Digital Ocean: Moving Up In The Cloud Hosting World

Cloud hosting is an industry that is growing fast, and Digital Ocean is quickly rising to the top. They recently announced a total of $3.2 million raised in seed capital, and with new subscribers joining at a rate of 500 per day, this money is much needed to adjust to their growth.

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The Cloud Makes Basic Health Care In Developing Countries Possible

The Cloud Makes Basic Health Care In Developing Countries Possible.

Can cloud technology help bridge the gap between healthcare and developing countries? An open source mobile health technology company called MOTECH SUITE is doing just that – using the cloud to bring basic healthcare to people across the globe.


Musicians: Take Note Of HostBaby!

Musicians: Take Note Of HostBaby!.

In the vast sea of cheap hosting providers, each service can seem to blend in with the others. They all seem to offer a generic package, similar to others. But you’re an aspiring musician, and you want something tailor-made for your needs, something to set you apart from the rest. Is there anything out there just for you?


Amazon’s Redshift: A Review

Amazon’s Redshift: A Review.


Commercial data warehouses were something of a struggle. Massive data volumes weren’t handled with ease, and the whole thing was a relative mess. Companies have been trying to solve this problem for a long time, though few came close to providing any real solutions. Amazon has changed all of that with Redshift.

Projection: US-Based Cloud Hosting Companies to Lose Billions

Projection: US-Based Cloud Hosting Companies to Lose Billions.

Government internet surveillance in the United States is troublesome. What might be even more troublesome is economic impact that recent NSA news will have on the cloud computing industry in the USA. Some numbers coming from the ‘Information Technology and Innovation Foundation’ point to billions in losses thanks to NSA surveillance.


AWS vs. Azure: Is One Better Than Another For Programmers?

When it comes to cloud hosting services, does one company excel? Which one should you choose (or recommend to your boss)? Here’s a closer look at Microsoft’s Azure vs. Amazon’s Web Services (AWS).

10 benefits of cloud for manufacturers

Industries all over are learning about the benefits of cloud hosting, and watching as profits rise and IT costs fall. There is one industry where cloud hosting is making a big impact: manufacturing.


Cloud computing abd openstack interoperability issues.

In 2008, Reuven Cohen started one of the first Google groups created for those who wished to discuss the cloud, named “The Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum.” People posted discussions on topics like problems with standardization and interoperability, but eventually, conversation fizzled and faded away altogether.


Top 4 cloud storage options – our comparison

Cloud storage isn’t hard to find. Many companies are dishing out free cloud storage, and some companies are begging people just like you to take it. The problem with too many cloud storage companies is that it’s hard to sort the good from the bad. Which ones are really cloud storage companies, and which ones are just pretending? More importantly, which cloud storage companies can you actually trust?
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Why the cloud is getting so much attention?

Why the Cloud?

Have you ever considered how big cloud computing has become? Although the Department of Defense relies on the cloud, there are some that still have a hard time letting go and moving their data to a virtual, cloud hosting environment.
Are you one of those people who have a hard time accepting new things? Maybe you should consider giving it a try! Cloud hosting can save you both time and money if you choose the proper hosting provider. Let’s look at the five main reasons cloud computing is becoming so very popular.