California: One Step Closer To Outlawing “Revenge Porn”

It’s official: you’d better not start up a cheap hosting site where people can post nude pictures of exes and enemies in order to exact revenge. It’s on its way to becoming against the law, after the California State Senate passed a measure banning ‘revenge porn.’

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Moving to the Cloud? Be careful

A lot of small businesses are looking to the cloud to save money and time. However, deciding which files to send to the cloud isn’t as cut and dry as it seems. There’s a lot more to cloud storage than just moving items around to and from the cloud. There are legal, and other, things to think about too.

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First Steps Toward A Hybrid Cloud Solution

Your company has decided to move its data to the cloud. Great! You know you want to go hybrid, and you aren’t alone: recent surveys indicate almost all enterprises plan to go with a hybrid cloud solution at some point. Although they want in on the cloud, very few of them have actually come up with a specific strategy, and fewer still have actually deployed a hybrid cloud hosting solution.

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Bare-metal Servers: Perfect For The Cloud

Bare-metal Servers: Perfect For The Cloud

When choosing a cloud hosting provider, you might want to consider one that offers bare-metal servers. Not only do they offer greater flexibility, they bring a higher level of performance than dedicated hosting.

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Dalai Lama’s Chinese Website Hacked, Visitors At Risk

Dalai Lama’s Chinese Website Hacked, Visitors At Risk

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Hacking of your cheap hosting website is a real threat, no matter who you are. That’s right, even the Dalai Lama has fallen victim. An expert is betting the viruses that are infecting all visitors were put there to keep watch on those human rights activists that frequent the website.

Projection: US-Based Cloud Hosting Companies to Lose Billions

Projection: US-Based Cloud Hosting Companies to Lose Billions.

Government internet surveillance in the United States is troublesome. What might be even more troublesome is economic impact that recent NSA news will have on the cloud computing industry in the USA. Some numbers coming from the ‘Information Technology and Innovation Foundation’ point to billions in losses thanks to NSA surveillance.


Hackers Sending Illegal Images to Harmless Sites

Hackers Sending Illegal Images to Harmless Sites.

Filters or not, hackers will find a way. Nothing demonstrates that better than a recent story out of the UK, on the heels of the mandatory ISP filters for pornography their government is talking about imposing.

Analyzing The Cost Of A Security Breach

Analyzing The Cost Of A Security Breach

Security breaches: a cheap hosting company’s worst nightmare. For the past eight years, the Ponemon Institute has researched data breach information, surveying companies around the world in order to determine the associated costs.