Reputable web hosting

Ananova provides a list of reputable web hosting companies that cater to the online business needs of small businesses and individual websites. The portal lists the providers based on customer satisfaction score, retention, and lifetime value. Most SMEs seek dedicated, low-cost hosting providers that provide cheap web hosting packages with 24×7 online technical support. These businesses want premium services at a low cost. Once, the business starts thriving, they upgrade the hosting services that come with more space and bandwidth, as needed.

Having a necessary online business presence has populated reseller web hosting companies, which sell limited resources only needed for basic websites. To attract hosting customers, a few started offering free hosting services for a limited period. Monthly hosting packages are becoming increasingly popular among seasonal hosting customers. offers personal, premium, business, and e-commerce hosting plans. For most small businesses, a personal plan is sufficient. With a dozen free themes, these small businesses get a professional website. On WordPress, the website may contain rich media like video, audio, and images with the content. G-Suite and Office365 offer the best email hosting services. Thus, at a minimum cost, a business enjoys web hosting beneficial features. The E-commerce package comes with a plethora of tools and applications, like accepting payments in 60+ countries, shipping with top shipping carriers, premium design options for online stores and many more. A hosting customer needs to be aware of programming languages like HTML, PHP or ASP for building a website on the WordPress platform. No technical qualification is required. Thus, has attracted almost every SME and individual to have a website on The hosting services are simple to use, with excellent security, backups, and plenty of space and bandwidth.

Ananova assures every customer of the best web hosting experience.

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