Best SSL certificate providers

About SSL (Secure sockets layer)

If you are having an online business, then customer satisfaction is very important, by ensuring them, their important information like their credit card information or other information is safe and secure, so that they don’t hesitate in providing such information and for ensuring such security, SSL is a common way. For eg.purchasing a DVD from, filing your taxes online etc.

About SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is installed on a website, which makes you feel safe and secure for the information enter by you because it is only access by the organization that owns the website. SSL certificates are provided by Certificate Authorities (CAs) and the use of this certificate is required by web server, so that SSL protocol can be used in an effective way.

Now SSL Providers

There are various SSL providers available, but to choose the best ones, you have to see the needs of your business and according to that explore what different options are available before choosing an SSL provider.

Have a look on the few best SSL Certificate providers:

1. GoDaddy : Godaddy is a brand name; people trust the provider and know this as the biggest domain registration company. They also offer SSL certificates for $69.99 for the Standard package and $89.99 for the deluxe package, but both the packages can be modified as per your requirement. Customers are also well satisfied with Go Daddy because it provides you competent support 24/7.

2. VeriSign : VeriSign’s authentication business is considered as one of the well trusted business, under Symantec’s wing and it is used by most of the big brands on the Internet. It supports up to 256 bit per encryption. Secure Site Pro EV is the most expensive package, its price is more than $1, 000, having some outstanding features such as extended validation, $1.5 million warranty and vulnerability assessment.

3. Comodo : SSL Shopper has the views about Comodo that it range from good to worst, but if you go in very much depth, it is possible that you may find a similar range for others also. Comodo offer cheap solutions as well as SSL certificate solutions for everyone from home offices to businesses and from e-commerce to organizations. This company provides unlimited server licenses, expert phone support and a $250,000 warranty. It also offer SSL package starts at $64.95 which can be set up in few minutes and their extended validation package starts at $359 per year. Comodo is considering as one of the most reputable and trusted certification authorities in the world.

4. Digicert : Digicert is not the very cheap SSL provider but their customer service and support is still seen as awesome and very satisfactory. Most of the multinational companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo, AT&T, Facebook,, Wikipedia, NASA and Core Logic, used this SSL provider. They offer up to 2048 bit SSL certificates at an affordable price. For example, their Wildcard SSL certificates cost less than $500 and their cheapest package cost less than $156 per year.

5. Thawte : Thwate is not a very cheap SSL provider, but its cost is low, and it is very much like VeriSign, and its slogan is, “It’s a trust thing”. It is a very popular provider and people will connect it with safety. Their cheapest plan costs $149 a year and offers up to 256-bit encryption, and their extended validation packages costs less than $600.

6. GeoTrust : GeoTrust basic encryption costs $149, and it provides the guarantee of maximum security at only $299.It also offer expert support, 256-bit encryption and warranty for all options.

7. Network Solutions : This provider provide the SSL certificates at the lowest price, for a multi-year term. For example, if you get the Network Solutions nsProtect Secure Express, then it will costs only $49.99 for a four-year term which is a little bit lower than the $54.49 per year, cost charge by Go Daddy, $132.25 per year at Thawte and $121.00 per year at GeoTrust. Network Solutions is having the support for 256-bit encryption, with good customer support, having more than 99% browser recognition, excellent round the clock support which includes fast issuance times and free reissues, online chat. With all this, Network Solutions is also very popular, well-known and trusted brand.