Future of Web Hosting Services in Web3

The most demanding and crucial to most businesses is to equip with the best tools and strategies. Everything in today’s world is driven by technological revolutions. Thus, to sustain, survive and remain competitive, most look for the best platforms to host their online business. Online is increasing and gaining popularity, as compared to offline, as Internet connections are marching towards 5G and people are becoming more tech-savvy. The customer is aware, smart and takes wiser purchasing decisions. Easy information availability and accessibility have enabled customers to gain product information, make comparisons and figure out the value in terms of price, product and support. Companies are more customer-centric as they understand and consider it as most important for business success and survival.

The businesses have more reach and penetration into the new markets. With the shop in the main market to cater the local customers, the businesses have taken the visitors available on the Internet more seriously. As we are marching towards web3, companies are inclined more towards using AI in Internet marketing. It seems to be beyond imagination what would be next, we have seen the website, mobile apps, and cloud platforms. What will be the new face of businesses, web3 has already raised confusion and questions in the minds of most stakeholders. Elimination of the central authority, where people can verify instead of showing trust towards various agencies.

How the big web hosting giants of web2 like AWS, Godaddy, WordPress, and Bluehost would evolve when businesses would be asking for hosting websites more on blockchain technologies. Although it seems to be not happening in a day or two, most of us have already started the future of the web hosting industry. The words like ‘reliable web hosting’ would lose their shine in the web3 world. Until hosting reviewing websites like Ananova, have been asking companies or businesses to choose a reliable web hosting provider. The website determines the same by the quality and values it delivers to the customers like server quality, 24/7 support, 100% uptime SLA and a backup policy to ensure stability and dependability. How portals like Ananova would ask the hosting business customers to verify the providers instead of just believing and trusting the other customer reviews. The customers at present do not have any technology, which could verify, they only have to trust others. How, they would even be able to trust the tools which could ensure consistency, reliability, and service value?

I’m still not able to imagine, how businesses would be able to host websites, or would there be any websites? How companies would be focussing on different marketing techniques to capture new business?

Internet marketing emerged as an industry during Web 2. Businesses keep a major chunk of their budget for Internet marketing to keep thriving and taking businesses to achieve new goals. Giving value to customers, time and attention via a proper support system, and keeping information or content valuable and up-to-date is today’s mantra to thrive.

When we would march towards web3, for sure, the customer requirements would also change, and to meet them, the web hosting providers would be surely offering the exact platforms. I think PHP, JAVA, and Python would lead the programming languages for website development. As the cloud has almost diminished the term ‘Server uptime’, as most web hosting providers offer 100% SLA, earlier 100% uptime appears to be a myth, but nowadays it is a reality. Furthermore, the data is provided by the nearest data centre, hence, the page load is not much of an issue, and most websites, load faster. A decade ago, slow websites were quite annoying and brings a bad reputation to business, which was the issue of the web hosting provider.

Web3 technology is surely going to change the web hosting industry. Although, at present, we can only imagine, for sure it is tomorrow’s reality. Till the new world emerges, the terms cheap web hosting services, affordable web hosting, reliable web hosting, unlimited bandwidth, and space, a customer needs to only trust.

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