Purehosting Summary


Purehosting achieves 100% uptime last week. The Analysis graph shows that 0 existing domains were deleted from Purehosting and 0 domains were transferred away from Purehosting.
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The graph also shows that 0 new domains were registered with Purehosting and 0 domains were transferred to Purehosting from other web hosts.



Authorized with Particular Directories Only


The simplest way to authorize your friends or colleagues to work with particular directories of your account is to create FTP subaccounts. An FTP subaccount is a combination of a username and a password, which gives full FTP permissions to a single directory, without giving access to the root directory, other directories or the control panel. No dedicated IP is required for FTP subaccounts. Although each FTP subaccount has a login which is different from yours, both have the same ID in the system.
To create a new FTP subaccount:

Select FTP User link in FTP/User Account menu.
At the bottom of the page that shows, find FTP sub-accounts and click the Add icon.
On the next page, enter the FTP login and password that will be used by this other user, and the directory this user will be restricted to.
The directory must be relative to your home directory. If you leave the directory field empty, FTP sub-users will have access to your whole home directory.

FTP subaccount traffic is a part of the Total/Summary traffic, but you can always see how much FTP traffic has been run up by an individual FTP subaccount by going to the FTP Manager page and clicking the Edit icon next to the subaccount login.

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Language of the Control Panel


Is there is only english language in H-Sphere control panel or we can change the language of the control panel.
U can change the language of the control panel:

To change the language of the control panel:

1. Select Language in the User menu.
2. On the page that appears, select the preferred language from the drop-down box and click Submit

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CPWebHosting Insight Key Selling Points


Since August 2002, CPWebHosting has seen many Ups & Downs of the Hosting Industry and has kept stabilized in sinking markets also. When the hosting prices slashed, there was bit fall in revenue but as with the improvement in technology, company gained much more than that.
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The previous company focussed on Reseller Hosting business only, and then with time, became one shop for all the hosting related products. Subscription based model suits the company and has helped in increasing the profitability which in turn assist in the development of many research products.

Presently, a company is steered to deliver cloud-based cloud-based solutions to small-and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Other services include Domains, website-builders, web hosting, email, security, storage, site backup, search engine optimization and search engine marketing, social media services, analytics, mobile device tools, productivity, and e-commerce solutions.

Start Your Own Hosting Business At Resellerspanel


No need to pay thousand dollars for servers, expensive softwares and workstations
Scale up your plan with the need.
Low startup cost
Now you can even sell cloud hosting through reseller account. This is really a good technological advancement and can boost your reseller hosting business.
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Hosing business works on subscription basis, keep on increasing new customers, it will increase your profits.

Register Your Domain and Easily Create Your Site on Register.it


Register hosting Company is a web hosting Company that is based in Florence Italy.
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The company offers a variety of internet solutions across Europe. It was founded in 1999 and operates as a subsidiary of DADA SpA and has branches in Milano and Bergamo, Italy. It provides a range of hosting services to clients in Italy and Europe such as domain registration, Office 365, e-commerce, web marketing e-mail creation, certified email, business applications, cloud VPS and dedicated servers. It also offers round the clock technical support from its team of experienced engineers. The professional customer support team is also available 24/7.

Ukraine hosting Unique Key Selling Points


Ukraine hosting company is a leader in providing internet hosting solutions in Ukraine. It is an accredited ICANN registrar of domains and registers Ukrainian domains, international and even regional domains.
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The company offers a variety of hosting solutions such as domain registration, web hosting, dedicated servers, virtual private servers and virtual dedicated servers. The company has a professional dedicated customer support team that is available 24/7 to assist customers. It offers free website migration and gives customers 100% network uptime guarantee. The technical team is made up of well trained engineers who ensure that technical issues are promptly sorted out. It further offers a 30day money back guarantee.


Choosing Totalserversolutions Company for Business website


Totalserversolutions offers fully managed servers, custom solutions and data center space to personnel and business.
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This company is also trusted by government agencies and educational institutions to keep data online and available. Their entire hosting platform built is innovative, powerful and responsive. They have highly skilled engineers to resolve customer’s issues. Hosting services include eCommerce solutions, server management, Windows management, developer resources and more. Moreover, their cloud servers are scalable, fast and reliable. Cloud uses SSD storage that provides guaranteed levels of performance which customer demand. Apart from this, cloud server includes RAM, CPU cores and work with guaranteed resources.

FogHosting Providing Premium and Reliable Hosting Solutions to Businesses


Fog Hosting offers professional web hosting and IT solution to individual and businesses. Since 2012, company has been providing premium and reliable hosting solutions to businesses, personal and organization around the world.
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As an experienced web host, they offer cost effective and secure web hosting backed by years of experience professionals. Services include shared, reseller hosting, cloud VPS and dedicated server. Their servers are best in the online industry located in Asia, USA, and Europe with 99.9% uptime guarantee. Company’s hosting features include unlimited bandwidth, big storage, email server and allow torrent server, seedbox and 1-40 Gbps speed. Their shared hosting servers configured advance Intel processors and tier 1 premium bandwidth providers.

Online Consumer Reviews on Your Website


Online customer reviews of services or products are excellent to boast accomplishment of the business. Showcasing online user reviews on the website can help grow the business. It is a platform that gives practically anyone a voice to express their judgments. Notwithstanding if certain reviews are bad or good, setting them out in the public shows that your organization appreciates communication. Despite of the fact that some business owners may be threatened by the reality of meeting negative remarks head on, reviews from past customers can prove to be considerably beneficial in any context. Customer reviews encourage people to boost the reputation of a brand and to spend money.

Positive reviews are similar to receiving a pat on the back from your digital consumers. It is a way to boost the team morale to sustain doing what they do best. The more your business aims for that excellent score, the numerous other people will be inclined to use the product or services that organization offer. A good review is simple to get, but managing a consistent level of perfection may actually take a bit of work.

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