providers. Ananova lists many cheap affordable web hosting providers offering free instant set-up, free domain for life, unlimited Space and Traffic and an adequate money-back guarantee, among many others. The Ananova ranks them depending on the user reviews on factors such as reliability, security, speed of access and factors crucial for running an online business.

Ananova ranks the providers with the latest technology and upgraded and updated software. Many tools are available to monitor website uptime, speed, background technology, and software versions.

Trust Ananova is a listed WordPress hosting provider offering the best hosting features, 24×7 support and technology for your e-commerce website.

Future of Web Hosting Providers

Web hosters are always concerned about sustainability, continuity, and business growth as business needs continuous up-gradation and updates to keep pace with continuously changing technology. Big companies take over the small companies, and those who want to run their companies struggle to cope with big brands’ sophisticated, long-term hosting models. The big brands have money & human resource to plan, create strategies, and appropriately implement their processes. They apply various methods to interact with multiple stakeholders, especially their customers. The support team interacts with the technical or back-end team to help customers solve problems or issues related to their managed applications or infrastructure.

I’ve found some small hosting businesses are also managing smartly, with a limited number of customers. Runs their hosting services on public cloud VPS servers, cPanel Control Panel, Cloud Linux, and Immunify365. Their clients are individuals or small businesses with limited resource requirements. They also keep their support systems always manned to provide the best connectivity.

Most hosting businesses are emerging as Software As A Service Providers, where they have hosted applications on AWS, Vultr, or Google Cloud Computing Server. Their client needs minimal functionality, as they are more concerned with hosted applications. The hosters are termed differently, like e-commerce platform providers, educational platform providers, and health platforms. These platforms provide all the sector-related operations. SaaS providers are emerging quickly in the market and can gain a customer base by offering complete solutions.

Thus, the hosting industry seems to be divided into Public & Private Cloud Providers, Data Centers, and SaaS Providers.

Salacious, Messy Anonymous Hacking

It has become the old story now; cybercriminals steal users’ information, and customers or members are notified by hosting or social media websites. The customer’s situation is a complete mess; they shared the details with complete trust, and how such big websites get compromised. Wasn’t their security enough to stop hackers? The situation becomes salacious when they know that the hacker’s group is anonymous.

The companies claim the complete security of their user’s data and promise that they won’t be sharing or selling with 3-party companies without the user’s consent. But what if hackers breach the data? Why don’t companies take security as the topmost priority to stop such breaches? After the data gets compromised, news often comes out from such companies that the cyber security team has taken remedial action and then starts assuring customers with high priority security and privacy. The worst is when companies don’t know about such leaks for even months.

The mysterious online hacker community Anonymous always remains in news headlines. In February, a Twitter account with 7.9 million followers named “Anonymous” declared a “cyberwar” against Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin. The group claimed responsibility for cyberattacks that disabled websites and leaked Russian government agencies, state-run news outlets, and corporations’ data.

The Anonymous hacktivists employ coordinated cyberattacks against various world governments, corporations, or other groups, often in the name of social or political causes. On March 6, 2022, Anonymous claims to have hacked into the Russian streaming services Wink and Ivi (like Netflix) and live TV channels Russia 24, Channel One, and Moscow 24 to broadcast war footage from Ukraine. But that doesn’t make them heroes. Let’s have a look at their past deeds.

On November 17, 2021, Godaddy, an Internet domain and web hosting company based in New York, revealed a hack on September 6, 2021, which exposed its 1.2 million customers’ emails and numbers, putting them at risk of phishing attacks. An attacker sends a fraudulent message designed to trick the victim into giving them sensitive information. The company filed an incident report with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stating that it had identified ‘suspicious activity in its Managed WordPress hosting environment by an unauthorized third party. They immediately began an investigation with the help of an IT forensics firm and contacted law enforcement. SSH File Transfer Protocol, a network protocol that provides file access, transfer, and management over a data stream, and database usernames and passwords got exposed for active customers. The company immediately blocked the unauthorized third party and reset both passwords.

The company spokesperson said: ‘We, GoDaddy leadership and employees, take our responsibility to protect our customers’ data very seriously and never want to let them down. We will learn from this incident and are already taking steps to strengthen our provisioning system with additional layers of protection.’

Why are hackers so high? Can they impact thousands of websites and bring down businesses? Even with so many protections, firewalls, anti-malware, anti-viruses, and best security, how the hosting accounts get compromised still is beyond one’s thinking.

It’s not only Godaddy; almost every big company is the target of hackers. Amazon’s Twitch, a video streaming service, suffered a data leak after an anonymous hacker posted a computer file containing a vast amount of data for the public to access. Users Called ‘Disgusting Toxic Cesspool’ in a post on 4chan by a hacker. CNBC reported that the data leak included details on payments to content creators and an unreleased product from Amazon Game Studios.

Most companies use two-factor authentication (2FA), but not all their customers or members use the same. The companies always recommend changing passwords periodically. It’s time for users to know the difference between public and private information, ‘what to be shared and what not to be.’ Undoubtedly, the threats of cybercriminals will remain in the future also, but it’s the company’s and user alertness that can minimize hacking possibilities.

Importance of Website Security

Security researchers claim that hackers and cybercriminals attack big web hosting companies and domain registrars. There is an increase in backdoor payload attacks against the big hosting providers. Wordfence, a popular security service, analyzes that the WordPress hosting providers and resellers gets the most affected.

The hackers exploit the vulnerabilities, gain access to configuration wp-config.php, and modify parameters to have complete control. They get a template that refers users to pharmaceutical sector spam links and injects malicious pages into search engines results. The spam templates intend to incite victims to purchase fake products, exposing money and payment details to the threat actors. The hackers with complete control alter or modify website content like links, titles, menus, or images; thus, the site appears compromised instead of the original one.

Cybercriminals steal data, passwords, and users’ personal information. The hosting customers prioritize protection and want absolute and higher standards of security measures for their websites, emails, and other resources they host on servers. Thus, the website’s reputation is maintained. The user experiences get impacted, leading to a negative experience and losing trust with website downtime or affected vulnerabilities. The website security threat leads to potential financial losses; thus, hosting consumers want to strengthen digital presence security and take a longer-term view on protecting the investment.

Over 90% of GoDaddy APAC customers participating in its 2021 Global Website Security Survey consider cyber security important for small businesses. Nearly 80% of respondents agreed that small businesses are at risk of cyberattacks. At the same time, half said they had already experienced a security breach, and a third described themselves as unsure of how to deal with a cyberattack.

The hosting providers always advise their customers to keep everything updated and upgraded. Wordfence strongly recommends that users scan the wp-config.php file immediately to detect potential backdoor injections.

Last year in November 2021, up to 1.2 million users of Godaddy’s WordPress websites got affected by an unauthorized attack. GoDaddy In. empowers millions of entrepreneurs worldwide looking to expand their online presence. The hosting provider offers tools for domains, website creation, e-commerce, content creation, and online security capabilities like Firewall and malware protections, site cleanups, and secure backups to help safeguard your customers’ and business information.

Free Speech Social Media Platform Parler

Parler is based in Nashville, TN, founded in 2018, and has over 16 million growing global community of content creators. The site is an American alt-tech alternative to Twitter, a microblogging and viewpoint-neutral free speech social media platform to connect like-minded people or individuals. The users have chosen Parler, as it uses the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as a guide and welcomes everyone to the civil debate around diverse topics, emphasizes free speech, and promotes open dialogue, political views, and honest discussions without worrying.

The site allows people to speak freely without fear of being suspended or labeled ‘dangerous’ and banned. The users feel protected against the authoritarian powers of Big Tech, Big Government, and cancel culture. The site includes users banned from mainstream social networks or who oppose their moderation policies.

“We believe in more speech at Parler, not censorship, and empowering people to think and share freely. Parler is proud to help mark monumental moments in American history and Free Speech, bring attention to injustice, and bring timely and timeless art to our growing NFT and social communities,” added Parler CEO George Farmer. “This collection is perfectly aligned with our marketplace and our values and mission, something Twitter sadly doesn’t share.”

“Parler values free expression, transparency and data privacy. While our new premium NFT marketplace is working to redefine the opportunities and experiences for both collectors and creators, we are doing so with the same approach to accessibility and security found at Parler.”

It’s associated with Donald Trump supporters, conservatives, conspiracy theorists, and far-right extremists. The site has a bold vision to make freedom of expression, security, and privacy a reality through social media and Solana blockchain technology. Posts on the service often contain far-right content, antisemitism, and conspiracy theories such as QAnon. 

The site does not allow users to violate its Terms of Service and bans them if they engage in spam or abusive behavior or are reported by other users. The website does not allow creating multiple accounts, posting pornographic content, engaging in illegal activity, sending unsolicited messages, posting repetitive content, or harassing or abusive behavior towards other users.

Parler filed a subpoena requesting documents regarding Twitter’s alleged collusion with Amazon Web Services resulting in Parler’s deplatforming and removal from APP stores on January 10, 2021.

“Parler will continue to fight against Big Tech companies like Amazon Web Services and Twitter that attempt to stifle innovation and free speech through anticompetitive practices. We will continue to stand against cancel culture and the mob mentality,” said George Farmer, CEO of Parler.

People questioned the social media platform’s role in the Capitol riots on January 06, 2021, leading to the removal from the Apple App Store, and the ceasing of its web availability from Amazon Web Services. The founder and previous CEO of Parler, John Matze, was fired. George Farmer is the current CEO of Parler, and he has been working to revive the platform. The app rejoined the Apple App store.