Maintain WP Security Implement SSL for WordPress Website

(Ananova News) January 19, 2023.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security protocol encrypts the data transmitted between your website and users’ browsers. It ensures that the information coming to and from your website is secure. Thus, helping to prevent hackers from intercepting sensitive information. SSL-secured websites contain a certificate that verifies a secured connection. 

SSL is an important aspect to maintain security and a must for every website – Rohit Kumar (Ananova Expert Team). Let’s Encrypt provides free SSL, so, there should be no hesitation to implement the same.

It’s recommended to purchase premium SSL from a reputable provider like Instant SSL, or Namecheap. It’s easy to install and configure on the most cPanel control panel.

An eCommerce customer wants to read HTTPS in the website URL, to consider it secure. SSL encryption is a must for websites collecting sensitive information such as Credit Card numbers, entering user names and passwords, health data, financial accounts, or any other private information.

Most browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox warn the visitor if the website doesn’t have an SSL certificate or has mixed content. 

“This website might not be secure.” – for websites that do not have SSL.

The browser displays a small lock image before the URL when clicked provides information about the certificate holder, the issued by, the expiration date, the issuer’s public key and a digital signature of the certificate issuer.

There are three different types of SSL certificates: domain validated (DV), organization validation (OV) and extended validation (EV). 

  • DV SSL for personal websites is the least expensive option. It requires that the website owner verify that the domain is registered to the domain owner, which is done through the WHOIS database.
  • OV SSL for business or nonprofit websites, and requires a higher level of verification. The SSL certificate issuer verifies the address and location of the owner.
  • EV SSL for e-commerce businesses and businesses exchanging financial data as it offers the most amount of protection. The certificates offer the highest monetary warranties to any website viewers affected by an SSL failure.

Technical experts always suggest keeping software (theme, plugins, third-party add-ons, and WordPress Core) updated and up-to-date with the latest fixes. Always use strong and unique logins and passwords to secure accounts. Hence, it is always suggested to have managed WordPress hosting, as the provider monitors website security, takes regular backups, and keeps them up.

Companies like have the expertise to protect hosted websites from cyber attacks, breaches, hacking, identity and access management (IAM), malware and vulnerabilities, and phishing. They take care of updating WordPress core, themes, plugins, and PHP, disabling external URL requests, and implementing SSL. They keep regular backups, which ensure business continuity. A secured website has a good online reputation, so businesses prioritise security. Every eCommerce store and business website needs protection against cyberattacks, malware, and viruses. Businesses want to protect data as well as sensitive information and thus want to ensure website functionality and online reputation. Hence, it asks for crucial security measures. Google penalises or blacklists malicious or phishing websites.

Secured WordPress Hosting

(Ananova News) January 11, 2023.

Choosing a secured WordPress web hosting provider is a must, and with that, a business website may need security plugins like Jetpack or Wordfence. Along with the provider, a business also purchases security software as an essential aspect of maintaining website security. It’s expected of a web hosting provider to prevent cyberattacks and malware or virus threats. So, Ananova always recommends going with well-known hosting companies. You can check their track records and security features, such as SSL certificates, firewall protection, and malware scanning, by looking them up online or doing some research.

Technical experts always suggest keeping software (theme, plugins, third-party add-ons, and WordPress Core) updated and up-to-date with the latest fixes. Always use strong and unique logins and passwords to secure accounts. Hence, it is always suggested to have managed WordPress hosting, as the provider monitors website security, takes regular backups, and keeps them up.

Companies like have the expertise to protect hosted websites from cyber attacks, breaches, hacking, identity and access management (IAM), malware and vulnerabilities, and phishing. They take care of updating WordPress core, themes, plugins, and PHP, disabling external URL requests, and implementing SSL. They keep regular backups, which ensure business continuity. A secured website has a good online reputation, so businesses prioritise security. Every eCommerce store and business website needs protection against cyberattacks, malware, and viruses. Businesses want to protect data as well as sensitive information and thus want to ensure website functionality and online reputation. Hence, it asks for crucial security measures. Google penalises or blacklists malicious or phishing websites.

Why SSL certificates are required

About SSL (Secure sockets layer)

SSL certificate is installed on a website, which makes you feel safe and secure for the information enter by you because it is only access by the organization that owns the website. SSL certificates are provided by Certificate Authorities (CAs) and the use of this certificate is required by web server, so that SSL protocol can be used in an effective way.

Benefits of SSL certificates

Whenever we transfer the important information across the internet, it is passed away from one computer to another to reach its final destination, then there are chances of information being hacked by the hackers or other users if any computer in between you and the server can see the important information like your bank account no. or your credit card no. which affect the safety of confidential information. We want the required information or message to be delivered to the correct receipent, so that information won’t be misused by anyone and for this SSL certificates are required because when this certificate is used, then information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server to which you are sending the information. SSL Certificates also protects it from hackers and identity thieves.

SSL certificate also provides authentication which means that you are sending the information to the right server and not to any criminal’s server. This is important because information is passing through several computers and in between if any of these computers could act as if your website and trap your users into sending them their personal information, then to avoid this, you have to use a proper Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and getting an SSL Certificate from a trusted SSL provider.

When you are having your e-commerce website then it is necessary that your customers will trust your site and for this you have to put some clues on your Web browsers such as a lock icon or a green bar, which makes your customers feel safe that their connection is secured and they will buy from you more. SSL certificate providers will give you these clues and trust seal that built more trust in your customers.

When you want to take credit card information on your website, then you need to pass certain audits such as PCI compliance which require you to have a proper SSL certificate.

Another benefit of having SSL certificate is that it allows you to safe your username and password from attackers or hackers, especially when you have the same login id or username and password for many websites, then it is very unsafe to protect all your information, residing in the e-mails or in the attachments. Thus SSL certificates are required, when you enter a username and password to login to your site, because in this case, an attacker cannot easily see your username and password in clear text. This would allow someone else to impersonate your visitor, but it allows for a far more dangerous possibility.

  • Another benefit of SSL certificates is that it will make the login forms invulnerable, safe and secure, otherwise most login forms don’t currently use SSL and thus they are vulnerable.
  • SSL Certificates allows you to do your business online without worrying about the security and confidentiality of your customers’ personal details.
  • These certificates also allow you to gain an edge over your competitors by protecting your site from invulnerable attackers.
  • SSL Certificate legitimizes your website and server, thus the visitors of your site will trust you more.
  • For all the types of purposes, an SSL Certificate makes your visitors sure that your website is a serious, genuine intent conducting an online business and thus by this it increases the response of your visitors to your site which contribute in higher sales.

Difference between SSL certificate and CA certificate

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Difference between SSL certificate and CA certificate

About SSL Certificate

Now as to enable SSL on a websites’ Certificate is required by you who identifies you and install it on the server. Padlock icon in web browsers and a green address bar usually indicates the use of an SSL certificate on a website and when SSL certificate is installed on a website, then it makes you feel safe and secure for the information enter by you because it is only access by the organization that owns the website. SSL certificates are provided by Certificate Authorities (CAs) and the use of this certificate is required by web server, so that SSL protocol can be used in an effective way.

What is a certificate authority (CA)?

Digital certificates are issued by the certificate authority which is a unit/body to the organizations or people after validating them. Certification authorities always keep the information which is used to issue the records and the details of the records which has been issued, and are audited on a daily basis to make sure that they are following clear and definite procedures. Certification Practice Statement (CPS) defines the procedures that will be used to confirm applications and are provided by every certification authority. There are many commercial institutions that charge for their services and governments may have their own CAs, and there are also free Certificate Authorities.

Here is the difference between SSL certificate and CA certificate

Self-signed certificate or SSL Certificate means the certificate which was signed by its owner. Self-signed certificates generally utilized for testing local servers. When the web site certificate is self-signed then the internet browser will show a pop-up and these certificates are not signed by the Certificate authority. The data which moves or transfer between browser and server gets very less security by the Self-signed certificates and thus who has an unpleasant motive can prove very harmful for a server. But the SSL certificate has no connection with the identity of the person or organization. CA (Certificate authority) issues the certificate which will be considered as an authorized certificate. As we know that (SSL) Secure Socket Layer is used to encrypt the data between the web server and client’s browser so, when client go through the web site it shows the validity of website in address bar which boosts confidence of customer. The information which moves or transfer between browser and server is secure. The most common certified authorities are Symantec, Thawte, RapidSSL, GeoTrust etc.

  • SSL Certificate shows unauthenticated message in web address while certificate authority’s certificate shows authenticated message in the web address thus its users or customers find trusted seal in address bar.
  • Any power for execution is not allow by the Self-signed SSL certificate while signed certificate i.e. certificate authority certificate requires a certified authority for execution.
  • Self-signed SSL certificates are basically used for testing so there is no call for to pay for a signed certificate whereas the certificate authority’s certificate is surrounded with https:// and used for online purchasing of different items.
  • SSL certificates have very unsafe environment and due to this, customer are very afraid to deal with self-signed certificate and on the other hand, customer are not scared to deal with certificate authority’s certificate as they done transactions online with signed certificate and also gain self assurance.
  • Self-signed SSL certificate does not attract customers because they fail in E-commerce i.e. in conducting business online whereas the Signed certificate may attract the customers due to its genuine.
  • SSL certificates don’t cost anything i.e. they are free of cost and on the other hand, signed certificate usually charge from $10 to $1000 per year.
  • Self-signed certificate is easy to organize while signed certificate need to follow a process of deployment.
  • Private Key is shared between third party and end user in self-signed SSL certificate whereas in signed certificate private key is not shared with anyone; it is always kept with end user.

After looking at the above differences, If we have to decide that which one is better, then it is better to deal with signed certificate i.e. certificate authority’s certificate because customer satisfaction is the first goal of every organization and to satisfy them is the first and most important thing and if he is not satisfied with your website than there is no requirement to gain such certificate.

Best SSL certificate providers

About SSL (Secure sockets layer)

If you are having an online business, then customer satisfaction is very important, by ensuring them, their important information like their credit card information or other information is safe and secure, so that they don’t hesitate in providing such information and for ensuring such security, SSL is a common way. For eg.purchasing a DVD from, filing your taxes online etc.

About SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is installed on a website, which makes you feel safe and secure for the information enter by you because it is only access by the organization that owns the website. SSL certificates are provided by Certificate Authorities (CAs) and the use of this certificate is required by web server, so that SSL protocol can be used in an effective way.

Now SSL Providers

There are various SSL providers available, but to choose the best ones, you have to see the needs of your business and according to that explore what different options are available before choosing an SSL provider.

Have a look on the few best SSL Certificate providers:

1. GoDaddy : Godaddy is a brand name; people trust the provider and know this as the biggest domain registration company. They also offer SSL certificates for $69.99 for the Standard package and $89.99 for the deluxe package, but both the packages can be modified as per your requirement. Customers are also well satisfied with Go Daddy because it provides you competent support 24/7.

2. VeriSign : VeriSign’s authentication business is considered as one of the well trusted business, under Symantec’s wing and it is used by most of the big brands on the Internet. It supports up to 256 bit per encryption. Secure Site Pro EV is the most expensive package, its price is more than $1, 000, having some outstanding features such as extended validation, $1.5 million warranty and vulnerability assessment.

3. Comodo : SSL Shopper has the views about Comodo that it range from good to worst, but if you go in very much depth, it is possible that you may find a similar range for others also. Comodo offer cheap solutions as well as SSL certificate solutions for everyone from home offices to businesses and from e-commerce to organizations. This company provides unlimited server licenses, expert phone support and a $250,000 warranty. It also offer SSL package starts at $64.95 which can be set up in few minutes and their extended validation package starts at $359 per year. Comodo is considering as one of the most reputable and trusted certification authorities in the world.

4. Digicert : Digicert is not the very cheap SSL provider but their customer service and support is still seen as awesome and very satisfactory. Most of the multinational companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo, AT&T, Facebook,, Wikipedia, NASA and Core Logic, used this SSL provider. They offer up to 2048 bit SSL certificates at an affordable price. For example, their Wildcard SSL certificates cost less than $500 and their cheapest package cost less than $156 per year.

5. Thawte : Thwate is not a very cheap SSL provider, but its cost is low, and it is very much like VeriSign, and its slogan is, “It’s a trust thing”. It is a very popular provider and people will connect it with safety. Their cheapest plan costs $149 a year and offers up to 256-bit encryption, and their extended validation packages costs less than $600.

6. GeoTrust : GeoTrust basic encryption costs $149, and it provides the guarantee of maximum security at only $299.It also offer expert support, 256-bit encryption and warranty for all options.

7. Network Solutions : This provider provide the SSL certificates at the lowest price, for a multi-year term. For example, if you get the Network Solutions nsProtect Secure Express, then it will costs only $49.99 for a four-year term which is a little bit lower than the $54.49 per year, cost charge by Go Daddy, $132.25 per year at Thawte and $121.00 per year at GeoTrust. Network Solutions is having the support for 256-bit encryption, with good customer support, having more than 99% browser recognition, excellent round the clock support which includes fast issuance times and free reissues, online chat. With all this, Network Solutions is also very popular, well-known and trusted brand.

The flawless services like HostingArmor (SSL services)

Introduction to the HostingArmor Company

Over the last couple of years Bluehost has become best service provider when it comes to solutions that involve the internet. The company has already secured its place in the international market by providing quality HostingArmor (SSL services). The company gives web hosting solutions so that the clients are not required to look for other service providers in times of emergencies. The company provides UPS backups and website building; the company caters to businesses and individuals all around the world.

Reputation of the company

Bluehost is one of the most reliable companies when it comes to providing the best HostingArmor (SSL services). The company has excellent customer services. The services provided by the company are quite affordable. The services are so good that the company gets more than twenty thousand customers every month. The company is considered to be far superior than some of the other companies as it has reliable servers. The company was the first to introduce new hosting features.

Reliability of the company

When it comes to reliability Bluehost comes on top of the list. The company is known to provide 100% satisfaction to the customers. The company provides a strong support system and well planned backup schemes. By using the services provided by the company you will get reliable backup for important data. When it come to providing the best HostingArmor (SSL services) services; the company uses quad processors that are really quick in addition to this the company also uses good to provide fast services. As a customer you will be entitled to a discount in case your website goes down.

The customer support provided by the company

Bluehost provides the best customer service ever; so that customers can take advantage of problem free hosting. The company takes a lot of pride in providing strong customer support round the clock. The company has two different numbers depending on where their customers are based. There is a number for customers

that live in America and one number for customers that live in other countries other than America. Sometimes complication in HostingArmor (SSL services) may take place for websites that are used for marketing. Such websites need to be maintained and updated on a regular basis. Bluehost has managed to reduce these problems by providing useful services in this field. As a result Bluehost has been dubbed as a company that one can rely on without any hesitation.

The company is known to answer more than one call to meet the demand for perfect web hosting services. The staff employed by the company is very well qualified to take on any issue face by the customers. The company provides prompt services with a couple of seconds. This is one of the main reasons behind the company’s global success. Individuals and companies all over the world use services provided by Bluehost and are quite satisfied. Bluehost has managed to secure a separate place for itself in the hearts of the people through its flawless services of HostingArmor (SSL services).

Company review of Comodo SSL (SSL services) is exceptionally good

Comodo SSL Services

Comodo SSL certificates are very important in web hosting service practices. Some Companis is a company that was started in 1996 and it is still going strong as it provides excellent services to its customers. Most of the web hosting software is based on Linux operating system. As Linux kernel can be modified due to its open source status, thus the software professionals from Some Companis edit the codes to their benefit and use it to develop SSL certificates that help the users to have a great experience with the SSL certificates. There are various certificates that are available with the Comodo SSL services. Instant SSL and premium SSL along with some wildcard SSL help the customers to work smoothly without any hindrance. Some of the web hosting service providers promises to provide good feedback as well as good quality services. But they disappoint the customers resulting in bad reviews as well as bad impression in the market. But you can be sure to get excellent services from Some Companis. It delivers what it promises to do. the customer support is excellent. The feedback system is exceptionally good as well. If the user faces any kind of problem or if there is an emergency, then the experts will get back to you as soon as possible. The company review of Comodo SSL (SSL services) is very good. Some of the companies demand high rates for good quality services. But Some Companis does not belong to that group. It charges very affordable rates with respect to the quality of service that it provides. There are some certificates that might be costly. But Some Companis has various options to minimize the cost. According to the needs of the customer, it offers you the required certificates as well as schemes. These suit you very well as per your business requirements.

From the customers’ point of view, Some Companis is considerably a popular web hosting service provider that they can rely upon. With regards to the option of backups, there are various options available for the customers and they can choose from those options the backup scheme that they require. Many applications are also available along with the service provided so that the hosting might be user friendly. If there is any issue with the applications, there is support available as well from the end of the experts. Company review of Comodo SSL (SSL services) states that it is growing very fast.

During any type of server hosting or sharing any data and related information, security is very important. In that case, the Some Companis can be trusted completely. Along with the backup, the level of security that it provides is exceptional. The server that it works with is very fast as well as safe. The Some Companis provides support for Linux as it is open source. It also provides

online support to the customers through chat, email etc. It provides support through phone as well. According to the company review of Comodo SSL (SSL services), Some Companis is no doubt one of the best companies providing web hosting at a reasonable price and provides better support than other companies present in the market.

Review of SSL store (SSL services) help to buy cheap packages

Review of SSL Service

SSL service

There are many SSL service providers present online. There is a SSL service that helps the customers to choose from the various service providers as well as the features that they offer. Various companies present in the SSL store provide different kinds of certificates. The customer must search for the certificate that he is looking for and check as to which brand is offering that particular certificate. Over the time, with the help of review of SSL store (SSL services) these companies have made a mark on the customers and they have good impression on the web hosting market as well. They provide good service as well as excellent customer support.

There are many good features available in the SSL store. The very first thing that the SSL service provides is round the clock support. There is a support team available for the customers that consist of professionals as well as knowledgeable persons. These experts are immensely intelligent and troubleshoot any issue that comes their way. They provide very good explanations to the customers so that they are able to understand the situation and cooperate accordingly.

In the SSL store, you get to see the comparison charts of various brands available in the store providing certificates and the quality of the services that they provide. There are comparisons regarding the features and benefits that various brands in the SSL store provide to the customers. There are many costly certificates which many users need. In that case, they do not require shelling a lot of money. The review of SSL store (SSL services) helps to choose a brand from the SSL store, money is saved as well as they get the required certificate at a low cost.

The biggest benefit that a customer gets from the SSL store is the huge discount on various costly certificates and additional applications as well as features. Validated domains as well as certificates are available for educational institutions as well. The SSL store regularly monitors the market and other competitive brands in the market so that they can offer the customers the best price. Along with monitoring, the review of SSL store (SSL services) is also updated. Security level is also looked after by these companies.

There are various techniques that the brands in SSL stores apply for smooth operation. Less traffic is maintained in the servers so that it never gets down and it runs faster than the other servers. This way the users can work faster and smoothly. Various levels of security are available in the SSL store. You can choose the level that your organization requires. There are advanced levels of security that many organizations require. The SSL store has experts to attend to these kinds of security requirements.

The applications used by various brands in the SSL store are very user friendly. The customers like to work on those applications. If they have any queries regarding any application or software, the experts explain them very easily the issue. Many of the companies in SSL service provide warranty with the software, application as well as the hosting service. Though the warranties vary from brand to brand, all of the brands in the SSL store are equally good with the certificates as well as customer support.

Comodo Review

Company Introduction

Comodo is an organized group of private companies which provides computer software and SSl digital certificates based in Jersey City,New Jersey, in the United States. Comodo secures and authenticates online transactions and communications for over 2,000,000 businesses and consumers. The company was founded in 1998 in the United Kingdom, by Comodo CEO, Melih Abdulhayoglu, a technologist and an entrepreneur. Comodo relocated to the United States in 2004. With a global existence Comodo offers businesses and consumers third-generation solutions for intelligent security and authentication technologies that create reliance online. Comodo’s technological expertise includes PKI digital certification, Code signing certification, integrated authentication infrastructure services, authentication, secure, PCI compliancy scanning, SSL digital certificates including our flagship instantSSL brand, hackerguardian, banking solutions including two factor authentication, and digital e-commerce services. Comodo help enterprises improve customer trust and create efficiencies across their digital e-commerce operations by establishing trust initiatives for e-Business, curbing Phishing attacks and creating an Identity Assurance and Brand Protection framework. Comodo offerings cover SSL Certificates, internet fax services, web hosting automation, infrastructure services, network vulnerability auditing, managed enterprise security and a growing suite of free customer privacy and network security solutions.

Key Product

The primary free product of Comodo is Comodo Internet Security, which is a security suite combining firewall and antivirus software. Comodo is also a leading SSL certificate provider, which they offer freely for 90 days.


Comodo SSL services are one of the most powerful and smartest applications in the present scenario. Comodo’s product has quickly gained the reputation and thus has become applicable for both domestic users and corporate network.

Customer Support

Comodo has been well known for providing the best customer support programs. Following the lead of superior customer service providers like Costco Wholesale, Fed Ex Express and other customer service experts in multiple industries, Comodo is strictly following the concept that if the customers are not happy, they will start looking at other options and in the highly competitive world of computer software companies who provide free download internet security programs to attract customers, Comodo is giving much more preoccupied with its customer support programs.

Now we will discuss customer support features of Comodo:

COMODO SYSTEM BACKUP : Comodo System Backup is considered to be the best customer support feature. It is a download internet security program offered free to Comodo registered users. This program allows us to clean, optimize and boost our computer performance all in one easy click.

COMODO PROGRAMS MANAGER: Another most popular customer service of Comodo is Comodo Programs Manager. This free download internet security feature allows computer users to manage all of your installed programs through an easy to use interface.


Comodo is wholly dedicated in delivering high-quality customer service through their GeekBuddy technical support program. This unique customer service feature provides unlimited technical support for Comodo Customers 365-days per year.


Comodo offers a complete range of PKI digital certificates with the strongest SSL encryption available, the flexibility and technical capability to configure a solution to meet our specific enterprise needs. You have the assurance that as a WebTrust certified Certification Authority we meet the highest standards of confidentiality, system reliability and pertinent business practices as judged through qualified independent audits.


Comodo, today announced its TrustFax Online Faxing solution has added local telephone numbers. This enhanced feature was introduced to enable customers to have a local presence and is a complement to TrustFax’s s current toll free email to fax service. Comodo TrustFax, a technologically advanced online service, was designed to provide a highly functional service with unique features such as digitized signature and an online “digital filing cabinet” capable of storing large files for later retrieval through any web browser.

Comodo is not a typical run-of-the-mill computer software company. It’s main aim is to fulfill the each and every need of customer while providing exceptional customer service every step of the way.

Best Cheap Affordable SSl Certificates Provider

Security is guaranteed with Best Cheap Affordable SSL Certificate Provider

SSL is nothing but security socket layer protocol which has certificates such comodo SSL certificate. This particular protocol is used while making any kind of transaction between servers and browsers. Any kind of organization needs to store huge data and information in the web servers and need to transfer various files and data among other clients through browsers. These data and information need to be protected from hackers. Here, comodo essential SSL certificates come into play.

If an user wants to access any kind of data from that particular server belonging to the company, he needs to possess a certificate issued by the SSL protocol that will provide him with a key. This private key will help him to unlock the data which is encrypted. Comodo SSL certificates need to be registered in the name of the user in order to get access to confidential data and information. The best cheap affordable SSL certificate provider guarantees you to be legally registered with the protocol without any hassle.

Cheap comodo SSL certificate provider are also available. They will provide you with a warranty period so that if there is an issue with the certificate and formalities, then those can be easily cleared. Some of these certificates regarding the protocol can be very costly. That is why; there are various options available for different users. These users can choose from the options and the service provider will set up the system accordingly. This way, money will also be saved as well as the data and information also remains secured.

Comodo essential SSL provides you with many domains to choose from. There are different types of certificates provided by the service provider company. Depending on the needs of the customer as well as the traffic of your website, the certificate must be chosen. If you have a huge traffic for your website, then you must choose a fully validated certificate that will help you a great deal.

Companies providing cheap comodo SSL certificates provide you with solutions to many issues that you might be facing. Various certificates are strong depending on the

site on which it is built. The site and the software on which a particular certificate is built make a great difference. Comodo SSL certificates also help you to be connected to the intranet. It is required when you are an employee of a large organization which has sites in different parts of the world and you need to be connected to the database server and need to access other applications as well.

Some of the service providers give you unlimited licenses to users to access data and information. They also give the money back if the customer is not satisfied with the services. But they make sure that the customers are satisfied so that these kinds of situations do not arise. There are various levels of security available in the comodo SSL certificates. The users choose the security level that they are comfortable with or which they need of the benefit of their companies. These and more benefits are provided by the comodo essential SSL which are useful to the customers.